Picture Study Portfolios (Charlotte Mason Art Appreciation)

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Everything you need to do Charlotte Mason art appreciation in one beautiful package: gorgeous art prints, an artist biography, information on the pictures, and more! See full description

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Product Description

Make art appreciation simple and beautiful!

Picture Study Portfolios Homeschool Art Appreciation Curriculum

Everything you need to successfully do picture study is in these award-winning, easy-to-use portfolios. Just one 15-minute lesson once a week is all it takes to spread this feast and cultivate within your children an appreciation for what is just, true, and beautiful.

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Try a free sample lesson!

Enjoy studying a beautiful picture by Henry Ossawa Tanner with this free sample lesson. See how simple it is to bring art appreciation to your homeschool day. Try it now →

Choose from a variety of artists!





“We cannot measure the influence that one or another artist has upon the child’s sense of beauty, upon his power of seeing, as in a picture, the common sights of life; he is enriched more than we know in having really looked at even a single picture.”—Charlotte Mason

What’s inside?

Each Picture Study Portfolio contains
Picture Study Portfolio art prints

  • Full-color works by the selected artist—Eight beautiful pictures by a single artist are included, so you have freedom to choose your six favorites. These convenient art prints come on 8.5″ x 11″ UV coated card stock for fade resistance and durability.
  • A Picture Study handbook specific to the artist—With the Picture Study handbook, you will have everything you need for successful picture study gathered into one place in an easy-to-use format.
    • Picture Study HandbookInspiration—Charlotte Mason’s own words about why and how to do picture study.
    • How To Use—A simple 5-step plan to follow at your own pace.
    • Artist Biography—A short, living biography about the artist, appropriate for all ages.
    • Recommended Reading List—An annotated list of suggested books for optional further study about the artist, with age-level recommendations.
    • Leading Thoughts—Interesting additional information and ideas that will invite more discussion about each picture included in the portfolio.
    • Specifics—Helpful information about the sizes, current locations, and creation dates of the original works of art. Great for informal size comparisons, geography relations, and Book of Centuries entries.
  • A Sturdy Portfolio Envelope—The attractive 10″ x 13″ envelope keeps your art prints and handbook protected, organized by artist, and easy to store!

Add beauty to your home school with Picture Study Portfolios!

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93 reviews for Picture Study Portfolios (Charlotte Mason Art Appreciation)

  1. Ladyofthehouse

    Oh wow!!!

  2. anabetica

    Love this! This is going to be so helpful!! What a blessing!

  3. Lani

    If you buy the electronic download of the picture study portfolios does it come with the pictures to print yourself? And if yes, can you print multiple copies of each print?

    Also, if one purchases the printed kit, can one also purchase either an electronic download of JUST the pictures so as to print additional copies or purchase additional copies of just the pictures in print form?

    I ask because I prefer to do picture study the way Eve Anderson taught it by having a copy for each child and myself. So would need the extra copies.

    Thank you.

    mom to 6

    • Doug Smith

      Yes, the electronic download comes with both the handbook and the eight pictures. As with most of our products, you are welcome to print or make as many copies as you need for your single household.

      We don’t have an option at this time to add just the electronic pictures to the printed kit. That’s an interesting idea, though.

      • Laryssa

        Can we make a copy of the pics in the printed kit for our kids to put in their art/music study notebook or do we need to buy the electronic download in order to make copies? I would like the printed kit myself…I prefer hard copy because I have lost/misplaced flash drives and scratched CD’s…but I would still like to make copies for the kids. Plus, I can display the quality kit print in our class for them to see throughout our study, so it wouldn’t be a big deal if their notebook copy wasn’t the best quality. Was that as clear as mud? lol

        • Doug Smith

          You’re allowed to make copies of any of our materials for those in your immediate household.

      • Lani

        Thank you for answering my question. I think I will be getting the three too. Any hints on the next artists to be done? I am assuming (hoping and praying) there will be more. 🙂

        mom to 6

        • Doug Smith

          Yes, there will be more. We’re not quite ready yet to say which artists will be next or when they’ll be ready.

        • Lora Kesselhon

          I would be interested in paintings that have more natural beauty. I think that it would be easier for my younger children to be interested in something that is beautiful and pleasing to look at, and then hunger for more. The current artists’ paintings are pretty intense.

