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Post about books and other resources to help in your Charlotte Mason method homeschool. Also information about our own SCM books.

Charlotte Mason Ancient Rome Book List

Favorite Living History Books on Ancient Rome

Today we’re wrapping up our favorite history books series. We’ve covered five history time periods so far: Middle Ages and Renaissance, Early Modern, Modern Times, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient Greece. Today we’ll share our top living books for studying Ancient…

Living History Books Ancient Egypt Charlotte Mason Homeschool

Favorite Living History Books on Ancient Egypt

I really enjoy sharing my favorite living books with you. It’s like introducing delightful old friends that I know will help and support you along your homeschool journey. Today I will give you my top ten picks for studying Ancient…

Charlotte Mason Hints for Teachers Homeschool

Hints to Teachers

On my bookshelf I have a copy of a book from the early 1900s that was used in Charlotte Mason’s schools. Many books like this contain an introduction full of helpful comments, but the introduction to this book is so…

Charlotte Mason Homeschool Notebooking

Charlotte Mason Notebooking

Some of you have asked about notebooking and whether that is a Charlotte Mason method. It’s a good question, and the answer all depends on what you’re thinking of when you think “notebooking.” For some people, notebooking is like scrapbooking.…

Charlotte Mason Substitute Living Books

Finding a Substitute Book

In a Charlotte Mason education, it’s the books that shine. They are the teachers, and a lot depends on them. That’s why we are selective when it comes to the books we recommend in our curriculum at Simply Charlotte Mason.…