Individual Studies, Grade 3

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An entire year of day-by-day plans for language arts, math, and science for Grade Three. See full description →

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The convenient tips, reminders, and pre-planned schedule in this book make it simple to guide your third-grade student using Charlotte Mason’s effective methods. Click on the Book List tab to see a full list of the resources needed for these lesson plans.

These Individual Studies will

  • Keep lessons varied, focused, and of appropriate length.
  • Emphasize the cultivation of good habits in school work.
  • Encourage growth in language arts through living books and literature.
  • Guide you in science through nature study, living books, and other resources.
  • Allow you to use the math curriculum of your choice.
  • Provide a thorough education at an enjoyable pace.

Reading and Writing

Since students at this age still vary in reading and writing levels, Individual Studies, Grade 3, offers two tracks of reading and writing plans: A and B. Select the track that best fits your student and follow that track’s plans throughout the year.

Track A—For students who would benefit from more reading practice and who are ready to learn cursive. Track A plans use New Friends, More New Friends, and Print to Cursive Proverbs.

Track B—For students who would benefit from more reading practice or guided reading instruction (add the teacher book lessons) and more practice in either printing or cursive. Track B plans use Hymns in Prose for Children, Hymns in Prose Teacher Book (optional), and Hymns in Prose Copybook.


Students progress in spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and English usage guidelines through the literary passages presented in Spelling Wisdom, Book 1, and the guided discovery lessons in Using Language Well, Book 1. The first half of these books are covered this year, the rest in grade 4.


Use any of our SCM living science courses—such as Outdoor Secrets with The Outdoor Secrets Companion, The Pond and Stream Companion, or Learning about Birds with Thornton Burgess—and feel free to combine your children in grades 1–6. These plans will remind you when to do the next science lesson and keep you moving at an enjoyable pace, with some catch-up days included. Journaling a Year in Nature is recommended for nature study.


Lessons include reminders to work on your choice of math curriculum.

Sample Schedule

The lesson plans in Individual Studies, Grade 3, are very doable. Your weekly schedule would look something like this:

Math (20 min.)

English (10–15 min.)

Math (20 min.)

Science (15–20 min.)

Math (20 min.)Math (20 min.)

Science (15–20 min.)

Math (20 min.)

Nature Study

English (10–15 min.)

ANew Friends(10–15 min.)Print to CursiveProverbs (5–10 min.)New Friends(10–15 min.)Print to CursiveProverbs (5–10 min.)Print to CursiveProverbs (5–10 min.)
BHymns in Prose(5–15 min.)Hymns in Prose(5–10 min.)(opt.) Hymns in Prose(15 min.)

Keep It Simple

Combine these Individual Studies with our family-combined History Studies and Enrichment Studies for a complete Charlotte Mason curriculum plan!

Book List for Individual Studies, Grade 3

Select Track A or Track B

Track A

Track B

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  1. Sarah

    Thanks for another helpful planning tool, i have benifited from these books as my life is busy and i have little experience 😁

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