Charlotte Mason Managing Your Day Good Habits

Your Questions Answered: Let’s Just Get Through This

Have you ever found yourself telling your child “Let’s just get through this so we can move on?” Well, that’s the question we want to discuss today. Laura Pitney is here to join me and discuss this question. It’s a good one. Here it goes: “I find that when our lessons are languishing or if […]

Charlotte Mason Ancient Rome Book List

Favorite Living History Books on Ancient Rome

Today we’re wrapping up our favorite history books series. We’ve covered five history time periods so far: Middle Ages and Renaissance, Early Modern, Modern Times, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Greece. Today we’ll share our top living books for studying Ancient Rome. I hope these posts have been helpful to you. Leave a comment and let […]

Living History Books Ancient Egypt Charlotte Mason Homeschool

Favorite Living History Books on Ancient Egypt

I really enjoy sharing my favorite living books with you. It’s like introducing delightful old friends that I know will help and support you along your homeschool journey. Today I will give you my top ten picks for studying Ancient Egypt. These are the ten living books that are scheduled into the lesson plan guide […]

Encouragement to continue homeschooling

Your Questions Answered: When You Want to Quit Homeschooling

I think at some time or other, all of us homeschool mamas have felt like giving up. “I just want to quit.” It’s a great question to discuss today, and Laura Pitney is here joining me: “What keeps you going when you want to quit?” Laura: That’s a very good question, as always. Sonya: Yes, […]

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