Delightful Reading: A Charlotte Mason Reading Curriculum

Delightful Reading kit

Several months ago we received a note from a homeschool mom who was teaching her son how to read using Charlotte Mason’s method. (If you’re just joining this discussion, you can read our articles about Charlotte’s method of teaching reading.)

This mom had pulled together some wonderfully rich reading selections and seemed to have a solid grasp of how Charlotte taught reading. We so enjoyed reading through her lesson plans, nodding our heads at her helpful ideas, and smiling at her inventive extra sentences!

And now we are excited to make them all available to you as a ready-to-use kit. Announcing the Delightful Reading Kit by Lanaya Gore! The alphabet fun ideas, the beginning word-building combinations, the sight-word lesson plans and word-building lesson plans, the extra sentences, the child’s own word notebook, the rich reading selections, the word and letter tiles—they’re all there! We’ve even included bags and labels to help you keep your letter tiles and word tiles organized.

Best of all, you can rest assured that your child will be learning the 100 Most Commonly Used words (plus hundreds more) as he works his way through a Robert Louis Stevenson poem, an Aesop fable, a Scripture passage, and a sweet Letter to My Friends. All in all, he will learn more than 900 words through these wonderful selections and their short, interesting lessons.

Maybe you are just getting started with a little one who wants to learn how to read. Or perhaps you’ve done some reading lessons with your child, but you’ve both hit a wall and need a little boost to get going again. The Delightful Reading Kit works wonderfully for beginners who are new to reading, for hesitant readers who need a little more practice and confidence with a book, or for any child in between.

Make reading lessons a delight with Delightful Reading!


  1. Thank you so much for this wonderful series! As always, the Charlotte Mason methods shine through as such a balanced approach. It can be very overwhelming for a homeschooling parent to sift through all the information available today, trying to decipher which tactic is the best for their family. When I read of Charlotte’s methods, I am calmed and confident that my children will learn best through application of her principles. Each part in the Reading Series, is so simple and manageable. I especially found the word building information to be helpful, in particular the use of the white board and Word Notebook. Showing that the focus is on what your child knows, as opposed to frustrating him with what he doesn’t. Those will be suggestions we immediately apply in our home. Thank you for helping us to teach our children in ways where the whole family benefits.

  2. This new product looks amazing. I’m headed over to look at the sample pages. We love slowly integrating more Charlotte Mason into our lives. Her ideas about narration has changed much of how I think about learning and education. Thank you for providing such valuable resources.

  3. The reading passages are actually interesting. No “Dick and Jane”, that’s for sure!

  4. My boys have really enjoyed learning science, history, art and Bible with a Charlotte Mason style of education. Now that my oldest is six years old, I am looking forward to using this new book to teach him the basics of reading!

  5. Oh, what delight to see this on the website this morning!
    Sending lots of homeschool hugs to all involved! thanks for the chance to win a copy! Lisa

  6. The Charlotte Mason way of educating is so restful – it’s how I was educated but my mum never knew what was called! This book looks really helpful!

  7. I would love to win this resource. I read all 4 articles and have already been implementing the ideas with our 11YO son ELL (home just 6 months with no English and reading but not confident). And our daughter, who is 5, and is SO INTERESTED in letters and wanting to make words is now spelling C-A-T and trying out other letters with it after playing with her with our wooden blocks. I am in no hurry for her to read but she is so interested in what her older brother is doing … I know this resource would be a valuable asset to our bookshelf! Thanks for the chance to win it for free.

  8. In the past I have had fairly good success with Hooked on Phonics and BOB books, but I am always on the lookout for more CM style methods. This sounds like a wonderful resource. I would very much like to win a copy!

  9. I just received this the other day, and my girls (5 and 6) both love it! My 6 year old can read pretty well already, but I thought there wouldn’t be any harm in going over it again, just to reinforce anything I may have forgotten. She was so funny though, during the lessons, she says “you can’t trick me Mommy!” I think it is giving her a lot more confidence in her reading! And my just turned 5 year old, who is EXTREMELY hard to get to focus on ANYTHING, loved the shortness of the lessons and was SO happy to be reading what she could after the lessons!
    And the stress has been lifted from my shoulders, 15 minutes of lessons at a time, knowing what EXACTLY I SHOULD be doing, etc….
    I am not even sure the girls REALIZE they are schooling! 🙂

  10. I started the Deligtful Reading program with my 5 yr old daughter 4 days ago. She has thoroughly enjoyed it and was so proud to read two sentences from her reader for her Dad today. I am so glad I bought this program. I had done alot of pre-reading stuff, but I was concerned about having “gaps” as we progressed. This simple but effective program is going to give me the gentle structure I need and relieve me of my worries 🙂

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