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Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Subjects: Mathematics

Teaching Math: Subject by Subject, Part 17

(I am so pleased to welcome a guest writer who excels at presenting an insightful summary of math the Charlotte Mason way. Richele Baburina has extensively researched Charlotte Mason’s approach to math and compiled her findings in her excellent book, Mathematics: An Instrument for Living Teaching, and helpful DVD series, Charlotte Mason’s Living Math: A […]

Laying Down the Rails for Yourself

New Book: Laying Down the Rails for Yourself

Thousands of families have benefited from Charlotte Mason’s wonderful counsel on habit-training children. The timeless strategies she outlined continue to change homes around the world. Yet, as I travel and speak on habit-training, parents often approach me with this concern: “I want to cultivate good habits in my children, but how can I do that […]

Charlotte Mason Homeschooling Subjects: Art

Teaching Art: Subject by Subject, Part 6

It seems that many schools either sprinkle a little art into the curriculum here and there as an afterthought or ignore it all together because of time constraints. Neither approach reflects the goal of a generous curriculum. Charlotte Mason approached art in a balanced way, regularly scheduling time for her students to both appreciate others’ […]

Simply Charlotte Mason Answers Your Questions

New Video Series: SCM Answers Your Questions

Today we’re happy to announce a new free video resource: SCM Answers Your Questions. Last week we invited you to send in your questions about homeschooling with the Charlotte Mason Method. We selected ten of those questions to answer, and I was able to sit down and record my thoughts for you via video. Click […]

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