      • Pamela

        That would be extra helpful as I’d like to purchase the hardcopy, but be able to print off additional prints for my children.

  4. Kristyn

    This is AWESOME. I’m going to get all three!!! 🙂 Thank you, SCM, and thank you, Emily. My son (almost 5) appears to have a knack for art, and so I want to cultivate this gift as much as I can.
    Blessings to you,

  5. RobinP

    I’m thrilled these are finally available! Emily, a good friend of mine and fellow lending library owner, has been done a beautiful job! I can’t wait to use these with my boys.

  6. amanda

    This is wonderful!!! I can’t wait for more to be available!!!
    Simply wonderful!

  7. Audrey Elwood

    Very excited about the picture portfolios!!!
    How quickly will new artists be added?
    Thank you so much for all of your fantastic ideas and resources!
    Audrey Elwood

  8. crazy4boys

    These look amazing! Please tell me you will be adding many other artists.

    • Doug Smith

      Yes, the plan is to add more artist portfolios if these first three are well received.

  9. Michelle Anglin

    WOW WOW! Another GREAT resource from SCM!! Ordering all 3 now. Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you do.

  10. Olivia S

    I usually buy your downloads, but I think I’m going to spring for the printed copies this time! Thank you for making my job easier!

  11. Nedra

    Awesome! I am so excited!

  12. Christine

    This is fantastic! If you publish any year 2 artists I’ll most definitely purchase them!

  13. Joy

    Excellent! I had deleted Giotto from my plans for next year because I wasn’t finding the right books to use. Now I can bring it back. Thank you!

  14. Michelle

    This is exactly what I was looking for when we began picture studies after I was introduced to CM method of homeschooling. Thank-you ~ I look forward to using your product – it looks excellent.

  15. Carrie

    Wow, these look fantastic! I cannot wait to order! We have struggled with picture/artist study in our home. This resource looks like it could be very helpful to myself and my boys! Thank you SCM and Emily for all your hard work!!

  16. Dawn

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! =)

  17. Sunday

    Thank you! This is exactly what I’m looking for. I found something else and was going to make it work but it was much more expensive. THANK YOU! Please make more!

  18. Sandy

    Great Idea!!!! Are you coming out with more artists. There are many more famous one who are not up there to buy. If so when are more coming out? You’ve come up with a wonderful idea. Now we just want more. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  19. Chris

    This is great. I have been on and off with picture study and never really felt confident about it. This is really exciting.

  20. Brianna

    I have a feeling they will be VERY well received! Thanks for seeing yet another need and meeting it so beautifully! Yay!

  21. Lindsey

    These look great. Are there more selections coming?

    • Doug Smith

      Yes, we already have more in the works. They’re in the early stages so we’re not quite ready to announce when they’ll be available, though.

      • Christine

        Any update on if new art studies will be released for the coming 2012-2013 school year?

        • Sonya Shafer

          Hi, Christine. We just released three new ones: Constable, Durer, and Fra Angelico. And Emily is working on more right now. We hope to keep new ones coming regularly. 🙂

  22. Karla Creager

    Wonderful idea! What format is the electronic download? Will we be able to send the prints to a web based print service (walmart, scrapbook pictures, etc) to get a really good quality print?

    Could you please do a set on early american artists!

    • Doug Smith

      The electronic versions are in PDF format. They contain fairly high resolution images so they should print well. I can’t imagine you would save much cost printing them yourself, though.

      Also keep in mind that many of the print centers at places like Walmart and office supply stores are getting very picky about what they will allow to be printed. We’ve had several customers contact us because some of these places would not print our e-books because of copyright concerns. I know I printed some photos recently and they contacted me and made be prove ownership because they looked like commercial photos that might have been copyrighted.

      • Karla Creager

        My reason for my wanting to send it to be printed is that I also use Child Sized Masterpieces for art appreciation. Their program uses post card sized prints for the activities. I would like to have 2 copies of the prints in the smaller size to use with my other sets.

  23. Carrie

    I’m praying that these will be received well so more can be made available! Thank you – our house is ordering all three!

  24. Kelly

    This is *JUST* what I’ve been looking for! I hope you come out with even more artists in the future. I’ll be placing an order as soon as pay day comes!

  25. Michelle Lingle

    Once again…thank you for making things easier for the rest of us!

    Great idea…there was a woman who used to do prints for people through Ambleside Online.

