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Print to Cursive Proverbs

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Gives your student opportunity to continue practicing printing while learning cursive—all centered around more than thirty wisdom verses from the book of Proverbs. A great way to make the transition from print to cursive gently and gradually. (Grades 2–3)

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Product Description

Practice printing. Learn cursive. Gain wisdom.

Now it’s easy to make the transition from print to cursive! With Print to Cursive Proverbs, your student can keep up printing skills while learning and practicing cursive—all centered around more than thirty wisdom verses in Proverbs.

Print to Cursive Proverbs will help your student

  • Maintain good printing while learning to write in cursive.
  • Gain confidence by making the transition to cursive gently and gradually.
  • Nourish the mind and heart with wisdom from the book of Proverbs.
  • Accomplish meaningful copywork even while learning a new style of writing.
  • Focus on best effort by copying from a beautiful model of penmanship.

Print to Cursive Proverbs uses the English Standard Version of the Bible so your student will gain plenty of practice writing the most commonly used forms of words, in either Zaner Bloser or D’Nealian style. The unique spiral-at-the-top design provides plenty of room for writing and accommodates both left- and right-handed writers.

Beginning Reading and Writing Series

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Additional Information

Weight.75 lbs
Dimensions11 × 8.5 × 0.54 in

Writing Style

D’Nealian, Zaner Bloser




E-book, Spiral


Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4

Lesson Plan

Individual Studies, Grade 2, Individual Studies, Grade 3


25 reviews for Print to Cursive Proverbs

  1. missceegee

    First to find another great SCM resource. This looks wonderful and it’s terrific to have it top-bound. You guys really outdo yourselves.

  2. Elizabeth

    Just wondering if one style is more popular than another? I like D’Nealian but I think my daughter would have better luck with Bloser. I am usually an e-book person, but I like the top binding and will probably purchase that one. Thanks!

    • Sonya Shafer

      It’s an intriguing question, Elizabeth. We find it interesting that we usually see twice as many orders for Zaner Bloser as for D’Nealian. I’m not sure why, unless it is because the straight up-and-down writing is easier for many children or because that is the style most mothers learned when they were small and feel most comfortable with.

      Regardless, choose the style that will work best for your child.

  3. Corie

    Oh no! I just purchased Pentime, and now I want this! This looks amazing, and I love that it has the spiral binding at the top!

  4. Kathy

    I love your penmanship products. I would really like to see them offered in Italic format as well .

    • Teressa

      I would too!!!

  5. Rowana Lindahl

    How much material is in this book? Is it intended to be a whole year’s work of copywork?

    • Sonya Shafer

      Print to Cursive Proverbs is not intended to be a whole year’s worth of copywork, simply a tool to use to teach the child how to write cursive. However, it depends on the child’s skill level and how many days per week you work on learning cursive. If you do a page or two per day, the book would last approximately one term. If you do a page only a couple of times a week, it would take longer to work through the entire book. Once the child has learned cursive, you can use the Hymns in Prose copybook (cursive version) to give more practice.

  6. Robin Herman

    Is there a sample of the D’Nealian? I don’t know what that looks like.

  7. Michelle

    Ok If your even wondering about purchasing this or if you’ve purchase something else but wish you would have gotten is…..BUY IT! This is WONDERFUL! My son has tried a few things and it just wasn’t what he needed. I saw this and got excited, not only because SCM puts out wonderful material, I was excited because it didn’t cost a arm and a leg! So I ordered it. And let me tell you my son has learned more and is more confident with his cursive than he has ever been wi anything else. I love that he is still working on his printing WHILE learning cursive. This is BEAUTIFULLY done and worth every penny. I wish it had come out a few years ago as my struggling 10 yo, I believe would have done so much better we this than the other things we used. Thank you.

  8. faith4u

    After buying this, I noticed that there aren’t any capital letters. How and when do you teach those?

    • Sonya Shafer

      The capital letters are taught after the lowercase. A few that are similar to the lowercase are scattered throughout the book, but the majority of the capitals instruction begins on page 95.

  9. Ruth

    I was wondering why the print doesn’t have the three lines? I noticed the cursive does, but not the print. I LOVE the book, but my kids aren’t at a place where they can write neatly on a blank line without the top line, the middle dotted line along with the bottom line. Thank you!

    • Sonya Shafer

      Hi, Ruth. There are fewer lines for the print portions because the students should be very comfortable with printing—have mastered it, really—before we recommend they attempt cursive. If they still need three-line printing practice, the Child’s Copybook Reader books would provide that extra practice as well as gradually move them toward not needing those extra lines.

  10. Deborah Brenna

    I absolutely LOVE this book. My children, who have previously balked at doing copywork, also love this book. They feel so much more comfortable with the way it is set up. They are writing actual words that mean something to them! Even my son, who is a great complainer, is happy to do his copywork with this text. Thank you SO very much for creating this. And for all those who might be waffling about purchasing this, don’t hesitate!

  11. BlessedMommy

    Copying this from my recent forum post…

    Just wanted to give praise for this wonderful book! We are LOVING it! The lessons are short & simple yet, effective and it transitions beautifully. My daughter (7) has even gotten up and done the next lesson independently the last 2 mornings. The only tiny, thing I would change is having at least 1 example of each letter with the little numbered arrows showing the specific direction/flow of the letter. I actually had to figure out “f” because it was different from the style I learned (or maybe I have done mine wrong all along?). But, we still LOVE it regardless! I highly recommend it.

