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A complete reading curriculum kit that faithfully reproduces Charlotte Mason’s method of teaching reading. Uses sight words and word-building, rich reading selections, word and letter tiles, creative sentences, a word notebook, and more. Now reading lessons can be delightful! (Early Years–Grade 2) See full description →

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Product Description

Teach your child to read the delightful way!

Delightful Reading kit boxNow you can use Charlotte Mason’s delightful methods to teach your child the 100 Most Commonly Used Words, plus hundreds more! Charlotte Mason taught reading with a gentle mix of phonics, sight words, beautiful reading selections, hands-on activities, and creative fun with words. (These short articles will give you the details.) Her natural and multi-sensory approach has been faithfully reproduced in Delightful Reading.

Watch a video explaining more about the Delightful Reading kit and using it to teach your child to read.

Each Delightful Reading Kit contains

Delightful Reading child’s word notebook

  • The Delightful Reading book of lesson plans—These easy-to-use plans and ideas cover preschool through elementary levels, teach the 100 Most Commonly Used Words (plus hundreds more), and include helpful teaching tips and reminders.
  • A Delightful Reader book of rich reading selections—Your child will enjoy learning to read with these twaddle-free selections: Rain by Robert Louis Stevenson, The Dogs and the Fox by Aesop, Proverbs 23:4 and 5 (NIV), Letter to My Friends from a Delighted Author.
  • 476 word and letter tiles made from 130-lb. coated card stock for durability—The tiles come printed on full sheets so you can tell at a glance that you have all the tiles you need. Simply cut them apart and you’re ready to go!
    • Word tiles for all four reading selections—Use the word tiles to teach interesting and meaningful sight words and to encourage your child to compose his own sentences.
    • Uppercase and lowercase letter tiles—Use the letter tiles to reinforce word-building and phonics skills while gently introducing spelling.

      Watch a video comparing basic and intensive phonicsWatch a video comparing basic and intensive phonics.

    • Blend tiles—Expand your child’s vocabulary by adding blend tiles (like ch, sh, th, sp, etc.) to the letter tiles activities.
    • Blank tiles—Use the blank tiles as place-holders for any unknown words in sentences and build anticipation for learning more.
  • Delightful Reading word and letter tilesBags and labels to organize word, letter, and blend tiles—Keep your manipulatives sorted and at your finger tips for each lesson.
  • Child’s word notebook—Record the words your child can read, and celebrate his progress! (5.5″ x 8.5″, 120 blank pages and a cover ready for decorating) Additional word notebooks are available if you are teaching more than one child.
  • CD with word list and extra word tiles—Print words for the notebook or replacement tiles for the lessons from your home computer with this handy CD.

Whether you are starting at the beginning with a preschooler or looking for something to help your new reader move from reading words to reading books, Delightful Reading will take you by the hand and gently lead you each step of the way. With Delightful Reading, you will make reading lessons a delight!

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Delightful Reading student and teacher books

Delightful Reading lesson plans book and Delightful Reader student book. (Click for a larger view.)

Beginning Reading and Writing Series

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Teacher book: 164, Student reader: 52

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You could also use these wooden letters along with or instead of the letter tiles that come with the kit to encourage your child in word-building.