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    Sonya Shafer

    All of you who were asking about the next Visits to . . . geography notebook, we wanted to let you know that Visits to North America is here now! 


    YAY!!! Just started studying North America today! What great timing :-).


    We’re using visits to Africa and it’s fantastic! One of my favorite purchases ever.




    That must mean the preschool thru high school seminar must be close to being released too – I sure hope!

    Doug Smith

    That must mean the preschool thru high school seminar must be close to being released too

    Sorry, the video project isn’t related to the book release. It takes a pretty good amount of time to prepare and edit two full days of video. I think our video team has been making remarkable progress considering they’re distracted by their upcoming wedding. Wink


    Well one can be hopeful – dang! I can’t even understand why planning a wedding would be so distracting and take precedence over the DVD, geez! 😉 lol

    In seriousness, I’m sure it’s a LOT of working and I appreciate that these resource are available to purchase for those who can’t travel to conferences and see Sonya speak in person. I will *try* to be patient – promise!


    Will this go along with a certain Bible/History spine? 



    SCM Team: Will the Module 6 handbook be updated to the reflect the Visits to North America geography book?


    Mandi, If I am not mistaken, it is to go along with Modern Times, Epistles & Revelation which is Module 6. Someone correct me if I am wrong.

    Early Modern and Epistles is Module 5  and it covers South America, Australia, and Central America with the use of Sailing Around the World by Joshua Slocum. Those three regions plus Asia are still to come from SCM in the Visits to…..series. Smile

    Sonya Shafer

    We will need to do a little shuffling of the geography when we revise Modules 4, 5, and 6. The older edition of Matthew through Acts & Ancient Rome (Module 3) focused on the Mediterranean Sea coastal countries, then the Middle Ages study featured Europe and Asia. That was originally done so students could trace the growth of the Roman Empire as they studied Ancient Rome. However, many of those countries were also covered in the Europe study, and combining Europe and Asia was a lot to cover in one year.

    So my thoughts on how the Visits to . . . books could correspond with the 6 history years goes something like this:

    • Genesis through Deuteronomy & Ancient Egypt with Visits to Africa (since Egypt is in Africa)
    • Joshua through Malachi & Ancient Greece with Visits to the Middle East (since Israel and her neighbors are a big focus)
    • Matthew through Acts & Ancient Rome with Visits to Europe (because of the spread of the Roman Empire and the journeys of Paul)
    • Middle Ages, Renaissance, Reformation with Visits to South & Central America and Australia (since a lot of world exploration was happening in those areas at that time)
    • Early Modern with Visits to North America (since the birth and growth of the USA is covered)
    • Modern Times with Visits to Asia (since this time period includes more events in those regions with the World Wars, the Vietnam war, the spread of communism to China, etc.)

    So that’s probably how the new editions of Modules 4-6 will pair up with the Visits to . . . geography notebooks. However, feel free to go through them in whichever order you desire. That’s one reason we made them separate books, so you could have the flexibility of using them as it fits best for you.

    We don’t plan on revising Modules 4-6 in the very near future because we have some other little tweaks we want to make and those require some further research and preparation. But this is the direction we’ll probably be heading.


    On a similar topic:   Can the Visits to series be used as a stand alone geography program for those of us doing our own history?  (thinking I might try it on the “off-season” of my history program)  Doing North America might be the perfect thing for us later this year when we’ll be driving from Canada to Florida for a holiday.  (yes, that’s DH, me and four kids in the van for the 25 hour drive…)  Anyway, is it solely geography?  Historical context given here and there as well? 

    Thanks for any further details!  Angie



    Aaahhhh! Sounds wonderful Mrs. Sonya. Thank you for the correction.  Our family loves everything SCM. Thank you for the hard work. Cool

    Sonya Shafer

    Angie, yes, you should be able to use Visits to . . . notebooks with any curriculum. They are stand alone resources. You might download the sample of the North America notebook to see the details.

    Sounds like a fun trip! You might also like to take a look at the free trip journals and see if that’s something your kids would enjoy enroute.


    Thanks Sonya!  Yes, we plan to make it a fun trip and hope to enjoy lots of learning as we journey down south.  (I keep thinking of how many SCM forum people I’ll probably be passing by as we travel!) 

    Sonya, thank you also for the link to the trip journal; can’t wait to dig into that, as well. 

    Lindy Waskosky

    Sonya, this looks awesome!!! My son is 6 and I am wondering if it is really something he would enjoy and get a lot of out. We also have a 4 year old who would be five when I am planning on using this and he likes to “do school” with his brother. In the spirit of not over scheduling, I am wondering if it is a good resource for a younger crew? Or is it something that would be better to wait with?  Thanks!

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