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Outdoor Secrets

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A delightful collection of nature stories for the young and young at heart. Discover the secrets that may be hiding in your own backyard. (Early Years–Grade 2)

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Product Description

Delightful nature stories for the young and young at heart!

Originally published in 1903 and here reproduced with the original whimsical artwork, Outdoor Secrets is a great addition to any home where nature is welcome!

Learn the secrets that may be hiding in your own backyard:

  • Where does the apple blossom go?
  • Of what use is an earthworm?
  • How can a golden-rod save a person’s life?
  • What message might a robin bring?
  • Why should a cherry-tree grow in every direction?
  • What good does the March wind do?
  • And more…

Along with these secrets come simple life lessons woven into the living stories—gentle lessons about respecting others, working hard, and being patient.

Printed Book or Audiobook

Outdoor Secrets is also available as an audiobook read by the pleasant, articulate voice of Ruth Shafer. Now you can enjoy listening to a chapter or two of the audiobook while running errands, or build family memories as you enjoy the whole book on a long car trip. It’s also great to keep younger children busy and learning while you teach the older students, or just to give your reading voice a rest. This 94-minute recording is available as an audio download.

A Companion Nature Study

Now you can add even more learning opportunities with The Outdoor Secrets Companion. You’ll find great nature study ideas, more living book suggestions, beautiful poetry, and nature notebook activities that correspond to the great stories in Outdoor Secrets.

Come discover the secrets that are awaiting you and your child in the great outdoors!

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Weight.3 lbs
Dimensions8.5 × 5.5 × 0.25 in


Audio Download, CD, E-book, Trade Paper



Running Time

94 minutes

Read By

Ruth Shafer


Grade 1, Grade 2

Lesson Plan

The Outdoor Secrets Companion


Check out these ideas, links, and tips that correspond to the animals and plants introduced in Outdoor Secrets. Use them to enhance your study.

5 reviews for Outdoor Secrets

  1. Heather

    I ordered this book to read with my preschooler, but it delighted my 7 and 11 year old too (not to mention me). Very charming. Thank you for bringing treasures like this back to life :O)

  2. Rosemarie

    I just finished reading this with my 6 and 3 year old. They loved as did I. The stories were very sweet and we learned some wonderful nature facts along with a few character traits.

  3. Kym

    Thank you for offering an audio of this book. I would love to see more audio books.

  4. Kim

    We love this audio book…it is absolutely delightful! Our 6 year old was able to fully relate that a few weeks ago at the botanical garden, he dissected a flower, learned the flower parts and cross pollination in relation to one of the stories on this cd. Of course I was thrilled that he remembered. Our children would like to listen to it again to see if they can change out mother nature for Father God…if the sentences present the same values and character He does. We have the companion book that we have yet to look at and we would like to draw some pictures about the processes of nature so we are looking forward to few more detailed reviews. We enjoy the voice, but in most settings in the car, the study, or the family room I have to adjust the specific sound settings to hear it without straining. The narrator has a very soft spoken voice…but it a very special rendition. My kids do say it’s difficult to hear, but I’m the one who get headaches while straining…I’m also 45 and recognize my hearing is less than it use to be. Our 9 year old asks to hear this audio frequently on his own. Thank you for a wonderful audio.

  5. Stacey

    We loved this set. We used it in K. And again in 1st grade. When we studied apples, we got other short stories at the Library about apples as well as reading about Johnny Appleseed. My kiddo loved that. We didn’t use the same books each year and we did a more advanced reading of Johnny Appleseed in 1st. We used various books on birds and used the Take along guide about birds when we studied birds. We drew birds that came to our feeder. We sort of made unit studies and it made the book go longer. Loved this set!!! Can’t wait to use 106 days of creation this year.

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