Select one poet to focus on sometime during the year. Read his or her poems for several weeks (six at least). If possible, read a short, interesting biography about that poet as well. During the other weeks of the year, simply read a variety of poems and enjoy them together. The links will take you to the CM Bookfinder.

Our Enjoy the Poems series makes it simple to linger with a poet for an entire school year.


Notes on Poetry

Charlotte believed that good poetry was the highest form of literature, and she shared it often with her students.

Read and recite poetry aloud frequently, enjoying the poem together. You can read poems about nature, the seasons, holidays, and life events. Favorite Poems Old and New is a great resource for a variety of poems.

Enter any poets you study in your Book of Centuries.

Occasionally assign a poem for dictation or recitation.

Don’t analyze a poem to death; simply read it and enjoy it.

Older students may be asked to narrate a poem, or you can ask them to write some of their history narrations in poetry form.

Search the CM Bookfinder for resource suggestions on any poet of your choice.

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