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Posts and articles about Charlotte Mason’s approach to teaching science.

Why Should We Study Insects?

Why Should We Study Insects?

We often get asked, "Why should we study insects and bugs? Karen Smith joins Sonya to explain what you're missing when you skip over this fascinating part of God's creation.
Charlotte Mason Method Nature Walk Nature Study

Nature Walk or Nature Study?

In a Charlotte Mason Homeschool, we know we should do nature study once a week, or is that a nature walk once a week? What’s the difference, anyway? Let’s figure this out. Joining me today is my longtime friend and…

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Subjects: Science

Teaching Science: Subject by Subject, Part 12

Charlotte Mason used a two-faceted approach to teaching science that was very effective: systematic studies and spontaneous discovery. The systematic studies were accomplished through reading and narrating living science books. The spontaneous facet was added through doing nature study. :…

New nature books

Two New Nature Companions

We mentioned last time how helpful it is to have some resources to assist you in making new acquaintances and getting to know them better in nature study. Today we’re happy to announce two new resources designed to do just…

Outdoor Secrets audiobook

New Audiobook of Outdoor Secrets

It seems that more and more homeschoolers are using audiobooks. It makes sense when you think about it, especially for those of us using the Charlotte Mason Method. We read a lot of books, and we keep an ongoing list…