Delightful Reading My Word Book
Delightful Reading My Word Book



Delightful Reading My Word Book

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This sweet journal, My Word Book, is ideal for recording the words your child has learned how to read and reviewing them in various ways. One My Word Book is included in our From Words to Books kit, but you’ll want each child to have his own keepsake of words as he adds them to his mental treasure chest. See full description

Product Description

Learning to read is an important step in any child’s life. Create a keepsake of that step with My Word Book. As your child learns each new word, you can record it in this sweet journal. Soon he will have a personal collection of his special words to read and review often. He can even decorate the cover to make his My Word Book a treasure for years to come.

One copy of My Word Book is already included in the From Words to Books kit. Order extras for additional children or for any child who would like a special journal of the words he is learning to read.

Additional Information

Weight0.4 lbs
Dimensions8.5 × 5.5 × 0.56 in






Grade 1, K

Lesson Plan

Delightful Reading Level 3: From Words to Books


1 review for Delightful Reading My Word Book

  1. Mbarck

    These are nice to have for additional children that are going to use Delightful Reading. I suppose we could have used any old notebook, but the plastic spiral binding, sizing, and amount of pages worked so well. Both our sons used these and had pages left over when we finished. We wrote really small the first time just in case, but found out after the first go round that there was no need to cram at all. The children also enjoyed designing their own cover. Will buy again when our youngest begins reading:)

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