Enjoy the Poems (Charlotte Mason Poetry Curriculum)

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Make poetry study simple and enjoyable with the Enjoy the Poems series. Choose from a selection of well-beloved poets. See full description

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Product Description

Give your children the gift of poetry with the Enjoy the Poems series! Each book focuses on one poet and gives you 26 complete poems, a portrait of the poet, and a living biography so you and your students can get to know the poet well.

A simple schedule suggests how you can linger with that poet for a whole school year to learn his or her style and enjoy the poems together in just a few minutes once a week. Plus, Enjoy the Poems will help you

  • Encourage imagination with helpful tips for Setting the Imaginary Stage.
  • Nourish a love for poetic expression by allowing the poems to speak for themselves.
  • Enjoy powerful use of language with occasional definitions.
  • Gain confidence with practical and inspiring Poetry Notes from Charlotte Mason and others.
  • Cultivate good character through beautiful words well put.

“The line that strikes us as we read, that recurs, that we murmur over at odd moments—this is the line that influences our living.”—Charlotte Mason

Influence your children’s living with the highest form of literature—Enjoy the poems!

8 reviews for Enjoy the Poems (Charlotte Mason Poetry Curriculum)

  1. Mysterious Lady in Pink

    These little books provide enough well-chosen poems to just jump in and easily integrate poetry into an a busy week. The poet biographies are short (less than 2 full pages) but include many interesting little details that give us a sense of the poet as a real person. In addition to notes at the beginning of the books about how to enjoy poetry study, every page with a poem also includes a note about how to improve your read aloud skills with poetry, a quote from Charlotte about poetry, a note unique to that poet’s style, etc. Also often included in the margin are simple notes to define a difficult word or perhaps give the context for a regional reference within that poem.

    Whether you choose to study one poet per term or for the whole year, this collection is a good way to introduce your student(s) to poets and their poetry.

  2. Samara

    Can you recommend which to start with for a 4 yo and a 6 yo?

    • Sonya Shafer

      I would recommend Robert Louis Stevenson for the young ones.

  3. thebetancourt6

    Hi Sonya, is this study geared towards the younger children, or can it be adapted to work with middle and high school children as well? Thanks!

    • Jordan Smith

      The Enjoy the Poems series is designed for all ages, grades 1–12.

  4. Lucille

    Which poet should I start with, as I would like to do a family study? I have 7, 9, and 11 year old daughters and a 13 year old son.

    • Jordan Smith

      You can start with any poet you like. Younger children may enjoy Emily Dickinson’s or Robert Louis Stevenson’s poems more than Tennyson’s, but all of the books in the Enjoy the Poems series should be fine for all ages.

  5. Sandy

    These little books are wonderful for studying individual poets. May we have more please?!

  6. Amy

    We have used the Robert Louis Stevenson book thus far in our school year. We are using the book to take us through the entire school year. I have four children ages 9, 7, 7, and 4. They all enjoyed this addition to our schooling so much! I have as well! It’s just lovely! Thanks for this resource!!

  7. Melanie Tillman

    We have absolutely loved this simple way to appreciate and enjoy beautiful poetry! Lingering with one poet for so long really immerses you in their style and imagery. (I used to be a high school English Lit teacher – can you tell?) We so far have done Tennyson, Dickinson, Stevenson, and Longfellow. (Has it really been four years since we discovered Simply Charlotte Mason!? We love your curriculum so much!) My children are 13, 10, and 9, so I can assure parents that this approach works for all age ranges.

  8. Amanda

    I absolutely love poetry and enjoy reading it myself and I have a lot of poetry books with many of these poet’s works, but I still keep buying these! They just make it so simple and straightforward to teach your kids.

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