Core Values of Charlotte Mason Method Authority Obedience

Authority and Obedience: Core Values of Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason had a very balanced view of authority and obedience. Let’s talk about it. We have begun a tour, looking at the core values that Charlotte Mason educators hold dear. These are the guiding principles upon which Charlotte built her whole educational approach; and if we can get a firm grasp on these values, […]

Learning While Teaching with the Charlotte Mason Method

Learning As You Homeschool with Charlotte Mason

Let me tell you, most Charlotte Mason homeschoolers are learning as we go. Sometimes we look at other Charlotte Mason homeschoolers around us and we think, “Wow, look at everything they know.” We think they’ve always known about the artists and the composers and the nature and the handicrafts, but that’s not the case. Let […]

The Place of Fun in Charlotte Mason Method Homeschool

Your Questions Answered: The Place of Fun in a Charlotte Mason Education

Today we want to talk about fun in Charlotte Mason. Laura Pitney is here to join me in this discussion. Sonya: Laura, the question we received was from a mom who was changing curriculum. She was switching from a different method to a Charlotte Mason curriculum, but she said she was going to miss all […]

Charlotte Mason Method Prepares a Student for STEM Career

10 Ways a Charlotte Mason Education Prepares a Student for a STEM Career

Last time we started a discussion about STEM education and how it aligns with a Charlotte Mason education. If you haven’t yet read that post, I encourage you to do that. Today we want to continue that discussion by looking at how a Charlotte Mason education can help prepare a student to pursue a STEM […]

Charlotte Mason Method Homeschool STEM Subjects

STEM and a Charlotte Mason Education

It seems that the most recent trend in education is something called STEM. You’ve probably seen that acronym popping up in many places. And we have received questions about how a STEM education aligns with a Charlotte Mason education. So I want to share some ideas about that today. The thing to remember when looking […]

Charlotte Mason Worldschooling Travel


When we think about homeschooling, we often limit it to what we do within our four walls, or at least within our community. But what better way is there to learn about the people in the world and make relations with them than to go there and meet them in person? So today we want […]

Charlotte Mason Managing Your Day Good Habits

Your Questions Answered: Let’s Just Get Through This

Have you ever found yourself telling your child “Let’s just get through this so we can move on?” Well, that’s the question we want to discuss today. Laura Pitney is here to join me and discuss this question. It’s a good one. Here it goes: “I find that when our lessons are languishing or if […]

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