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How to Do Charlotte Mason Method Narration

How to Do Narration

Let’s walk through a foundational method used in many Charlotte Mason-style lessons: narration. You will be using this method for history, geography, Bible, science, and other subjects, so let’s make sure you understand it and feel confident using it. What…

How to Use Living Books Charlotte Mason Education

5 Ways NOT to Use a Living Book

Let’s talk about living books. Now, I can almost hear you saying, “Living books? Again? We talk about them all the time!” And that just proves my point. In a Charlotte Mason home school we spend a lot of time…

Charlotte Mason Homeschool Narration Notecards

Announcing Narration Notecards

You want to give your student interesting and specific narration prompts for each chapter he reads, but sometimes you just don’t have time to pre-read all of the books on the schedule. Or maybe you have time but you’re not…

homeschool teen writing

Creative Narration, Creative Writing

(Editor’s Note: I sometimes get asked, “What about creative writing?” Here is a lovely post about how to approach creative writing by guest writer, Karen Andreola.) “If we would believe it, composition is a natural as jumping and running to…

Narration Q&A, Part 18

An Added Bonus (Narration Q & A, part 18)

When I started homeschooling with the Charlotte Mason Method, my focus was all on the children. I thought this endeavor was about giving my children the kind of education that I hadn’t received. Little did I suspect the added bonus…