Charlotte Mason Homeschool History Curriculum

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Our award-winning history/geography/Bible lesson plans help you teach all your children together for history, Bible, and geography! See full description

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Study history, geography, and Bible together as a family!

Our award-winning history/geography/Bible lesson plans help you teach all your children together for history, Bible, and geography. Start anywhere you like and continue in chronological order from there. Each study is designed to last one year.

These Charlotte Mason-style lesson plans

  • Make the world come alive through living books and Bible readings.
  • Help your students listen attentively and recall what was read by narrating.
  • Let you teach the whole family together by sharing some books as family read-alouds, then challenging older students with additional reading and writing assignments from other books on the same topic.
  • Help all your students, grades 1–12, see how Bible events fit into history.
  • Connect geography to the people who lived there—both past and present.
  • Keep things simple by providing helpful reminders of upcoming resources, teaching tips, and Book of Centuries entries.

History streams

Simply Charlotte Mason Curriculum History Streams

The first three studies present Bible history as one stream, the accounts from Genesis through Acts, and bring in ancient world history as the second stream. Spreading it out allows us to focus on ancient world history as stories of people, shining the spotlight on those major nations that were the influencers as the centuries rolled by.

Once we have covered all of the historical accounts in the Bible, we have only the epistles and Revelation left and bring those in as Bible lessons on the side. So we pick up the world history stream with a study of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, while the other stream focuses on church history events, picking up where Acts left off, from the early church through the Reformation.

As we arrive at the Early Modern era, the fledgling nation of America comes on the scene. One history stream focuses on world history events and the other on American history during those years. And Modern Times continues those two streams up through present day: world history and American history. Studying the two streams side-by-side adds understanding to the world wars and other major conflicts of the era.

Where to start

Simply Charlotte Mason Homeschool History Curriculum

You can start with any time period you like and then continue chronologically from there. For example, you might start with Genesis through Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt to lay a solid Biblical foundation from the beginning. Another option would be to begin with Early Modern & Epistles if you want to focus on familiarity with American History. Or if your children have already studied some history, you could continue from where they left off.

Wherever you start, you will loop back around to Genesis through Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt once you have covered Modern Times & Epistles, Revelation. Over the course of 12 years, your child will cover each time period twice, using older-level books when he is in the older grades.

We use a six-year history rotation because we want to emphasize Bible history alongside world history; therefore, we spread the ancient civilizations over three years so you’re not rushing through Genesis to Acts in one year.

5 reviews for Charlotte Mason Homeschool History Curriculum

  1. Maria

    Just finishing Genesis-Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt. Really learned a lot from the Bible portion and the history portion nicely fit. We chose not to do the geography part. There are a bit of supplemental books needed to go with the lessons but the ones we chose to read were really good. My favorite was Exodus: A Commentary for Children. As an adult, I learned so much!

  2. Amber Janelle Newton

    I have completed all six years with my four boys. I cannot say how much we loved it. My oldest is now in college. I am so thankful that I found this curriculum at the time that I did, so that I could begin it his 7th grade year. I had my two older boys go through all of the workbooks for Bible Studies and Geography and make their book of centuries. Now I have started over this year with my two younger sons for our second time on the six year cycle, with them having their own workbooks and book of centuries and we are getting so much out of it. Thank you for creating this curriculum. It is such a blessing to me as a mom to know I have been able to give my sons a very broad education covering all seven continents, history from Creation to Modern Times, and God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation. And as a bonus they have such a love for books. The family time we have spent together learning over the years is priceless. I have been recommending this program to other moms for years and I always will.

  3. Amanda

    I’m so grateful to have found used copies of the lesson plans because I was in as place where I just didn’t see the point in trying anyone else’s lesson plans- they just never worked! These DO! They’re so straightforward and easy to follow. Love love love them!! Well worth the cost.

  4. Mary

    This is by far the best curriculum I have ever used. I cannot say enough about it. It is so thoughtfully planned and easily to implemented. This course constitutes our favorite part of the school day. My children have never learned so much! (Nor have I…even at the college level.) This curriculum elicits the most meaningful conversations with and thought-provoking questions from my children. It is truly a curriculum for the entire family. My 4 yr old and 2 yr old are even learning along with us. I am eternally grateful to SCM for developing this amazing program.

  5. Nereida Kendrick

    This is the best history curriculum I have ever used! It’s covers so much you can do as a family! Books, bible, all seven continents, and more! It’s easy to follow or adapt. It’s affordable and fun! Exam weeks included

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