Music Study with the Masters (Charlotte Mason Composer Study)

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Music Study with the Masters makes it easy to enjoy and appreciate music together as a family. With Charlotte Mason's simple and effective method, you will get to know the composer well, add variety to your schoolwork, and cultivate your children's tastes for good music in just a few short minutes each week.

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“Let the young people hear good music as often as possible, … let them study occasionally the works of a single great master until they have received some of his teaching, and know his style.” —Charlotte Mason

Each Music Study with the Masters portfolio includes everything you need successfully teach music appreciation with a composer study.

Available Composers

Choose from our growing selection of well-known composers!

Baroque Period (1600–1750)

Classical Period (1750–1830)

Romantic Period (1830–1910)

Modern Period (1910–Present)

About the Music Study with the Masters Series

  • Feel confident—whether you are old friends with the composers or are just being introduced—with step-by-step instructions for doing music study. It takes only a few minutes each week, yet it yields amazingly rich results!
  • Listen to a wide range of the composer’s works and get to know his style with two full-length albums of his music. We have included mostly full-length works and added a few shorter, well-known pieces to round out the collection.
  • Learn the fascinating stories behind the pieces (and a bit about classical music along the way) with the Listen and Learn ideas for eight of the composer’s works.
  • Get to know the composer as a real person through a personal portrait and see where he fits in history with the included timeline.
  • Experience the composer’s history come alive with two living biographies: a succinct and vivid A Day in the Life narrative designed for all ages, and a longer entire-life biography well-told for older students (or anyone who wants to learn more).
  • Fuel additional discovery and heart connections with favorite composers and their music with recommended resources for further study.

Charlotte Mason held that “Music is a necessary part of education.” Your students will enjoy this part of a rich education when they do composer study with Music Study with the Masters!

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12 reviews for Music Study with the Masters (Charlotte Mason Composer Study)

  1. thebetancourt6

    This is a wonderful resource! Would I need to purchase an individual book for each child studying, or will one book do for the family? Thanks!

    • Jordan Smith

      The booklet in each kit is non-consumable, so you’ll just need one kit for your entire family.

  2. Heather Klauber

    Any plans for any more in the future? I love Clementi. He composed my favorite piano music from my high school piano lessons days. And also Franz Schubert is another favorite!! Oh Goodness…I’m getting excited about thinking about the awesome library you could put together for us!!! (daydreaming now…Tchaikovksy, Brahms, Mozart).

    • Jordan Smith

      We don’t have immediate plans for more Music Study with the Masters kits, but we do want to make more available in the future.

  3. Myra

    Could you please tell me how many pages are in each book?

    • Jordan Smith

      Sure! The Bach and Chopin booklets both have 44 pages. The Beethoven booklet is 52 pages.

  4. Heidi

    Are there audio selections that come along with the printed kit, or do I only get the book?

    • Jordan Smith

      Each printed kit includes two full-length CDs of the composer’s work, plus the book with composer biographies and leading thoughts on selected compositions.

  5. S. Barrett

    How long would you expect a kit to last? Is it designed to be used over the course of a semester, or is each kit meant to be a short study? Thanks!

    • Jordan Smith

      Each kit is designed to last for one 12-week term. We recommend studying three composers per year.

  6. Sandra

    I loved the set we did on Bach. Hoping to see more composers in the future.

  7. Ashley

    Does the downloaded kit come with music as well? If so, how do you access it?

    • Jordan Smith

      Yes, the music is included with the download kit in mp3 format. You would receive the PDF of the booklet, plus mp3 files of each audio track from the CDs.

  8. Angie

    If you purchase the ebook, is it compatible with an iPad? I want to be able to transfer it from the desk top.

    • Jordan Smith

      Yes, you can use the Music Study with the Masters download kits on an iPad. You’ll need to download and unzip the music files on a computer, then sync those tracks and the PDF booklet to your iPad through iTunes.

  9. Shannon F

    Our family loves this music study and that is huge considering the kids were not fans of classical music. I would really love to see more composers added to the line up. We play a disc from the composer we are studying anytime we are in the car. The companion story is well written and engaging.

  10. wlisaxj

    Are all the Beethovan audio tracks piano only?

    • Jordan Smith

      The Beethoven audio tracks include several of his Piano Sonatas, but there are also full orchestra tracks. If you look at the free sample of the booklet, you can see the full track listing on the last page.

  11. Jennifer

    I love music, and the selections you have chosen for the audio files are wonderful. I love to keep it playing throughout the morning. We have studied Beethoven, Bach, Chopin and, currently, Mendelssohn. I bought the Digital download this time and I love having the music on my computer instead of on a CD. I thought about putting together a music study of my own since I studied music in college, but the time it would take me to do what you already did would not be a good use of my time. This study is well done. I am really enjoying it! Thank you so much for putting this together. Are you planning to do more composers?

    • Tamara Bell

      Thank you for your kind words! We are planning more Music Studies with the Masters and are currently working on them.

  12. Lin

    Love these music studies. Our family has done almost all of them. Any chance are Vivaldi, Wagner, Verdi, Strauss, Brahms, Grieg, Sousa, Debussy, Gershwin or Bernstein in future plans?

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