  12. Mbarck

    My son used this last year (3rd grade age 8). Though he was a bit hesitant to begin cursive (something new), he was ready and really enjoyed this and we both loved the use of scripture. As a side note to parents, not a bad idea to have them read their work out loud to check that they can ‘read’ the cursive as well, sometimes he would get tripped up on words with a cursive s, u, w, etc. Enjoy!

  13. E

    While I love the premise, the execution has two things that need major improvement. One, the new letter should have the little arrows on it showing which direction the strokes should go. I feel that without it, there really isn’t instruction on how to form the letter. Two, the space for the copywork should be BELOW, not to the right, so that lefties can see the word they are trying to copy. With the current layout on the new letter page, a left-handed person’s left hand is completely covering the word they are trying to copy and so their copywork is halted and doesn’t flow because they are constantly picking up their hand to view the word under their hand that they are trying to copy. I really, really, really would love to see these changes made and then this product would be perfect. Love the spiral on top though as that’s perfect for a lefty or a righty.

    • Sonya Shafer

      Thanks for the detailed feedback; we appreciate it!

      ​The letters with the little arrows are on page 4. I did not put them on the copywork pages because I have a daughter on the autism spectrum who would copy the arrows too. I wanted the copywork page to focus on what the “perfect letter” should look like. If the arrowed letters would be helpful, feel free to make a copy of page 4 and use it as a bookmark. That way it will be a reference at hand whenever your student wants/needs it.

      ​The words themselves are a mixture: some have the space for copying below and some, beside. You have a good point about its being potentially difficult for lefties to see the ones side by side. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. ​I’m glad the top spiral is helpful!

  14. Michelle

    We are in love with Print to Cursive! I’m amazed at how my eight year old is writing. She loves to practice her letters in free time.

    I’ve also noticed a major improvement in her print during this time. Thank you for a wonderful resource!

  15. Zonya

    Wonderful. My 7 year old was very frustrated with the handwriting program we started with for switching to cursive. We switched to this one, and in about two months, she has learned all the cursive letters, both upper and lowercase, and is writing BEAUTIFULLY, and actually enjoying it!

  16. Anna

    This curriculum has been great for one of my kids. I have a child that is left handed. My left handed child is still struggling with writing. Does this work for them too? Or do you have curriculum that is solely for left handed people?

    • Jordan Smith

      Our Delightful Handwriting and Print to Cursive Proverbs books are designed to be used by either right- or left-handed children. The spiral binding is at the top so it won’t get in the way of a left-handed student. The strokes are taught without indicating which hand should be used.

  17. Sarah

    Excellent product, thank you!!

  18. Mary Watts

    Hello there,
    I would like to give Print to Cursive the best rating possible! My daughter loves it! The proverbs it uses are priceless and the gentle, but very effective way it teaches cursive writing is fantastic. My youngest daughter who will be starting this book next term, already learned to write her name in cursive just from watching my older one. I really want my oldest to continue with her writing practice so I will be ordering Hymns in Prose Copybook. SO, glad you did this work SCM! May God bless you. BTW…our local librarian gave my eldest daughter a compliment on her handwriting from filling out a worksheet they offered prizes for. I just smiled.

  19. Annie Frase

    My nine year old daughter loves this! Thank you for creating such a beautiful and simple way for her to learn cursive.

  20. Veronica Lemon

    Print to Cursive Proverbs is another excellent resource. I love the way you use Scripture to teach handwriting skills. We have struggled a bit with the top binding (we keep turning to the wrong page), but I just realized that it would make writing much easier if you happen to have a child who is left-handed. Smart!

  21. Jody

    Is this made to use as the very first cursive a child would learn? It seems that is what is for but it does not give any instruction on the way to form the strokes etc besides just one page with arrows? Does anyone who used this have any feedback on how it worked as your very first intro to learning letter formation for new to cursive kids? Thanks!

    • Tamara Bell

      This resource is an introduction to cursive for the student who already prints and generally who familiar with copywork. The student will look at page 4, lock in his mind the way the letter is formed, and then practice it in the lesson he is at. It may be beneficial for a student to trace the letter however we have not found that to be necessary in most situations. We provide practice space on each page the letter is introduced.

  22. Polly

    We enjoyed this cursive book but when learning a new letter I do wish it had arrows to show how the letter is formed. There is a page at the beginning of the book that has all the letters with the directive arrows, but flipping back and forth trying to find that page every lesson isn’t ideal.

  23. Caitlin

    I held off buying this because it looked simple enough to create something like this on my own. BUT I never did. It was worth the money to outsource and save myself the time and trouble. The lessons are simple and not overwhelming for my son. Plus, I have the PDF, so I will be able to print this out over and over for my four other children!

  24. Krystal Blocker

    We have beening using this book for about 6 months now. For my 8 yr old son, we practice/learn cursive with this book 2 days a week. He absolutely loves learning cursive and looks forward to it. My younger son can’t wait until we start this book for him next year. It has been a great resource for our family. Thank you SCM.

  25. Serina

    Print to Cursive has helped my dyslexic boy learn to transition from printing to cursive writing. He struggles with writing and this resource is extremely helpful to us. I am so thankful that the Lord led me to Simply Charlotte Mason. This curriculum is so awesome and Christ-centered. I recommend it to everyone I talk to. Thanks for all the great resources and most of all the inspirational and guiding podcasts.

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