Charlotte Mason Practical Geometry Part 1
Charlotte Mason Practical Geometry, Part 1


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Charlotte Mason Practical Geometry, Part 1

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Enjoyable lessons in practical geometry that introduce important skills and concepts through hands-on exploration.

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Learn foundational geometry concepts through enjoyable hands-on lessons!

The study of practical geometry is a hands-on study of geometry concepts that lays a foundation for a future formal study of geometry in high school. Starting in 5th grade, practical geometry lessons come alongside math lessons for variety and to introduce new mathematical concepts.

These fun, interesting lessons take approximately 30 minutes each. Charlotte Mason Practical Geometry, Part 1 is designed to be completed in one 36-week school year with lessons done once a week.

Like the The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series, the book is a beautiful, non-consumable hardcover. One book can be used and re-used with all your children!

Geometry Concepts

In Charlotte Mason Practical Geometry, Part 1, your student will learn to use several geometrical tools:

  • Ruler
  • Drawing Compass
  • Protractor
  • Set Squares

Your student will explore these concepts through hands-on lessons that build foundational understanding of key geometry concepts and logical thinking skills:

  • Solid shapes: edges, faces, and vertices
  • Lines and line segments
  • Points
  • Curves
  • Intersections of lines
  • Enclosing spaces
  • Measurements: US standard and metric
  • Acceptable error in measurements
  • Estimating measurements
  • Use of drawing compass
  • Recording measurements in fraction and decimal form
  • Parts of a circle: circumference, radius, center, diameter, chord, arc
  • Overlapping and concentric circles
  • Bisecting line segments
  • Stepping off distances
  • Parts of angles: ray, vertex, arm
  • Types of angles: acute, obtuse, right, straight, reflex
  • Measuring angles
  • Drawing and naming angles
  • Adjacent and supplementary angles
  • Vertical angles
  • Copying angles
  • Bisecting angles
  • Parallel and perpendicular lines
  • Using set squares
  • Transversals
  • Interior, exterior, corresponding, alternate, consecutive, and congruent angles
  • Triangles: equilateral, isosceles, scalene
  • Triangles: acute, obtuse, right

Video Demonstrations

In addition to the exercises and solution guide available in this book, your purchase includes access to our Practical Geometry Video Library, which offers visual walk-throughs of many components of the course. You can watch these videos independently before you teach your student, or you can watch them together as part of your lesson.


Three exams are included, one at the end of each 12-week term. The exams give your student a chance to demonstrate what he has learned so you can both celebrate progress and assess his understanding.

Practical Geometry Kit

Add the Practical Geometry kit for a set of tools and useful objects that make it simple to open and go with these enjoyable lessons. The kit contains items needed for both Charlotte Mason Practical Geometry, Part 1 and Part 2 (coming soon).

5th Grade Math

Add The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series, Book 5 for a complete 5th grade math curriculum, taught with enjoyable Charlotte Mason methods that are designed to help your student retain the material and grow as a person.

Sample Weekly Schedule

Add Practical Geometry to your schedule in place of your regular math lesson once a week. We recommend scheduling it like this:

ArithmeticArithmeticArithmeticArithmeticPractical Geometry

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1 review for Charlotte Mason Practical Geometry, Part 1

  1. Allison Clough

    I am working my way through Practical Geometry with my 6th grader. This is the first math book she is excited about! She says “this is fun math!” I love the history that is scattered throughout the lessons and the videos that show how to properly carry out the exercises. I appreciate the answer key in the back of the book for ease.
    This is a very well done math book!

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