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Posts and articles about Charlotte Mason’s approach to teaching math.

Charlotte Mason Math Success Story

Happy Results: Min Hwang’s Math Story

We’re hearing so many good things about Charlotte Mason’s way of teaching math! Parents tell us about improved attitudes, renewed interest and excitement, plus a solid understanding of arithmetic. Min Hwang’s experience is especially encouraging. Here is her Happy Results…

Charlotte Mason Homeschool Math Handwriting

Handwriting as a Joy in Math Lessons

(We are pleased to present the following post by Richele Baburina, author of Mathematics: An Instrument for Living Teaching and its corresponding DVD set, Charlotte Mason’s Living Math: A Guided Journey.) Charlotte Mason elementary arithmetic lessons are primarily oral. Rather…

Charlotte Mason Homeschool Math

Ideal Math Lessons for a Young Learner

Just for a moment, throw out all of your memories of math lessons from your school days. Set aside the images and promotional explanations from that math curriculum you were recently researching online. And let’s start from scratch. If we…

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Subjects: Mathematics

Teaching Math: Subject by Subject, Part 17

(I am so pleased to welcome a guest writer who excels at presenting an insightful summary of math the Charlotte Mason way. Richele Baburina has extensively researched Charlotte Mason’s approach to math and compiled her findings in her excellent book,…