Charlotte Mason Modern History Books High School

Favorite Modern Times History Books for Grades 10–12

Modern Times (about 1850 to present day) is a jam-packed era in history. So many things were happening all around the world; and thanks to improved technology, we have access to more details than any other time period. The thing we need to be careful of is overload. You cannot teach your child all about […]

Charlotte Mason History Living Books Modern Times Grades 7-9

Favorite Modern Times History Books for Grades 7–9

Today I want to share my top picks for living history books on modern times. These are the books that I recommend for grades 7–9, and in some cases, all the way through twelfth grade. I’ll explain more about that in an upcoming post.  We will be looking at books for both American history and […]

Screen Time in Homeschool

Screen Time

Let’s talk about screen time and technology in your homeschool. Obviously, Charlotte Mason didn’t say anything about the use of computers or other electronic screens in homeschooling. Yet screen time is a real concern for many homeschoolers. And we get questions about that topic regularly. So I asked my friend, and co-founder of Simply Charlotte […]

Be Home

Be Home

All right, I just have to say that I’m going to miss seeing you in person! I was really looking forward to getting together with you at homeschool conventions this spring. Now that many of them are canceled, we will have to wait for those hugs and pictures and fun.  But it’s good to know […]

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