Simply Charlotte Mason Homeschool Curriculum

The planning is already done for an enjoyable Charlotte Mason education!

Your home school can be full of enriching ideas, the best books, and exciting discoveries! With the Simply Charlotte Mason homeschool curriculum, you can rest assured that you have a thorough, delightful plan that taps into the way that children naturally learn.

The Simply Charlotte Mason curriculum gives you

  • a wholesome, Biblical approach to learning;
  • family-style lessons for most subjects, saving you time and forming family bonds that last a lifetime;
  • open-and-go plans, so you can spend less time prepping and more time enjoying your homeschool day;
  • a thorough plan filled with enjoyable books that align with Christian values;
  • an emphasis on growth and good character, setting your children up to be lifelong learners.

I tried to follow a free online CM curriculum, but I was not having much success scheduling the books that had been recommended. The Simply Charlotte Mason lesson plans have been such a relief for me. I don’t have to figure out how much or when to schedule things. I just do the next thing. The lesson plans are just the right mix of structure and flexibility for our family.


The Simply Charlotte Mason Approach

The Simply Charlotte Mason curriculum is designed to make your homeschool day run smoothly with plenty of helps for busy homeschool parents. Complete book lists and easy-to-follow lessons guide you through each day of homeschooling, giving you confidence as you teach your family the Charlotte Mason way.

The Charlotte Mason Method gets its name from Charlotte Mason, a British educator who revolutionized education in England in the late 1800s and early 1900s. The Charlotte Mason approach respects and teaches the child as a whole person, using rich literature and real objects to present ideas through guided discovery — the way children naturally learn. Lessons are also designed to reinforce lifelong good habits such as attention and best effort.

Family-Style Lessons

By teaching your whole family together for as many subjects as possible, you’ll not only save time and money, but you’ll also create lifelong bonds with shared connections through enjoyable school lessons.

Family-style lessons work by dividing subjects into topic-based and skill-based categories.

TOpic-Based Subjects

You can combine your children across grade levels whenever a subject is taught by topic. Some examples of topics are Rembrandt, knitting, World War II, African geography, and Beethoven. Here are all of the subjects that are topic-based:

  • Art Instruction
  • Bible
  • Foreign Language
  • Geography
  • Good Habits
  • Handicrafts
  • History
  • Hymn Study
  • Literature
  • Music Study
  • Nature Study
  • Picture Study
  • Poetry
  • Scripture Memory
  • Shakespeare

The Simply Charlotte Mason curriculum invites your whole family to enjoy lessons together for topic-based subjects, then assigns older students additional books to go deeper.

Skill-Based Subjects

For these subjects, each student should work at his or her own pace, building each new skill on the ones that come before:

  • Math
  • Science
  • Language Arts

For example, in math, your child should know how to add before learning to multiply. In language arts, your child should be able to read before you introduce spelling. By keeping skill-based subjects one-on-one, you’ll ensure each child has a complete understanding before moving on.

Teaching the Whole Person

Education goes beyond lesson time. With the Charlotte Mason Method, you are teaching your child in all areas of life: mind, body, and soul.

Good Character

One-third of education is the habits or character traits that shape who your children are becoming. The Charlotte Mason Method intentionally trains and reinforces foundational habits of successful people, such as giving full attention and best effort to a task — imagine your homeschool days with just those two good habits!

A Variety of Subjects

Well-rounded people have a wide variety of interests. With the Simply Charlotte Mason curriculum, your children are introduced to many wonderful subjects that bring beauty and a change of pace to your homeschool day.

Charlotte Mason Homeschool Lesson Plans

Save yourself time and teach with confidence, knowing that you’re not leaving anything out. The Simply Charlotte Mason open-and-go lesson plans make it simple to enjoy homeschooling the Charlotte Mason way!

Each lesson plan in the Simply Charlotte Mason curriculum uses a wonderful mix of modern and classic books, carefully hand-picked from a Christian worldview by experienced homeschool parents.

In every plan, you’ll find a complete year’s book list, a daily itinerary that tells you what to do for each lesson, teaching tips to help you understand and use Charlotte Mason principles, end-of-term exams, and more!

This is by far the best curriculum I have ever used. It is so thoughtfully planned and easy to implement. My children have never learned so much! (Nor have I…even at the college level.) This curriculum elicits the most meaningful conversations with and thought-provoking questions from my children. It is truly a curriculum for the entire family.


The Simply Charlotte Mason curriculum is divided into three series of plans so you can customize to fit your needs.

History Series (with Geography and Bible Study)

Cover history with a thorough six-year study. You’ll take a fascinating journey from Ancient Times through Modern History. Bible history is studied alongside the Ancients so your students understand where the Scripture narrative fits into world history. You’ll enjoy Geography lessons that help you get to know the people and places of the world we live in. And the Bible study lessons guide students in building the skills they need to read and understand God’s Word for life.