    Thank you for providing resources that are just a click away!!


  26. Heather Brandt

    what age of children would benefit from these?

    • Jordan Smith

      We recommend doing picture study during all grades. The Picture Study Portfolios are designed to be used by grades 1-12.

  27. sharon taylor

    Thank you. I was doing research to try to get some good ideas for the Picture Study and was struggling a bit. You have just made my first full year of CM homschooling easier. Thank you and send more. We are certainly grateful!!

  28. Jennifer G.

    Awesome, I’m about to place an order! Just what I’ve been looking for and the price is right! THANKS!

  29. Theresa

    Oh my gosh! I am sooo excited that you came out with these!!!!! I went to the NCHE confer. last week & bought the Giotto one. I went specifically with list in hand & one of the things I wanted to look for was bigger prints for the picture study we will do in the Fall. I was so excited when I went to buy my “Laying down the Rails” & these were there!! I can hardly wait to start using this & to work on our “Habit Training” this summer in prep for the Fall!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
    One suggestion though would be to also include the pronunciation in parentheses next to the name, at some point in with the portfolios so when we are teaching, for those of us newbies to picture/Art studies can teach the names correctly. This would be a huge help!

  30. jon Eakes

    I’m so proud of you Emily, love grandpa Eakes!

    • Aria Randolph

      This is the sweetest comment on here!

  31. Simple home

    Perfect! Thank you!

  32. Karen W.

    I’m so excited about an affordable way to teach my son, 13 years old, about artists. Thank you for coming up with this idea. I anxiously ordered my first packet and can’t wait to get it in the mail! I’m looking forward to ordering more at a later date. Thanks again!

  33. Adrienne freas

    I too use Eve Andersons method and would like a large hard copy and them to print 4 smaller ones for the kids to hold. Could I buy the hard copy and the electronic copy?

    Also, I think if you download the e-book to your computer you should be able to put the prints on a thumb drive. The thumb drive can be taken to a store for prints. They dont generally question pics on thumb drives.

    • Doug Smith

      You are certainly welcome to buy both versions. We don’t have a bundle discount at this time, though.

      I’ve had mixed experiences printing just pictures through office stores and Walmart. In one case I had to supply proof of the right to print some photos because they “looked professional.”

      • Adrienne Freas

        I just ordered all 3. Thanks. This is truly a blessing for those of us who passionately use to CM.

  34. Amy Cook

    So I see that the ones you have are recommended for use in grades 3 and 5. Would these be ok for 2nd grader?

    • Jordan Smith

      Yes, these would be fine for a 2nd grader. The Picture Study Portfolios, and Picture Study in general, can be done with all grades.

  35. Michelle Anglin

    Bought all three, received them, and LOVE THEM!!! If your not sure wether to buy this or not, DO IT!! Buy the printed copies, they are wonderful. SCM has done it once again, made a beautiful product at a affordable price. Wonderful.

  36. Carrie

    I just received the three picture study portfolios and I love the quality! This will be so much better than trying to study the paintings on the computer screen. Please, please make for more artists!!

  37. Karen

    I just recieved the two picture study portfolios that I ordered – and am excited about using them next year!

    This is a fabulous resource- I haven’t been doing picture study because it takes SO long to locate a good children’s biography of the artist and then I’d have to borrow a book of art work from the library – and have to somehow “censor” the pages for my 6, 5, 3, and nearly 2 year olds.

    My only request would be to have the title of the piece printed on the back or even on the front, at the bottom with the artists’ name.

    • Sonya Shafer

      Hi, Karen. I’m so glad you like the portfolios! We discussed whether to print the title of the piece on the art print but decided against it, since the teacher doesn’t tell the name of the work until after the children have studied it and described it. If the name were printed on the front, they would see it as they were studying the picture; and if it were printed on the back, they would see it when you turned it over to have them describe it. So we included the small pictures in the handbook to give you that information without “spilling the beans” too early for the students.

  38. Beth

    I knew I wanted to get these, but I had the opportunity to meet Emily and see her wonderful portfolios in person last week at the Charlotte Mason conference at Gardner-Webb. I am SO impressed. I have not been good about picture study, simply because I forget to put things together, and these are better than anything I would have come up with on my own. I’m thrilled that we will be able to start picture study and that it will be so easy. These are beautiful, high-quality resources.

