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It’s exciting to see a new community take shape! First you see the plots marked off. Then the utilities and infrastructure are put in place. Little by little you see a few homes built. Roads are paved; sidewalks go in. Trees and street lights spring up. A park is added nearby. Later more homes are constructed and community buildings appear one by one—the post office, a library, the courthouse.

As you watch it all come together, you can see that there was a master plan behind it. Not everything can pop up all at once. It takes time to make sure things are built correctly and well. But rather than wait until the entire community is finished, the organizers make pieces available as they are ready. They have the big picture in mind, and they are working toward the completed project. But they also want people to be able to enjoy the parts that are ready now.

We, here at SCM, are working on a big project. For many years it’s been our desire to make it as simple as possible for people to implement the Charlotte Mason Method in their home schools. We have a picture in our minds of what that can look like, and we are working toward that big picture.

It can’t all pop up at once. It will take time to make sure the resources in the plan are put together correctly and well. But rather than wait until the entire project is finished, we are making pieces available as they are ready.

You may see some empty lots as you look around this project that we are building. They won’t always be empty. You are witnessing the construction of a community that someday will be full and beautiful. We have some amazing things that we’re working on, and we are committed to creating each piece until the picture is complete.

You want specifics? Here is what we are working toward.

With the launch of Keep It Simple, you can see the infrastructure that is now in place. What is left is to produce the remaining resources to fill in the empty lots. The following is a sample list in no particular order. We don’t have release dates for any of them yet. (We’re still recovering from the 19 new titles we released during the first seven months of this year!) So if you ask us when any of these items will be ready, we can only tell you that we’ll announce it when the time comes. 🙂

But that’s not all. We also want to create

Yes, it is a big project, but we love what we’re doing! We just thought you might like a peek behind the scenes.

This is an exciting time! Thanks for growing with us!


  1. Thank you! It does help to see where you might be heading, and I appreciate how you are releasing some of the pieces as they are ready.

  2. This all sounds so exciting! Just got my Chopin and Monet studies in the mail yesterday for next term and it all looks great! I have loved all your resources and am planning on using more in the future.

  3. Maybe some sort of co-op infrastructure or resources and helps in the future to have local SCM groups? That follow along with aspects of te Keep It Simple guides?!!! Please!!!!

  4. This looks great for a newbie like me! Quick question- if I was to order the Keep It Simple program for my Grade 2 child will that have *everything* I need in it for the whole school year?!

    • They will give you all the direction and planning that you need for the whole year, but you will also need to get some living books and other resources to use with them. The Keep It Simple books give you the lists of resources that are needed for the year. They themselves are lesson plan books that outline daily itineraries; they tell you which of those listed resources to use on which days, how much to do, and how to use them in a Charlotte Mason way.

  5. When the other History Studies are updated and the remaining Visits to books added to them, will there be any upgrade provision for those of us who have purchased the older versions? I’m using the Middle Ages book this year and would love it to include the Visits to book. I’m actually adding in one we didn’t do previously.

    • Right, Terri, with the Middle Ages, Early Modern, and Modern Times books you can substitute a Visits To . . . notebook in place of the geography lessons, if desired. Simply complete one visit each week instead of the instructions in the lesson plan book. We will be writing those in as we revise. We don’t yet know whether an upgrade provision will be available when those revised plans are released.

  6. Thank you! I am a big fun of the SCM products, so keep them coming! They are a big help in my homeschool journey!

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