My Book of Centuries

Having a Grand Time in 1800

The past few weeks I’ve been having a grand time “living” in 1800 thanks to two friends of mine. Christie you may already know. She designed My Book of Centuries with its helpful guides that give gentle direction for the user: designated spaces for sketches of artifacts, lists of noteworthy people, narrations of the centuries, […]

Practical Homeschooling Reader Award

2014 Practical Homeschooling Reader Awards

Since 1994 Practical Homeschooling magazine has hosted annual Reader Awards for homeschool curriculum. This event is a little different in that the Reader Awards are not a “popularity” prize, but a “satisfaction” prize. First, homeschoolers nominate their favorite products in a wide number of categories. PHS tabulates the results and creates a ballot. Then homeschoolers vote, ranking […]

sprucing up

Sprucing Things Up a Bit

As February winds down and March peeks around the corner, the promise of spring somehow starts to grow even before the daffodils. And with the promise of spring comes the urge to spruce things up a bit. Seed catalogs, paint chips, and DIY blogs take on a new attraction as we make plans to give […]

Enjoying the Early Years DVDs

Enjoying the Early Years DVD set

Pressure. Most of us homeschoolers feel like we have a firsthand knowledge of that word. We feel pressured to succeed as we educate our children: pressure from standardized testing, from well-meaning (or not so well-meaning) relatives, from friends and neighbors, even from other homeschoolers we know. But do you experience that kind of pressure about […]

Visits to the North America geography notebook

Visits to North America and More Stamps

We’re excited to announce that Visits to North America, the latest in our Visits to . . . geography notebooks, is now available! Each notebook combines step-by-step map work with delightful living book suggestions for older and younger students, plus guided reading from a traveler’s firsthand account of visits around the world. The notebook for […]

Sonya Shafer speaking

Encouragement Conference

Encouragement. We all need it. Sometimes more than we know. When you’re first starting to learn about Charlotte Mason methods and everything is new, encouragement can assure your heart and give you confidence to keep moving in the right direction. “That’s right! You’re doing well! Keep going!” When you’ve been implementing Charlotte’s methods for a […]

Snow flowers

A Winter Season

It’s hard to believe that winter is nearly here. The leaves are off the trees and it seems like there is nothing green growing in sight. Yet this time of year is important to the growth process. Something is happening under the soil—something that is necessary for spring blossoms. It’s the same with our children. […]