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The Early Years Bundle

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Get both The Early Years: A Charlotte Mason Preschool Handbook and the Enjoying the Early Years workshop videos for a special bundle price! See full description

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Product Description

Nurture your preschooler with Charlotte Mason’s gentle ways!

Get both The Early Years: A Charlotte Mason Preschool Handbook and the Enjoying the Early Years workshop video for a special bundle price!

  • Use the video workshops to overview the two duties of parents and gain lots of practical tips and ideas.
  • Watch the demonstration and feel prepared to gently help your child each step of the way to reading as he is ready.
  • Share the videos with your spouse to give him or her a clear picture of how to make the preschool years a quiet growing time.
  • Soak in Charlotte’s own words about how to enjoy the Early Years with the complete user-friendly reference book—including the full description of how to teach your child to read, Charlotte’s thoughts on Kindergarten, ideas for beginning handwriting, and more.

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Give your preschool child time to explore, time to discover, time to grow during the Early Years!

3 reviews for The Early Years Bundle

  1. Mary Watts

    This bundle was beautifully dense with priceless information in regard to preschoolers! I absolutely loved it…or should I say love it. I am currently referencing it now for my 3 and one year old. Once I began reading the handbook (yes, I read the entire book). I couldn’t stop soaking in the information so I grabbed it whenever I could. I waited to watch the DVD until the majority of the book was read. Just wanted to allow the DVD to add in points that may not have been detailed in the book. All of the information relating to outdoor play, play, senses, etc. just blew me away. I realized how much of Charlotte’s philosophy on education was filling the empty places of MY soul…the “quiet growing time” I didn’t get as a child and still need as an adult. Looking forward to homeschooling in this manner for both my girls and myself:)

  2. Angela

    I am so happy I made the choice to purchase this set. As always when I am looking at this site or reading a newsletter I felt calm and at peace. The atmosphere of the workshop feels like I am getting advice from a friend over coffee. I have three children at home (grades K, 1st, and a toddler) and I honestly wished I had known about this method when I began to teach my oldest child reading. I had problem with my oldest who can read very well, but she has gaps because of the language arts program we are transitioning from was a phonics intensive program. She took to reading like a fish in water, but when she came to new word that did match the rules of phonics she had previously learned, she would go blank. And for a seven year old it can be frustrating. I also learned what to do with my toddler who is anxious to do “school” (as she says) like her big sisters but is really too young to formally train. Thank you Sonya for presenting this insightful information!

  3. mossyarmywife27

    I originally purchased this for my 3,2 and 1 year olds but who knew I could apply it to my older son as well. My 7 year old has struggled with reading and its been a big disappointment for him. I sense he has some dyslexia and recently we found out he needed glasses. How wonderful the segment on reading was. I can just listen to Sonya speak over and over again. Her knowledge is incredible shes funny and just brings everything to life in a wonderful perspective. I could never find time to read all the Charlotte Mason books, I’m so thankful for the time and work Sonya has done. Ok back to the point, my son can not grasp the concept of blending its just not there. We have tried so many different approaches, he puts beginning sounds at the end and ending sounds at the beginning, he tried to memorize the words but then if the order changes he doesn’t know what it says. Well using the concepts Sonya taught in this series I am very happy to report after 4 weeks of going over the same set of words he read his first sentence to day! Oh how he was beaming. He is also now starting to grasp some blending. For example: the word mouse was in his sentence. So I showed him how we can take mouse and turn it into house. It was a beautiful light bulb moment he realized that o-u-s-e all matched and only the front letter changed. He is actually enjoying “reading time” as before he dreaded it. My husband and I also really enjoyed the segment on TV. And because of the concept Sonya introduces on how to teach letters my 3 and 2 year old they are learning their letters effortlessly. Oh how we love you Sonya! If you ever come to MN to speak I’ll be there! Thank you so much.

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