Individual Studies, Grade 2

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An entire year of day-by-day plans for language arts, math, and science for Grade Two. See full description →

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The convenient tips, reminders, and pre-planned schedule in this book make it simple to guide your second-grade student using Charlotte Mason’s effective methods. Click on the Book List tab to see a full list of the resources needed for these lesson plans.

These Individual Studies will

  • Keep lessons varied, focused, and of appropriate length.
  • Emphasize the cultivation of good habits in school work.
  • Encourage growth in language arts through living books and literature.
  • Guide you in science through nature study, living books, and other resources.
  • Allow you to use the math curriculum of your choice.
  • Provide a thorough education at an enjoyable pace.

Reading and Writing

Since students at this young age vary greatly in readiness for reading and writing, Individual Studies, Grade 2, offers two tracks of reading and writing plans: A and B. Select the track that best fits your student and follow that track’s plans throughout the year.

Track A—For students who can already read many words and short sentences and can print letters but need more practice reading and writing to gain fluency. Track A plans use Busy Times, More Busy Times, and A Child’s Copybook Reader, Volumes 1–3.

Track B—For students who would benefit from more reading practice and who are ready to learn cursive. Track B plans use New Friends, More New Friends, and Print to Cursive Proverbs.


Use any of our SCM living science courses—such as Outdoor Secrets with The Outdoor Secrets Companion, The Pond and Stream Companion, or Learning about Birds with Thornton Burgess—and feel free to combine your children in grades 1–6. These plans will remind you when to do the next science lesson and keep you moving at an enjoyable pace, with some catch-up days included. Journaling a Year in Nature is recommended for nature study.


Lessons include reminders to work on your choice of math curriculum. We recommend The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series, Book 2.

Sample Schedule

The lesson plans in Individual Studies, Grade 2, are very doable. Your weekly schedule would look something like this:

Math (15–20 min.)Math (15–20 min.)

Science (15–20 min.)

Math (15–20 min.)Math (15–20 min.)

Science (15–20 min.)

Math (15–20 min.)

Nature Study

ACopybook Reader(5 min.)Copybook Reader(5 min.)Copybook Reader(5 min.)

Busy Times(10–15 min.)

Copybook Reader(5 min.)Busy Times(10–15 min.)
BNew Friends(10–15 min.)Print to CursiveProverbs (5–10 min.)New Friends(10–15 min.)Print to CursiveProverbs (5–10 min.)Print to CursiveProverbs (5–10 min.)

Keep It Simple

Combine these Individual Studies with our family-combined History Studies and Enrichment Studies for a complete Charlotte Mason curriculum plan!

Book List for Individual Studies, Grade 2

Select Track A or Track B

Track A

Track B

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Grade 2

2 reviews for Individual Studies, Grade 2

  1. Katie Talbott

    I am enjoying the Keep It Simple lessons plans, but this one seems lacking in substance. It only has instruction for language arts (which I do appreciate), and on math and science it says “Work on your selected math curriculum” and ” In your SCM science course, complete the first [or second] assessment for week ___”. I would have liked more science instruction listed.

    I feel like this was miss labeled and should be called “Individual Study – A Year of language Arts”.

    • Sonya Shafer

      Hi, Katie –

      Thanks for the feedback. Let me see if I can explain better why we approached the science instruction that way. The purpose of all of our lesson plan books is to show you how to organize and combine suggested resources into one year of study. Some resources require more explanation than others. Since each SCM science course already has A Suggested Schedule for a Year included with it, we simply point you to those course-specific instructions and tell you when to do each one within the yearly plan. They are worded in a generic fashion (“complete the first assignment for Week 7” or whatever) because we wanted to allow you to select any SCM science course to complete with all your elementary students together but still help you know which lesson to complete when. I hope this explanation helps a bit.

      By the way, if your selected SCM science course does not have the suggested schedule printed in it, you should be able to find that schedule on the course’s links and tips page: Outdoor Secrets Companion year’s schedule and Jack’s Insects Narration and Nature Study Notebook year’s schedule.

  2. Sarah

    I have found this book to be very helpful in keeping track of where my child should be at, i have 9 kids and own all these planning books – i wouldn’t be with out them!

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