This is the first and only history curriculum that I have loved, not just liked or tolerated. If you are on the fence, I highly recommend you take the plunge!


Enrichment Studies

Charlotte Mason Enrichment Studies Lesson Plans

We call these subjects enrichments because they bring your home school to life! Add wonderful variety and interest to your homeschool day with subjects like art, music appreciation, poetry, and growth in good character. Twelve interesting subjects for your whole family to enjoy are scheduled in each plan. And with the short, focused Charlotte Mason lessons, these will only take you about an hour per week!

I love these lesson plans. Everything is in one place; all I had to do was gather the supplies. I love starting off the morning with enrichment studies. It’s just gentle enough to get the mind engaged for the rest of the morning. Your lessons have made teaching so much fun. It’s Homeschooling with Happiness.


Math, Science, Language Arts

Math, science, and language arts should be done on each student’s individual skill level. These lesson plans lay out a full year of daily lessons for a single grade. You’ll need the plans for each grade your students are in this year.

These books plus the Enrichment Studies book and Bible/History books have been immensely helpful in me keeping things in order and knowing who should be doing what when.


Sample schedule

A Charlotte Mason homeschool day is like a bountiful feast of great ideas and enjoyable lessons. The best part? Because lessons are taught in a way that encourages full attention, lessons don’t drag on endlessly — many families finish school by lunchtime! This sample weekly schedule shows how doable it is.

Scroll to see the full chart →

Scripture Memory (5 minutes)

History (20–30 minutes)

Picture Study (10 minutes)

Foreign Language (15 minutes)

Literature (20–30 minutes)

Math, Science, and Language Arts at each student’s level (20–90 minutes per student; varies by grade)
Scripture Memory (5 minutes)

History (20–30 minutes)

Music Study (10–15 minutes)

Habits (10 minutes)

Literature (20–30 minutes)

Math, Science, and Language Arts at each student’s level (20–90 minutes per student; varies by grade)
Scripture Memory (5 minutes)

Poetry (5 minutes)

Geography (10 minutes)

Handicraft or Art (20–30 minutes)

Literature (20–30 minutes)

Math, Science, and Language Arts at each student’s level (20–90 minutes per student; varies by grade)
Scripture Memory (5 minutes)

Bible (20 minutes)

Hymn Study (5 minutes)

Shakespeare (20 minutes)

Foreign Language (15–20 minutes)

Literature (20–30 minutes)

Math, Science, and Language Arts at each student’s level (20–90 minutes per student; varies by grade)
Scripture Memory (5 minutes)

Bible (20 minutes)

Nature Study (30 minutes)

Habits (10 minutes)

Literature (20–30 minutes)

Math, Science, and Language Arts at each student’s level (20–90 minutes per student; varies by grade)

Get Started

It’s simple to build your family’s school year with the Simply Charlotte Mason lesson plans.

Step 1: Select your plans

Choose from the three series to customize your plan. You will need

  • one History time period;
  • one Enrichment plan;
  • each Individual Studies plan for the grades your students are in this year.

Need help planning? Try one of the suggested school years below, or get in touch to ask your questions. Our friendly team of homeschool moms is knowledgeable about the Charlotte Mason approach and eager to help you succeed. We would love to help you plan a homeschool year that will be perfect for your unique family.

Book a free call with one of our advisors. They’ll help you think through your upcoming school year to decide what will work best for your family!

Suggested School Years

Ancient Egypt + Enrichment 1

Start at the beginning with Ancient Egypt and Enrichment Year 1. Just add Individual Studies guides for your students’ grades and you’re ready to go.

For this school year, you’ll need

Middle Ages + Enrichment 2

The Middle Ages is an exciting time period full of adventure that children find fascinating. You’ll also enjoy Enrichment Year 2 and the Individual Studies for your students’ grades.

For this school year, you’ll need

Early Modern + Enrichment 3

Start your children in the time period where the history America begins. Plus enjoy Enrichment Year 3 and the Individual Studies for your students’ grades.

For this school year, you’ll need

Step 2: Gather your resources

Use the complete book list in the front of each lesson plan guide to gather the books you need for the school year. To help you save time and money, each guide gives you a breakdown of which books are likely to be available at your library and which ones can be downloaded for free.

Tip: A complete book list for each of lesson plan guide is also available in the free sample so you can see the books you’ll need to gather.

Step 3: Enjoy Your Homeschool Year!

Simply complete one lesson from each guide per day. You and your family will enjoy a wide variety of subjects, form heart connections, and experience true learning with the wonderful Charlotte Mason approach to homeschooling.

Want to Plan Your Own Curriculum?

If you want to build your own curriculum plan, we have some great resources to help smooth the way. Check out our free Build Your Own Curriculum page for sample schedules, book lists for every subject, and planning ideas.