  39. Laura

    I just received these and WOW! I am so impressed with the quality of the prints and all the information in the handbook.

    I’ve wanted to do picture study with my children for years and have always put it off because of the difficulty of finding affordable prints in a good size AND because of my lack of knowledge on the subject. The portfolios have solved my dilemma!

    Thank you, Sonya, Emily, and everyone at SCM, for making a quality product at an affordable price that allows moms like me to add some beauty into our homeschool.

  40. Alicia

    Thanks SO much for this – we are just starting Charlotte Mason and your site has been super helpful. I am planning on purchasing these print kits. They are perfect! Thanks again.


  41. Ashley

    We received our 3 packets in the mail this week and I am so impressed! I can’t wait for more. We will certainly purchase any more that become available.

  42. Kristen

    This is so awesome! I can’t wait for these to arrive in the mail!

  43. Lana

    Does anyone know if this pdf book will “read” on a Nook Color? I’m hoping to use more pdf books and e-books in our homeschooling this next year.

    • Doug Smith

      It should work but we have not specifically tested it. I recommend downloading the free sample and giving it a try.

  44. Judy2boots

    This is a wonderful idea, although I don’t care for the three artists currently featured. Hopefully, Monet or VanGogh will be featured soon. I would certainly order then.


  45. Shannon

    I agree with Judy2boots and would love to see Monet’ van Gogh and Georgia O’ Keeffee too. If you are looking for suggestions 🙂 I have seen the prints of the current artists and they are great but wouldn’t be my first choice to share with my kids.. thank you for starting the process of making these available though..this will help in the future for sure and they are great quality paper printed and the book looks neat too. Also not sure if it is in the book or not but does it tell where the original is located and the size of the painting ? this was fun for the kids to see the actual size last year and put it in perspective compaired to their print in hand.

    • Sonya Shafer

      Yes, the book gives the year painted, the medium used, the original size, and where it is located. If you download the sample, you’ll be able to see pages from the book.

  46. Lucinda

    We have done 5 weeks (5 pictures) of Rembrandt and we love it! It has enriched our lives so much! We were lucky enough to see Rembrandt originals at the Portland Art Museum but now I have a personal relationship with each painting! Me and my kids are loving picture study. We will buy all artist portfolios that you sell!

  47. Naptime Seamstress

    I wanted to add another comment, now that we’ve used our Giotto pack for two weeks:

    We are REALLY enjoying the story – it was a little long for my girls’ attention spans, so I broke it into two or three segments. I read each segment a few days apart – and they remembered what was going on in Giotto’s life! I was so surprised.

    I even caught the girls studying the picture as it hangs on the school room wall – low enough for them to touch and in a cheap frame, so if they knock it off and it breaks I’m not upset. (in fact, I wish they would – I really don’t like the frame!)

    Anyway – this is a great product. And as far as I’m concerned the price is spectacular – saves me so much time and the cost of a babysitter by putting it all in one place.

  48. Amee

    We are doing the Giotto study and we love it! The story was interesting and memorable to my kids, the pictures are high quality, and the information in the book is very helpful for our discussions. Picture study is one of those things I always had good intentions about, but rarely got around to; now we are doing it every week. To me this kit is such a bargain, especially since it saves me the trouble of trying to find everything myself. I hope you publish more–I will buy all of them. 🙂

  49. Kim

    I just received my Velasquez and Rembrandt kits. Wow!! Just what I was looking for. Everything is set out for me, and the quality of the prints is superb. Thank you!

  50. Cara

    Just wondering what artist I would purchase if I am teaching in module 1 this year? I read that I should try to study an artist around the same time period we are doing in history- is this correct? thank you so much for your feedback! Cara

    • Sonya Shafer

      You can use any artist you like, Cara. Sometimes it’s helpful to study the artists of the time period, but it’s not possible for all of them. Plus, some time periods’ artists are so similar in style that it’s easy to get them confused if you study them all during the same year. Feel free to just choose three different artists to cover each year, trying to give a variety of styles so the students can readily distinguish between them. If you enter each one in your Book of Centuries or on a time line, your students will make the mental connections with the time periods and contemporaries as you work your way through history.

  51. Amara

    I purchased the Giotto study, and I can’t tell you how delightful it has been. We are four weeks into our homeschool year, and this is one of the most anticipated parts of our morning opening “arts rotation.” I can’t believe how much the children can recall from the images, and the very interesting things they notice! I was so pleased to see that you are offering more artists! Christmas wish list, for sure!

