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Charlotte Mason Picture Study Success

Happy Results: Melissa S’s Picture Study Story

I recently read this wonderful reminder of what it is we are endeavoring to do when we give our children a Charlotte Mason education: I desire my children to form relations with what they study—not to know meagerly “about” something but to really know something by establishing a relationship with it (A Charlotte Mason Companion […]

Picture Study Portfolios

Picture Study FAQ and New Portfolios

Picture study is such a great way to add a little something to your day that brings a nice change of pace and “freshens your wits,” as Charlotte liked to describe it. You don’t need an art degree to teach art appreciation with Charlotte Mason’s method. It’s simple yet effective. Choose one artist. Look together […]

Picture Study Portfolios

3 New Picture Study Portfolios

Ever since our first three Picture Study Portfolios came out, we have been receiving enthusiastic comments about them. I just purchased the Picture Study Portfolio featuring the works from Giotto at our homeschool conference today!! WOW!!!  These are beautiful, the colors are amazing, absolutely worth every penny. I am so excited to start picture studies […]

Homeschool picture study with Las Meninas by Velazquez

Picture Study FAQ: Picture Study, part 3

As we have seen over the past couple of weeks, the Charlotte Mason method of picture study is a simple yet effective way to give our children art appreciation, fill their minds with beautiful ideas, and offer even more opportunities for them to make relations with what they are learning. Over the years that we’ve […]

tree frog kid

Hands-on Learning in the Charlotte Mason Method

Many people equate living books with the Charlotte Mason method. And that’s well and good. Living books are a big part of her approach, as we’ve discussed during recent posts. But a Charlotte Mason education is not based just on books; it is also based on “things.” (more…)

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