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6 Reasons I Love the Charlotte Mason Method—reason 5

Reason 5: Good Habits Smooth the Way (6 Reasons I Love the Charlotte Mason Method)

It’s amazing how much our daily lives are shaped by our habits: getting up, getting ourselves ready, what clothes we put on, getting our children ready, taking care of pets, where we sit at the table, how we talk to our spouses, how closely we listen to our children. (more…)

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From Habits to Character

A big part of homeschooling—and especially Charlotte Mason homeschooling—is cultivating our children’s characters through good habits. “The habits of the child produce the character of the man.” As you make plans for the upcoming school year, along with the academics, be sure to consider which habits you want to work on. We may feel like […]

Laying Down the Rails for Children

Laying Down the Rails for Children

We’ve been talking about instilling good habits. Charlotte Mason likened that process to laying down railroad tracks upon which our children’s lives can run smoothly, without a lot of unnecessary bumping and jolting. Many people have told us that these habit-training concepts along with the practical tips found in the award-winning book, Laying Down the […]

Charlotte Mason homeschooling subject by subject: basic principles

Three Basic CM Principles: Subject by Subject, Part 2

Last week we started a new series in which we will be going through each school subject and discussing how to teach it in a Charlotte Mason way. We’ve already looked at giving our children a generous curriculum through a wide variety of subjects, not just the three R’s. Today we’ll look at three foundational […]

A Growing Time

Pull the Weeds: A Growing Time, Part 3

In front of our house is a little perennial garden. I often tell people how much I love perennials because “you just plant them and forget them.” But that’s not quite true. Every morning as we return from walking the dog, we glance over that perennial garden and look for weeds. Usually there are only […]

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