  52. ANDREA

    WHOOOOOAA!!! SUPER COOL!! Thank you a million for putting these together!!

  53. Tricia

    I purchased Giotto, Michaelangelo, and Rembrandt – our 3 for the year. We have started with Giotto and the kids have really been enjoying it. I love having it all printed out already, the biography ready to go, the talking point suggestions in one place, and a nice portfolio to store all the prints in.

    If you could just match the artist release to the ambleside schedule, life would be complete! 🙂

  54. Melanie

    We received Michelangelo and Van Eyck and have jumped right in! The pictures are gorgous and I am very pleased. We are living in Europe and have seen many of these paintings in person and I do think the prints express their beauty.

    May I put in a request for Monet and other Impressionist painters? I’m planning spring break and see a trip to Giverny in our future…

  55. Dawn

    I see that they are color coded for the time periods but I don’t see one for the ancient time period. Do you have any? If not, do you have an suggestions for what to study for that time period. We are doing Ancient Egypt in history/Bible/geography so I was just curious. Would like to keep it all together if I can.

    • Sonya Shafer

      I don’t know of one specific artist that we can focus on for the Ancient Egypt time period. We are planning to do a portfolio that highlights the art from the ancient world, but it’s not ready yet.

      I like to simply do a variety of artists from different time periods and with different styles so it’s easier to keep them separate in my mind. Yes, it’s nice to coordinate the picture study with your history time period, but it’s also nice to spread the feast of a wide variety of artists to keep things fresh. If you are careful to enter each one in your Book of Centuries as you study him, the children won’t get confused. And perhaps best of all, once your history study catches up to an artist you already entered in your BoC, it will be like meeting an old friend. The child will get to form his own mental connection (“Oh, so-and-so lived during this time!”) and it will be a much stronger connection than if we lay it all out for him.

      So feel free to just choose some good artists at random and enjoy.

  56. Leslie G.

    I noticed that Michelangelo’s David statue is photographed waist up on the portfolio envelope. Will the actual print be similarly cropped?

    Thanks so much.

    • Sonya Shafer

      Yes, the pictures on the portfolio envelope are simply smaller images of the ones inside.

      • Leslie G.

        So would it be accurate to presume that nudity is being avoided in the selection (or editing) of artwork for this portfolio series?

        • Sonya Shafer

          Yes, that would be an accurate statement. There is still a little in the background figures in a couple of the selections, but we have tried to downplay it there; and we have also tried to offer at least six “no worry” selections for each artist.

          • Leslie G.

            I appreciate your clarity on this point. For the record, I prefer artwork to be complete. I believe we each need to select the images that we find appropriate for our own children, but I would not edit a work of art. I value the beauty and historical significance more than I worry about non-suggestive nudity, but I respect your stance and thank you for your prompt replies.

  57. Rebecca

    I am wondering this: if you buy the download- can you print the art prints larger than 8 1/2 by 11? We currently display art in our home and the prints need to be 10 by 12 for our study.


    • Doug Smith

      The prints in the download are formatted for 8.5″ x 11″ paper. You may be able to enlarge them when printing but the quality may not be as nice as you might like at larger sizes. There is one print at the end of the free sample download that you could use to test it.

  58. Fiona

    I am so excited about doing these artist studies with my children! More please!

  59. Leanna

    I am just trying to figure out what i would need for a year…. Would I need three sets? I’m just not sure….

    • Sonya Shafer

      Charlotte usually focused on one artist per term, which would equal three artists for the year, yes. So three sets would be a good way to approach your picture study during the year.

  60. Anne

    Hi Doug/Sonia
    Anne here from Australia. Just wondering whether it is worth buying this product, or purchasing the download version, considering the distance it would have to travel. Also could you suggest an extension activity that we may add as my child is just starting high school, she’s 13.

    • Sonya Shafer

      Hi, Anne –
      Unless you really want pre-printed art, you would probably do best with the download. One of the reasons we offer that option is so people can save on shipping, especially International shipping. You can either print the art files yourself, or simply bring the images up on your computer screen when you do picture study.

      The book that comes with each kit gives a couple of ideas for older students. You could ask her to do a drawing of the piece from memory. The For Further Reading section gives additional book titles that you could use to learn more about each artist.

