The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series: Book 2 Kit


A handy box of resources that go with The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series, Book 2. See full description →

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This convenient kit is designed to go with Book 2 of The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series. It provides all of the corresponding resources in one convenient location, so you can focus on enjoying the lively, interactive lessons with your child, knowing that you have everything you need right at hand. Just add coins and one grid notebook per student.

Your student will be able to keep working smoothly on a math lesson if you get called away for a moment with the convenient Number Sentence Cards covering the addition tables and beginning multiplication tables. The process of building and learning the tables will be simplified with the included felt underlay. And your student will gain a firm grasp of the concept of hundreds, tens, and ones using the handy play dollar bills that go with the lessons in Book 2.

Everything in the kit is non-consumable, so you can use it with all of your children!

Kit Contents

The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series, Book 2 Kit contains

  • 62 Number Sentence Cards for Addition Tables (up to 10 + 10)
  • 24 Number Sentence Cards for Multiplication Tables (up to 6 x 10)
  • 25 Play one-dollar bills
  • 1 Felt sheet, 9″ x 12″
  • 1 Double-sided dry erase board, with blank and grid sides (8″ x 11″) Also available separately
  • 1 Long-lasting dry erase marker (black)

How to Use the Felt

Tables built with objects, such as pennies or buttons, may easily be saved for the next day’s work if constructed on a tray or in this box. Lay the sheet of felt under the objects as a cushion to prevent their moving or sliding between lessons.

How to Use the Number Sentence Cards

Cards are provided for addition tables through 10 + 10 and multiplication tables through 6 x 10. (Cards are also available separately.)

Before a lesson begins, pull out an applicable card or two. You might select cards of the number currently being worked with in the arithmetic lesson or use cards for particular numbers that need additional practice.

If you unexpectedly need to attend to something else for a few minutes, give your child the selected cards so he may continue working on his own without interruption. He should complete the number sentences, using manipulatives if needed, and write the answers on his personal dry erase board.

Since the ÷ symbol is not introduced until the final lessons in Book 2, these multiplication cards do not use that symbol. Instead, a few number sentences on the cards ask the child to determine the number of “3s in 15,” for example, wording the concept like the familiar Table Work portion of the lessons in the book.

Book 2 covers addition tables through 10 + 10 and multiplication tables through 6 x 10. Book 3 covers the rest of the multiplication tables through 10 x 10.

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Grade 2



Lesson Plan

Individual Studies, Grade 2



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