SCM Curriculum Overview Chart

A Curriculum for an Enjoyable Education

Our curriculum is designed to help you homeschool the Charlotte Mason way with confidence and freedom!
Your whole family is combined together for as many subjects as possible as you enjoy a wonderful mix of modern and classic books. It’s a thorough and enjoyable education, but with enough room to reflect on what is being learned.

History Studies (family together)

Our History Studies give you day-by-day plans that walk your whole family through the time period of your choice, including history, geography, and Bible. Pair any History Study with any Enrichment Study to customize your year.

History, Geography, BibleOne study per year, choose from
Genesis—Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt
Joshua—Malachi & Ancient Greece
Matthew—Acts & Ancient Rome
Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation & Epistles
Early Modern & Epistles
Modern Times & Epistles, Revelation

Enrichment Studies (family together)

Enrichment Studies Lesson PlansOur Enrichment Studies give you daily plans covering all of the wonderfully enriching subjects listed below. Pair any Enrichment Study with any History Study to customize your year.

Scripture MemoryVerse Packs 1–12, one per year
Picture StudyThree artists per year
Music StudyThree composers per year
Hymn StudyHymn Groups 1–12, one group per year
Handicrafts & ArtThree projects per year
ShakespeareOne play every year or two
Foreign LanguageOne conversational language for the whole family;
older students may add a study of Latin
Nature StudyOutdoor time and nature notebooks once a week
PoetryOne poet per year
LiteratureFavorite family read-alouds;
older students may have additional silent reading
Habits & Personal DevelopmentHabit-training; older students read and
discuss additional books with parents

Individual Studies (by grade level)

These subjects are taught one-on-one at each student’s grade level. Our Individual Studies plans give you a complete schedule day by day so you can relax, the planning is already done.

Grade →

Subject ↓

MathHands-on math coursesPre-AlgebraAlgebraGeometryAlgebra II(Electives) Stewardship or Pre-Calculus(Elective) Calculus
ScienceNature study and SCM living science coursesGeneral SciencePhysical ScienceBiologyChemistry(Electives) Advanced Courses
Language Arts

Beginning reading and writing; reading and writing practice; oral narration

(plus Shakespeare, Poetry, & Literature from the Family Subjects above)

Studied dictation; typing; English grammar; Latin (grades 7 & up); oral and written narration

(plus Shakespeare, Poetry, & Literature from the Family Subjects above)

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