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Wonderful, wholesome readers that our children used to practice their reading during the elementary years. Timeless treasures! See full description

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The Pathway Readers were cherished companions for our children as they learned to read. Originally created for use in Amish schools, the books contain wholesome stories that reinforce good character traits and family relationships.

Our children were eager to read these stories aloud because the books follow the same family of children through their everyday experiences of growing up on a farm and valuable life lessons they learn along the way. We found that our students formed a relation with Peter, Rachel, and Andrew and wanted to find out what would happen next.

Our copies are still in great shape thanks to the sturdy, durable hardback covers. The stories feature minimal black-and-white illustrations and increase in difficulty and length as the student progresses through the series.

Have your student read aloud a story from these readers every day or two. It takes just a few minutes, but he will gain confidence and fluency through the short, constant practice.

Your student will enjoy the Pathway Readers best in this order:

  • First Steps (Pre-Primer)—Simple stories with a small inventory of words to build confidence and gently ease beginners into the joy of reading books. The first five stories are designed for the parent to read a portion first to set the stage and get the story going, then the student uses just a few words to finish it. From the sixth story on, the student reads the entire short story on his own. If you are using Delightful Reading, we recommend that you add this book after your student has finished the lessons on “Rain.” Simply alternate one day doing a Delightful Reading lesson and one day practicing reading aloud from First Steps. When your student has finished First Steps, continue with Days Go By.
  • Days Go By (First Grade level)—Sweet childhood adventures with Peter, Rachel, and Andrew continue, and their friends, Susan and Levi, are introduced. Among other things, the children learn about playing nicely and the adjustments that a new dog can require.
  • More Days Go By (First Grade level)—Rachel turns six; Peter learns to laugh at himself; the family solves a little wintertime mystery; and spring brings a surprise at Peter’s one-room school.
  • Busy Times (Second Grade level)—Peter learns a hard lesson about responsibility; the children experience the importance of the Golden Rule; and new neighbors move nearby.
  • More Busy Times (Second Grade level)—The family unites around the children as they battle the measles; Nancy and Nelson have opportunities to be brave; Peter learns about money, greed, and honesty; and Susan becomes a better friend.
  • New Friends (Third Grade level)—Peter and Rachel’s family works on cultivating some good habits; then the stories expand to feature other children’s lives and lessons about birds, hard work, compassion and wise spending, and playing tricks.
  • More New Friends (Third Grade level)—A variety of stories about animals and children who learn lessons on honesty, diligence, thankfulness, kindness, the Golden Rule, and loving your enemies. It has been our experience that once the student can read aloud More New Friends without help, he is adequately prepared to read his own school books in history and other subjects.

In First Steps, new words are highlighted at the bottom of the pages on which they are first used, so you can see at a glance if there are any words you need to introduce or review before your student reads each story. In the rest of the books, new words are highlighted in the back of the book, listed under the chapter in which they are first used.

Note: Some stories mention spanking.

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9 reviews for Pathway Readers

  1. Melissa

    I am so happy you are now carrying these excellent readers!

  2. grace

    My son loves these readers. He reads past the time he has to read because he enjoys them?

  3. Mbarck

    Both our sons enjoyed these immensely. Good morals and life lessons are woven throughout and add to the parental appeal. Like Sonya mentions, our kids really identified and enjoyed following the book’s characters. These readers worked beautifully for us. I can’t wait to use these again when my daughter begins reading.

  4. Nicole

    My daughter absolutely loved these readers (K-1 readers). She’s a new reader and these gave her such confidence because the words were repeated often. She loved the idea that she was reading chapter books all on her own. She couldn’t wait to read them during school time, so took them and read them on her own. We are going to order the entire set! She is so expected to start Busy Times! Thanks for providing wholesome books that her really made a big difference in our reading lessons!

  5. Arline

    We haven’t used all the books but so far, our five year old loves the stories! He’s learning to read with such joy now.

  6. Maria

    I love these wholesome readers. Perfect for boys and girls. They gave my child confidence and love of reading! Priceless!

  7. Christina

    We have used these readers for the past couple of years and my son still loves them! He has gained fluency and confidence in reading, and really enjoys the characters in the books. I’m so grateful for this set!

  8. Courtney

    Is there a way to preview the text in the readers? We are using a different phonics approach and want to see if it’s possible to integrate your boks. Just seeing 3-4 pages of the text would allow me to assess. Thanks –

    • Jordan Smith

      Yes, we have samples available for each book on those books’ pages in our store. Click on any book on this page, then click Download a free sample to see some sample pages.

  9. Paula Haller

    I loved using these readers. My children enjoyed the stories and they worked to advance their reading skills.

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