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Individual Studies for Grade 7


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Individual Studies for Grade 7


An entire year of day-by-day plans for language arts, Latin, personal development, science, and math for Grade Seven.

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Product Description

The convenient tips, reminders, and pre-planned schedule in this book make it simple to guide your seventh-grade student using Charlotte Mason’s effective methods. Grade 7 is a year when the individual work load begins to increase in preparation for high school. The lesson plans in this book cover language arts, science, Latin, personal development, and math. The seventh-grade student is also expected to work on creating his own Book of Centuries and Book of Mottoes/commonplace book as he progresses in all subjects.

These Individual Studies will

  • Encourage growth in language arts through living books and literature.
  • Introduce Latin in short, interesting lessons.
  • Help your student get to know the possibilities and dangers within himself.
  • Guide you in science through nature study, conversational textbooks, and living books.
  • Allow you to use the math curriculum of your choice.
  • Provide a thorough education at an enjoyable pace.

Book List

Click on the Book List tab to see a full list of the resources needed for these lesson plans.

Language Arts

Students will continue a focus on English grammar by analyzing sentences. They will also progress in spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and English usage guidelines using the literary passages presented in Spelling Wisdom, Book 3, and the guided discovery lessons in Using Language Well, Book 3. The first half of these books is completed this year; the rest will be covered in grade 8.

Written narration will be assigned to encourage your student to continue to progress in organizing his thoughts on paper and applying guidelines he has learned about English grammar, usage, and mechanics. Rubrics and further instructions are provided in the Using Language Well, Book 3, Teacher Guide & Answer Key.


A gentle introduction to Latin is begun with lessons just twice a week. The first half of the book, Getting Started with Latin, is completed this year; the rest will be covered in grade 8.

Personal Development

Students will begin to read, narrate, and discuss Self-Knowledge (Ourselves, Book 1) by Charlotte Mason. We recommend the Youth Edition, which is divided into individual readings with side notes, points to narrate and discuss, and exam questions.

The first half of the book is completed this year and the second half in grade 8.


In grade 7, science lessons become more in-depth and should be completed individually. We recommend introducing the use of a conversational textbook with a study of Science in the Atomic Age, this year. The lesson plans will reflect narration options, as well as include an optional living science book on Blaise Pascal, who is mentioned in the course of study. Journaling a Year in Nature is recommended for nature study.


Lessons include reminders to work on your choice of math curriculum. We suggest Math-U-See Pre-Algebra.

Sample Schedule

The lesson plans in Individual Studies, Grade 7, are very doable. Your weekly schedule would look something like this:

Day OneDay TwoDay ThreeDay FourDay Five
Math (30 min.)Math (30 min.)Math (30 min.)Math (30 min.)Math (30 min.)
Spelling Wisdom & Using Language Well (20 min.)Self-Knowledge (20–30 min.)Latin (10–15 min.)Spelling Wisdom & Using Language Well (20 min.)Latin (10–15 min.)
Science in the Atomic Age (30 min.)Science in the Atomic Age (30 min.)Science in the Atomic Age (30 min.)Science in the Atomic Age (30 min.)Science in the Atomic Age & Nature Study (30+ min.)

Complete Your Charlotte Mason Plan

Combine these Individual Studies with our family-combined History Studies and Enrichment Studies for a complete Charlotte Mason curriculum plan!

Book List for Individual Studies, Grade 7

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Individual Studies, Grade 7

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