  61. Jen

    Are your prints printed on an off-set press?

    • Sonya Shafer

      Hi, Jen. The prints are printed on a commercial-grade copier at a professional printing house.

  62. Adrienne Freas

    We just complete Giotto. AMAZING. LOVED it. We looked up his Fresco’s online after we studied all the pictures in the packet and they are just remarkable. I could not believe how beautifully they are painted on the walls in the Chapels. This study helped us to appreciate the beauty of his original works on the walls in the google images we found. Here is a link to see some of the insides of the churches: http://hoocher.com/Giotto/Giotto.htm

  63. Anna

    Oh, I’m so excited that you’ve done a Constable portfolio! He is one of my favorite artists! Off to order! 🙂

  64. Reese homeschool

    Love picture study! Thanks for the resources! It’s been a blessing 🙂

  65. melissa

    New portfolios! Yay, very exciting! We’ve completed Giotto and are now studying Michaelangelo. We’ve been enjoying our picture study so much this year, thanks to this wondeful product. Thanks for all your hard work!

  66. Amy

    This is a great resource. I’m looking forward to seeing what’s next. Perhaps some women artists like Mary Cassatt? Her work is beautiful!

  67. Kara

    So glad to see more portfolios are available! Keep them coming!

  68. KellyM

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this resource! Excellently done. Thanks for making this so easy for us!

  69. Jennifer

    I would like to start using one of your picture studies with my 5.5 year old in the Fall when she will be 6 years old. I myself don’t have any background knowledge on art. Do you have one you would recommend I start with based on her age and based on my lack of art knowledge? Thanks!

    • Jordan Smith

      We recommend starting with an artist that you like.

      You can click on each of the portfolios on this page and see a larger image of the cover, with all the pictures included. Pick the one whose art you most enjoy!

  70. Amy M

    Our picture study over the last two years have been hit or miss. I like the Michelangelo one with my three children. Or maybe I should choose another because I have not heard of them and could learn some thing myself!

  71. Beth

    This looks wonderful! In another year or so, we’ll be headed for another medieval year…how wonderful the medieval resources would be.

  72. Wendy

    So excited to see this! Trying to decide which artist to start with…leaning towards Michelangelo.

  73. Christy

    These look great! The Michelangelo Looks really interesting. I’m glad I found these!

  74. Rebecca

    I have been frustrated trying to find enough large, color prints by the same artist at the library. These look like just the thing, but now I have to decide where to begin! Perhaps Turner?

  75. Jennifer

    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! These are wonderful. I truly cannot praise them enough. Finally, clean artwork that is safe for my children. I am soo relieved that I don’t have to whip out my black sharpie and edit anymore. What a relief and answer to prayer. Thank you for all the hard work and such a wonderful resource!!!

    Jen in Oregon

  76. Cheryl

    You have listed “ancient history”, but I don’t see any available. Do you have any artists for that time period?

    • Jordan Smith

      Not yet. It’s harder to find enough art from just one ancient artist to make one portfolio, so we’re hoping to make a combination ancients portfolio. This topic on the SCM Forum gives some suggestions for studying the ancient artists now.

  77. Ruby

    I know you have a lot of work to do on these, but it would be wonderful if some artists specifically listed for the Modern Times History Module could be done. I’d love to see a bundle with all 6 artists per module. Thanks for helping us with these resouces!

    • Katie Talbott

      I two would like to see more that coincide with your modules for Picture Studies. I was going to do Module 6 this year but noticed you don’t have any of the recommended ones available.

  78. Kris

    Hi! I totally love this site! My two guys each chose and artist they want to study and I’m putting in my order.

    I’d also like to put in a request for Kandinsky please. We saw some of his pieces at LACMA this weekend and they’re some of the few that I think my little guys could actually try to replicate since it’s lots of shapes, which is about all they can draw right now.

    Also, I’m buying Michaelangelo and I’ve seen comments about David. I would also like full images in the pictures, nudity included.

    Thank you!

    • Sonya Shafer

      Thanks for the suggestions, Kris. Remember that your guys don’t need to be able to replicate something in order to appreciate it. You can still nourish their minds on the good, beautiful, noble ideas in art by looking closely at the pictures. Enjoy!

  79. K Thomas

    Would love to have you offer the artists that Ambleside schedules. I love the Velazquez we used last year from your site and would love to study these next 3 with your packets.

