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Posts and articles about Charlotte Mason’s approach to the preschool years.

Charlotte Mason Preschool Picture Books

How to Choose a Good Picture Book

Do a quick search on Amazon for picture books, and you are suddenly faced with more than 60,000 titles. Think of it: 60,000 picture books to choose from. That’s a lot of books! In fact, if you could stack all…

Charlotte Mason Preschool Curriculum

New Preschool Resource: Our Preschool Life

I talk to mamas all over the country who are feeling pressure with their preschoolers. They’re being pressured to push academics, to focus on reading and writing and math facts with their three-, four-, and five-year-olds. Perhaps you’re the mother…

Charlotte Mason Preschool and Kindergarten Activities and Lessons

Your Questions Answered: Preschool Activities

The biggest job that a preschool child has is to explore his surroundings and make sense of the world around him. As he uses his five senses, he’s forming crucial connections in his brain. And those connections will help him…

Charlotte Mason Preschool Homeschool Priorities

Preschool Priorities

Young children spend the first five or six years of their lives busily making sense out of life around them. Their brains are on overdrive: observing, categorizing, comparing, discriminating, problem solving, experimenting, testing, assimilating. For example, let’s say you hand…

Child enjoying nature

Thoughts on Early Education

With society’s push for starting formal education earlier and earlier, it feels like a breath of fresh air when an article or a study takes a stand against that trend. Charlotte Mason was a strong advocate of safeguarding a child’s…

Enjoying the Early Years DVDs

Enjoying the Early Years DVD set

Pressure. Most of us homeschoolers feel like we have a firsthand knowledge of that word. We feel pressured to succeed as we educate our children: pressure from standardized testing, from well-meaning (or not so well-meaning) relatives, from friends and neighbors,…