Conversations on Character Plutarch Courses

Guided courses for Plutarch’s Lives. Each course includes one complete Plutarch biography, discussion questions, and lesson videos. See full description

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Product Description

Plutarch’s Lives is a wealth of character studies, written in ancient times by a master biographer who wanted his readers to understand who the Greek and Roman heroes were as people. By focusing on stories that show what a person valued rather than merely on his accomplishments, Plutarch shines a spotlight on the character qualities of the men of ancient times.

Charlotte Mason highly valued Plutarch’s biographies and used them to teach character and citizenship. And now with Conversations on Character courses, it’s simple for you to include Plutarch in your home school as well!

Companion Videos

The companion videos with author Larry Hunt are what make this Plutarch course such a delight. Your students can follow along with a complete reading of each section from the Plutarch biography. And you’ll be sure to enjoy Larry’s deep insights and sense of humor as he offers his thoughts on the discussion questions.

Here’s a sample video from Conversations on Character: Plutarch’s Life of Marcus Brutus.

Scheduling Plutarch

We recommend doing one Plutarch course each school year for students in grades 4–12, covering one lesson per week.


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