Delightful Reading, Level 2: Words I Can Build
Delightful Reading, Level 2: Words I Can Build


Delightful Reading, Level 2: Words I Can Build

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Guide your child into the delightful world of building and reading words with more than 90 multi-sensory games and activities that teach basic phonics. (Early Years) See full description

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Product Description

More than 90 multi-sensory games and activities to teach basic phonics and guide your child into reading!

The Words I Can Build kit helps you guide your child into the delightful world of building and reading words! Once your child knows the letters and the sounds they make, Words I Can Build takes the next step and gently teaches him beginning phonics through enjoyable hands-on activities.

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More than 90 multi-sensory games and activities to teach basic phonics, featuring

  • Simple instructions so you can spend more time interacting with your child.
  • A focus on basic phonics to encourage confidence and reduce confusion.
  • Informal and easy-to-do activities using common household items.
  • Helpful tips so you know when to pause and when to move on at your child’s pace.

See it. Sound it. Hear it. Say it. Play with it. Build it. Read it!

Kit Contents

The Words I Can Build kit contains

  • Games and Activities book with step-by-step instructions
  • Words I Can Build book to record and review words your child can read
  • ABC letter tiles for hands-on word-building
  • Colored dot stickers
  • 6 decks of ready-to-use fun cards featured in the multi-sensory games and activities

Welcome your child to the delightful world of building and reading words!

Additional Learner Pack

Most of the items in the Words I Can Build kit are reusable. The Additional Learner Pack provides only the items that you will need to use the kit with more than one child. Order one pack per additional child.

Each Additional Learner Pack contains

  • Words I Can Build Book
  • Cut-Apart Sheet
  • Colored Dot Stickers
  • 2 jumbo craft sticks

Teach your child to read the delightful way with all three Delightful Reading kits!

Additional Information

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions9 × 12.5 × 2.3 in


Kit, Spiral, Stapled


PreK, K


8 reviews for Delightful Reading, Level 2: Words I Can Build

  1. Elizabeth Cook

    We’ve been using Delightful Reading: Level 2 going on six weeks now and we love it! Before starting Delightful Reading, my son would get extremely frustrated with reading lessons; none of the other resources I had tried were working. Now, with Delightful Reading, he enjoys lessons, is excelling, and even requests reading lessons first thing! The lessons are short, creative, and fun. The Games and Activities book is perfect for a busy Mom to implement with minimal preparation. I like that with just the purchase of the consumables, I’ll be able to use this program with the next kid. I would recommend this program for anyone looking for a gentle, yet effective approach to reading.

  2. Janelle

    We just finished Delightful Reading, Level 2, and my daughter is disappointed. She loved the games and was even telling other kids about all of the fun games she does in reading. I loved that it was a gentle approach that could be done in very short increments, but it was so complete. My daughter went from knowing letter sounds to reading whole books about 2/3 of the way through without having to read lots of word lists. I’m getting ready to order the additional learner packs for my other kids. I definitely recommend this curriculum!

  3. Margaret Goncalves

    Just finishing up Level 2 with my son now. We loved this curriculum. It was fun and creative without being too much work for mom. Definitely ordering Level 3 next!

  4. csnover

    We are loving delightful reading! Is there a way you could tell me the name of the artists on the pictures you chose for the word cards?

    • Sonya Shafer


      • Boy with Anchor by Winslow Homer
      • A Hare in the Forest by Hans Hoffmann
      • Farmyard in Winter by George Henry Durrie
      • The Iceberg by Frederic Edwin Church
      • Autumn in America by Jasper Francis Cropsey
      • The Red Umbrella by Peder Mork Monsted

      You can find all of them, and many more, in the A Is for Art book.

  5. Melanie Tillman

    My youngest son is just about finished with level 2, and we have loved it! This is the third child I am teaching to read, and I honestly wish I had found this for my other two. I have tried FOUR other phonics programs, and this one stands out. My absolute favorite thing about it is that your child doesn’t have to know how to write. Every other program I have used required writing, which is crazy because so many kids can read long before they have the fine motor skills for writing. This gentle approach was so much better, and I loved that the notes in the teacher book kept encouraging me to go at my child’s own pace. Early on, we spent a week on one lesson, then two days per lesson, and now he catches on in just one day! After it’s all said and done, we have spent all of kindergarten and the first half of first grade in level 2, yet I feel confident that he has retained what he has learned. I can’t thank Simply Charlotte Mason enough for this program!

  6. Callie Bakker

    Y’all, this was a game changer. I was using a different reading curriculum that was very gentle and one of my 5 year old boys was ending up in tears after every lesson. After three weeks of this, I stopped. He wants to learn to read but is struggling.

    I ordered this curriculum and after ONE DAY, has a happy camper who was asking to do a “lesson”. We finished “at” and started “en” today. He picked it up SO quick and was so proud of himself. In a weeks time we went from hating a lesson and crying to asking for it and laughing were so happy at the end. I highly recommend this! Can’t wait to start Level 1 with my younger one and at this point I’m tempted to buy everything SCM for my kiddos!

  7. Peggy Starling

    I LOVE this high quality reading program! I have successfully taught 2 children to read using this fun, easy going, open-and-go curriculum when they were 4-5 years old. I plan to use it with my 4 other children when they are ready and around the same age.
    Here’s my YouTube video where you can watch us doing a lesson together. I hope it helps!:

    Thank you , Simply Charlotte Mason, for such a fun, beautiful, and effective program.

  8. Kgold

    My kiddo is 5 this year and know his letters and sounds so we picked out a good phonic curriculum and about 2 weeks into it I could tell it was not a good fit. I pushed us both through the first section to be sure we gave it a good try but by the end my so. Was telling me he wasn’t ready to read. So feeling defeated we toned back, but the letters and sound stuff was too boring for him. So I started looking and found this.
    From the first lesson to now (we’re on the 31st) he has loved it and reading is his most favorite thing about homeschool. He has started sounding out words other places as well which has been really fun ti see! It’s all learning through games which I love and no tedious worksheets! We both love it and they are 5-10 min long. So doable, thank you for this program!

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