Enrichment Studies Volume 2 Bundle
Enrichment Studies, Volume 2 Bundle

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Enrichment Studies, Volume 2 Bundle

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Give your whole family an enjoyable year of studies that enrich your student as a person. This convenient bundle collects almost all of the resources you will need for the Enrichment Studies, Volume 2 lesson plans.

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Product Description

With the daily lesson plans in Enrichment Studies, Volume 2 and this convenient bundle you’ll have what you need to add art, music, poetry, nature study, and more beautiful subjects to your home school.

Included in This Bundle

Nearly all of the resources scheduled in the lesson plans are included. Everything in the list below will be added to your cart with this bundle. If you already own or don’t need one of these resources, you can remove it in your cart without affecting the rest of the bundle.

  • Enrichment Studies, Volume 2 lesson plans
  • Picture Study Portfolio: Millet
  • Picture Study Portfolio: Michelangelo
  • Picture Study Portfolio: Turner
  • Enjoy the Poems of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
  • Shakespeare in Three Steps: As You Like It
  • Music Study with the Masters: Haydn
  • Music Study with the Masters: Mendelssohn
  • Music Study with the Masters: Schubert
  • Handicrafts Made Simple: Knitting (digital download or stream online)
  • Journaling a Year in Nature (Includes one. Each student will need a blank sketchbook.)*
  • Singing the Great Hymns*
  • Scripture Memory Verse Packs 1–6 (ESV)*
  • Laying Down the Rails*
  • Laying Down the Rails for Children*
  • Laying Down the Rails for Yourself*
  • My Book of Centuries (Includes one. Add one per student in grades 7–12.)*
  • Speaking Spanish with Miss Mason and François, Volume 1*

*These items are used for multiple Enrichment years. If you already have some of them from a previous year, you can remove them on the cart page.

Not in This Bundle

You’ll need to gather these additional items to complete the list of resources needed for Enrichment Studies, Volume 2:

Art Projects

Literature Books

These wonderful, classic books should be available at your library or favorite book store, and many are also available free in public domain. Select the group that best fits your students’ ages and grade levels.

If you have a wide range of grades, you may want to choose one group to read aloud to everyone, then assign another group for older students to read independently.

Young Group (Recommended for Grades 1–4)

Middle Group (Recommended for Grades 5–8)

Older Group (Recommended for Grades 9–12)


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