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Gridded Math Notebook


Convenient and attractive notebooks full of gridded paper. Available in three printed sizes: ¾″, ½″, and ¼″ or downloadable templates for all three in one file. See full description

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Product Description

Charlotte Mason recommended that each student use a gridded notebook for written work during math lessons. You will need a gridded math notebook for each student working through the books in The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series.

Using a gridded notebook for math

  • Keeps numerals neat and legible by allotting one number per grid square.
  • Encourages a habit of precision and accuracy whether in beginning addition or long division. Since the squares in the grid are aligned, place value can easily be seen and checked.
  • Creates a neat and concise record of the math concepts your child learned each year.

Math Notebook Features

Our gridded math notebooks are available in printed or electronic download format.

The printed notebooks

  • Contain 50 pages of grid paper, so you have plenty to work with but they don’t look overwhelming;
  • Lie flat for easy use whether your student is left-handed or right-handed;
  • Are available in three sizes of grid square—¾″, ½″, and ¼″—so you can select the size that best fits your student’s writing.

The electronic download version gives you a PDF file that contains one template page of each size grid. So you receive one page of ¾″, one page of ½″, and one page of ¼″. From this download version, you can print as many copies of each size grid as you need.

Choose the format that works best for you: the already-printed notebooks in your choice of grid size or the print-as-you-go electronic download that contains all three sizes.

Choosing a Grid Size

The emphasis in math lessons should be on math concepts, not handwriting. Yes, expect neatness and precision in keeping with Charlotte Mason’s emphasis on good habits, but be careful that the handwriting does not overshadow the math focus. During math lessons your child should not have to concentrate as much effort on handwriting as on thinking mathematically.

Therefore, choose a grid size that will fit your child’s natural handwriting best. If he usually writes quite small, a smaller grid should not be a hindrance or obstacle in math lessons. If he writes larger, allow him to use a larger grid size for math lessons.

General Recommendations
¾″ grid size for grades 1–2
½″ grid size for grades 3–6
¼″ grid size for grades 7–12

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Suggested Grades

Grid Size

¾″ grid size for grades 1–2, ½″ grid size for grades 3–6, ¼″ grid size for grades 7–12, All Three Sizes Printable Download


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