The Stuff They Left Behind Portfolios

The Stuff They Left Behind Portfolios

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Awaken your children's minds to the treasures of the world's famous artifacts and architecture! These large, full-color photographs, along with background information and leading discussion questions, will help your students gain a deeper understanding of history. All conveniently collected and stored at your fingertips. See full description

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Product Description

Let your student see history rather than just read about it!

The stuff that the ancient civilizations left behind tells a deep story. Those ancient artifacts and architecture reveal much about what life was like throughout the great eras of history. Now you can bring those ancient storytellers into your home and introduce them to your students in a focused, yet gentle way.

With The Stuff They Left Behind portfolios you can

The Stuff They Left Behind insert

  • Enhance any history curriculum.
  • View each artifact’s details in a focused, uncluttered setting.
  • Gently introduce common art and architecture forms.
  • Encourage personal observation and meaningful discussion.
  • Help your child make connections with the people and events of the past.

Each portfolio collection consists of sixteen large, full-color photographs of important artifacts and architecture. A handy booklet is included to provide Leading Thoughts with interesting background information and discussion questions. Artifact PrintsAnd each collection comes in an attractive portfolio that will keep each era’s treasures organized and handy.

Help your children understand more of the story of history through the fascinating stuff that people of long ago left behind!

4 reviews for The Stuff They Left Behind Portfolios

  1. Natalie

    1- I am very excited about using these photos since I am a more visual learner, and I think I have a couple children who are, also. It helps to make history more real, in addition to artists’ interpretations.
    2- The cards are very sturdy and the copies look like real photos.
    3- I appreciate having the connections made between the artifacts and the scriptures.
    4- I also like the sample questions.

    Two critiques:
    1- I miss not knowing where the items were found (Helmet of Miltiades, etc), where they are located (ie. “Amphitheater”), or what year they were created (all of them). Knowing the dates would especially help me know when to add it into our history at the right “time” (lol). I realize that there might be reasons that I am unaware of that make it impossible or hard to include these details.
    2- For me, it would be nice to have the information about each item on the back of the card, instead of on a separate piece of paper.
    — Neither of these are deal-breakers, though, and I would most certainly buy this again or suggest it to a friend.

  2. Jessica

    These are so nice to have on display! My son loves looking at them and will often, without any prompting from me, go and draw whichever picture we looked at, just for fun! Good to know he’s really paying attention. 😉

    The images are clear and the card stock they are printed on is good and sturdy. The Code of Hammurabi survived my toddler’s foot attack quite well. I try to be as frugal as possible and the printed version is worth every penny. I’m always impressed by SCM products and this is no exception.

    Just one thing I’d change… For the Egypt packet, put each pyramid on its own paper so we can see them in greater detail.

  3. Joscyln

    These look fantastic! Would love to see one for Ancient India, Ancient China, and Ancient Mesoamerica 😄

    • Jordan Smith

      The Stuff They Left Behind Portfolios include pictures of artifacts from many civilizations. That’s why the titles say “from the days of” each civilization—those are the major powers during those time periods, but the portfolios include pictures from other civilizations that were around in each era.

  4. Shelby

    Get these! We have used these for all the history modules, and my kids and I get so excited when one of the pictures from “The Stuff They Left Behind” is in the schedule. It feels like a hidden treasure is about to be unveiled. It has often led to more research, YouTube videos, and lots of discussion. The quality of the paper and printing is incredible- we love to display them in the house. Don’t miss out on these!

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