  80. Kathy

    Thank-you for adding the extra set of prints for your picture study kits.I’ll be adding some with my next order.This will make doing picture study much easier.

  81. Raechel

    I just received Giotto in the mail and I am so thankful for this kit already! I am expecting twins here in a month and this will really make it much easier for me to keep up with the art appreciation study that we have been falling behind on. With four children all 3 and under I just don’t have the time to research every book and go to the library to pick out books with the artists work in it. Thank you, Thank you for making my life easier! I simply love all of the materials I have ever bought from you.

  82. Evalyn

    We love these! When we lived in the States, we were able to use the library to check out stacks of art books to pore over and usually some kid-friendly biographies as well. Moving overseas, I was not excited about having to rely on the internet for our pictures. It’s just not the same. SCM to the rescue! It was great to have the works “in hand.” And, having used 2 portfolios now (with a 6yo and 4yo), I would recommend them even if you do have a good library available. The kids loved being able to hang up the pictures during our study, so we could truly “feast” on them. My 6yo asked for some to be hung over her bed even after we were done. The bio and leading thoughts are great. The kids even liked to play “teacher” sometimes and use the leading thoughts on me. This is a great resource and I’m so happy to see more artists available. We will be ordering several portfolios for the next school year.

  83. Amanda

    These are amazing! Thank you so much for producing these kits. I searched and searched for something like this. I purchased the da Vinci printed kit. Great price and quality, will be buying more.

  84. Sharon

    I’ve been homeschooling for 25 plus years and I am so thrilled with these. Such a wonderful resource!! And I am excited beyond measure that you have added Vermeer, my fave. My only suggestion would be to include some women artists. There may not be many but our children should be aware of them. Thanks so much.

  85. Danielle

    I love these art prints! I used the electronic copies last year but splurged for the prints this year. My only suggestion is to have an option of a smaller print available for extra copies for the kids. I know you offer the large size, but I wonder if it would be easier to manage (for kids) if they had smaller sized prints available (5×7 or 4×6) as a keepsake? Just a suggestion… Thanks for your hard work. It’s a blessing.

    • Jordan Smith

      So glad you’ve enjoyed our Picture Study Portfolios! We’ve decided to only offer the prints in the 8.5″ x 11″ size because smaller prints lose the finer details of the picture. However, if you want to make your own smaller versions of the prints, we do give permission for you to print copies from either the digital or physical kits for your immediate household’s use.

  86. Arline

    Excellent and worth the purchase! We use the printed versions and have been so impressed.

  87. Sarah

    Wonderful!! Please make as many of these as possible – we love them so much. Also, it would be great if female artists were added too! Thank you!!

  88. Katherine

    My kids and I have used the Monet, Giotto, da Vinci, and Van Gogh collections from this series and we have absolutely loved them. Both the hard copies and digital files are high quality and not at all pixilated–thank you for providing us with an opportunity to truly enjoy these works in all their detail.

    Please consider adding several American artists in the future. I would love for my family to meet Normal Rockwell, Grandma Moses, Thomas Cole, and Winslow Homer.

  89. Danielle

    I looked at these for a long time, and this year finally gave them a try. We haven’t done any kind of art before, and we all loved it. My kids are 8-14 and have learned so much!
    We would love to see some American artists, too!

  90. Allison

    I am so grateful to Emily and Simply Charlotte Mason for giving us such a quality product. I don’t have to worry about sourcing and printing and missing out on great artists. They are a great value and beautiful quality!

  91. vanlun

    Excellent study and so easy to use. The prints are beautiful and well made.

  92. Jenny W

    My 4th and 6th grader are LOVING these picture studies! The biographies are so well written and read aloud quite easily! We have done Michaelangelo, da Vinci and Rembrandt this year, and they want MORE! Personally, I was hesitant to buy these thinking they may not really enjoy them, but I was wrong! We ALL love them and can’t get enough! I typically sell my used homeschool curriculum, but the music and art portfolios from you guys are STAYING in my library!

  93. L

    These are amazing! Is there any chance that there will be some modern artists included like Grandma Moses, Picasso, O’Keefe, Rockwell, Wyeth, or Lichtenstein?

    • Tamara Bell

      Thank you! Our Picture Study Portfolios are continually growing. We plan to create many more. Thanks for the ideas!

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