Charlotte Mason Homeschool Foreign Language

On this page you’ll find resources and ideas for teaching homeschool foreign language the Charlotte Mason way.

Conversational Languages

Charlotte Mason used a technique called a Gouin series for teaching her students several foreign languages. With the Gouin series approach, students learn to speak the language right away with daily-life phrases, putting new phrases into practice right away.

We recommend Cherrydale Press’s wonderful resources that use that technique and incorporate Charlotte’s methods, and we schedule the Cherrydale books in our lesson plans. With these materials you can teach all your children together, proceeding at your own pace, and keep the work oral for the younger students while adding written for the older. Each volume gives you at least two years of foreign language studies.

For high school credit, another great option is an American Sign Language course. We recommend ASL Virtual Academy.

Another Great Resource

The website Mason’s Living Languages provides links to stories, poems, games, and songs in several foreign languages to complement the Gouin series approach.