Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation, & Epistles


With these books your family will spend a delightful time getting to know the people, events, places, and culture of the Middle Ages around the world, plus the Renaissance and Reformation. Geography will focus on South and Central America and Australia, and you will begin to work your way through the epistles of the Bible. (Since the Bible history narratives are the focus in our three Ancients studies, the rest of the Bible books are spread throughout the remaining three studies.) Older students will learn how to study the Bible on their own, focusing on the same epistles that the Family does, and work on a six-year project of looking for doctrinal truths as they read through the Bible.

Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation & Epistles history lesson plans

Daily lesson plans scheduling these books are available in Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation & Epistles.

Book List for History, Geography, Bible

Read the books listed under Family to all the students together. Add the grade-level books as individual reads for any children you have in those grades. For example, if you have students in grades 2 and 7, you will want to get the books under Family, Grades 1–3, and Grades 7–9.

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Family (all students)

plus . . .
Grades 1–3

Grades 4–6

Grades 7–9

Grades 10–12

Bonus Titles

Here are more great titles that you can use for substitutions or leisure reading or to create your own heritage history stream as desired. We will add to this list as we discover and review more new-to-us books.


Grades 1–3

Grades 1–4

Grades 4–6

Grades 4–8

Grades 4–9

Grades 9–12