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Visits to Geography Series

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Explore each region of the world through captivating photography, a traveler's firsthand accounts, and step-by-step work with maps, plus lots of ideas for additional living books and activities. You are sure to enjoy these visits to each part of your world! (Grades 1–12)

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Make geography come alive through the delightful combination of maps and living books!

With the Visits to . . . geography series, you will explore each region of the world through captivating photography, a traveler’s firsthand accounts, and step-by-step work with maps.

Each Visits to . . . notebook serves as your guide to

  • see the big picture as you explore continent by continent.
  • become familiar with the countries of the world and where they are located.
  • get to know real families who live in those countries and see what their lives are like.
  • look closely and carefully at the details of those families’ countries.
  • create a personal map book.

With short map drills, guided readings from two fascinating living geography books—Material World and Hungry Planet: What the World Eats,—leading narration and discussion questions, meaningful map studies, plus lots of ideas for additional living books and activities, you are sure to enjoy these visits to each part of your world!

Coming Titles in the Visits to Geography Series

Visits to South & Central America, Australia
Visits to Asia

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Printed Book, E-book (pdf)


Sonya Shafer


Africa, Middle East, Europe, North America

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Check out these ideas that correspond to Visits to… geography series. Use them to supplement your geography study.

7 reviews for Visits to Geography Series


    (verified owner):

    This looks like a completely wonderful resource!! I just need to know if I will need one notebook per child or if I would just buy one and make copies for all my kids (grades 2,3,5,6,7 in the fall). Thanks!



      Each child will need his or her own notebook, but we allow you to make copies for your immediate family.

    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I usually buy the printed version of any homeschool material to resell after we are done. I am now printing the ebook of Visits to Africa. I knew it would save me tons of time to purchase the ebook and be able to print the copies I need for our family (rather than page by page with a printed book). Thanks so much for making this convenience an option! I am looking forward to using it.



    So great! what a lovely resource–am excited to see the other ones as well. When will they be coming out?–I am planning on ordering the resources for Module 5 but will wait to save on shipping if the N. America one will be coming soon. Thanks!



      We’re planning to have the other three Visits to geography notebooks available next year.


    (verified owner):

    I’m just wondering how you see these fitting in with the History & Geography Family Study Handbook series. Do you suggest that we use both together?



      Yes, the revised editions of the first three books of lesson plans (Genesis through Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt, Joshua through Malachi & Ancient Greece, and Matthew through Acts & Ancient Rome) each use one of the Visits to… geography notebooks for the geography study. If you have the previous editions, you can swap out the geography study for a Visits to… notebook if you like.

    5 out of 5


    Just got a copy of “Visits to Europe” today. Well worth the wait! Just browsing the pages I realize you have once again made things so simple! Thank you for a job well done.


    (verified owner):

    I am trying to figure out if I should print the Visits to Geography double-sided or single-sided? I read about “fold back the book” and “open the book back up” and “flip the page”, and I am not sure if this is referring to single-sided or double-sided papers. Thank you for the help!



      The directions are referring to double-sided pages, and the e-book is laid out so that if you print double-sided, everything will come out like the printed book. However, the idea behind the directions to fold back the book is to make sure the student is labeling the blank map without looking at the pre-labeled one. So you can also print single-sided if you remember to put the labeled page out of sight while the student is filling in the blank map.

    4 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I love these books for geography!!! The way you add a country or two each day really works for memorizing the countries and locations. We have always liked the Material World and Hungry Planet books and having a way to use them for geography curriculum was great.

    The only thing I haven’t liked is the Visits to Europe has all the oceans on every page solid black. Really sucks up the ink and makes it so the child has to print really tiny for the UK and several other countries because you can’t see their writing in the ocean areas. The North America and Middle East ones weren’t like this.



      Thanks for the great review, Dawn. I’ll get in touch with you privately to figure out what’s going on with the black oceans. Those should be printed in white like in the other volumes.

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