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Posts and comments about Charlotte’s philosophy of education as an atmosphere, a discipline, a life.

Charlotte Mason Hints for Teachers Homeschool

Hints to Teachers

On my bookshelf I have a copy of a book from the early 1900s that was used in Charlotte Mason’s schools. Many books like this contain an introduction full of helpful comments, but the introduction to this book is so…

Children as Persons Charlotte Mason

The Heart of Education

As the mother of a special needs child, I appreciate those who are able to look past the differences and see the similarities. Yes, some children have special needs, but all children have many needs that are the same no…

Charlotte Mason Daily Effort of Education

The Daily Effort of Education

Today was one of “those” days. It took a Herculean effort just to make sure we accomplished all that needed to be done: meals, vitamins, exercises, beginning reading, copywork, math, groceries, Bible, literature, Scripture memory. Not to mention conference calls,…

Charlotte Mason Method Homeschool Real Self Education

3 Ways to Sabotage Lifelong Learners

We talked last time about how learning is a continuous process. It’s something that should happen your whole life. And if you use six Charlotte Mason methods, you can educate yourself on many, many things without depending on a teacher…

Charlotte Mason for Adult Education

Charlotte Mason for Grown-Ups

What’s your dream? Chances are if you have a dream, you will need to learn some things to get you there. Brittney has a dream to give her children a rich and enjoyable home education that will launch them into…