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Reading together

Reading for the Pleasure of Others, Part 5

Reading aloud well is an art form and a skill that we would do well to practice, especially those of us who use the Charlotte Mason approach for homeschooling. Reading aloud holds a prominent place in Charlotte’s methods; it rests with us to make that time a pleasure for our listeners. That’s why we have […]

Hymns in Prose

“Still Better,” Hymns in Prose for Children

It always intrigues me to find out exact titles that Charlotte Mason recommended in her writings and used in her schools. Recently I came across this recommendation: Describing the best material to use for reading lessons, Charlotte said, Short fables, and such graceful, simple prose as we have in Mrs Gatty’s Parables from Nature, and, […]

Homeschool girl reading

A Variety of Tools for Teaching Reading

A few weeks ago we were on the road in Texas, between conventions, when our battery light came on. My husband is mechanically minded (for which I am often thankful), so he knew what to do. We found the nearest auto supply store that had free diagnostic testing, and they decided that it was either […]

Delightful Reading kit

Delightful Reading: A Charlotte Mason Reading Curriculum

Several months ago we received a note from a homeschool mom who was teaching her son how to read using Charlotte Mason’s method. (If you’re just joining this discussion, you can read our articles about Charlotte’s method of teaching reading.) This mom had pulled together some wonderfully rich reading selections and seemed to have a […]

homeschool boy spells play with letter blocks

Word-Building and Phonics: Teaching Reading, part 4

As you learned last time, Charlotte Mason’s reading lessons used two approaches: sight words and word-building. To add variety and keep things interesting for the student, Charlotte alternated lessons between the two. Last week we described how to do a sight-word lesson. This week let’s take a look at a word-building lesson. Word-Building Word-building lessons […]

Homeschool language arts

Teaching Reading: Language Arts, part 6

People often ask me what curriculum I used to teach my children to read. I didn’t use one. We just played with letters and their sounds, and eventually, when they were ready, I showed them how to put those sounds together to figure out words. That method worked well for my first three children, but […]

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