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Posts and articles about Charlotte Mason’s approach to teaching language arts.

Charlotte Mason Method Shakespeare Lessons

How to Teach Shakespeare

I’m going to venture to say that most of us did not grow up with Shakespeare as a regular part of our education. In my school years, I had only one Shakespeare play introduced to me and that was a…

How to Teach Grammar Charlotte Mason Homeschool

How to Teach Grammar

Today we want to discuss how Charlotte Mason taught English grammar. Grammar analyzes the system and the structure of a language. That’s a heavy concept that requires abstract thinking, so Charlotte did not start formal grammar lessons until the student…

How to Do Charlotte Mason Homeschool Dictation Lessons

How to Do Dictation

Today we want to talk about how to do formal spelling lessons in a Charlotte Mason way: dictation. If you have been following the previous articles in this How To series, you will have seen how Charlotte included some spelling…

Charlotte Mason Method Transcription Handwriting

How to Do Transcription

Today I want to explain a practice that will help your student develop handwriting fluency, practice beautiful penmanship, encourage correct spelling, and feed your child’s mind with worthy ideas. It’s a simple practice, but it can yield big results. That…

How to Do Charlotte Mason Copywork

How to Do Copywork

Perhaps you have heard the term “copywork” and wondered what exactly it is. Copywork is a method that Charlotte Mason used to help children learn letter formation. Let’s walk through what that looks like. What You Will Need Basically you…

Charlotte Mason Method Homeschool Poet Study

How to Do Poet Study

If your experience with poetry during your own school years was anything like my experience, you’re going to find Charlotte Mason’s approach to be a breath of fresh air. Let’s walk through how to do poet study. It’s going to…