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Those of you who have been on our e-mail list for a while know that we don’t normally release products so closely together. We try very hard to keep our posts mostly full of great Charlotte Mason homeschool tips.

But this week we’re making an exception for two reasons.

One, Doug is preparing an extra special free surprise for all of you and it’s not quite ready yet. Two, you will be able to take advantage of the special pricing on both new products for a few days this week.

So, without further ado, we would like to introduce Discipleship Is.

Discipleship Is

“I want to disciple my children. What curriculum do you recommend?”

I must admit that I often cringe when I hear that question. You see, one of the dangers of homeschooling is that we can easily begin to think we need a curriculum for everything. We fall into the trap of assuming that if we read a certain book with our children and do the life activities and discussion questions listed in it, we are discipling our children in the ways of the Lord.

While godly resources certainly have their place, we must be careful that we are not depending on those resources alone to disciple our children. God’s plan for discipleship includes much more.

In fact, God’s plan for discipleship, given in Deuteronomy 6, dovetails remarkably with Charlotte Mason’s three-pronged approach to education. Both education and discipleship involve the atmosphere we parents create in our homes, the discipline of good habits, and the ability to learn from life.

In the Discipleship Is workshop, we talk about all three aspects of discipleship with lots of practical illustrations. I share some of my favorite resources for building the habit of spiritual disciplines in my children and in myself. Plus, we spend a few minutes walking through the Scripture Memory System and seeing how it looks in action.

Here are just a couple of the comments from those who attended the live workshop.

“It was wonderful!—informative, thorough, humorous, encouraging, and real. Thank you for sharing what the Lord has shown you!”

“As an auditory learner, I struggle to draw information from blogs and websites—but I come to your seminars and I can clearly see God’s path for our family. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, humor, and experience!”

If you have been worried about finding the perfect discipleship curriculum, step back and take a fresh look at what Biblical discipleship really is.

You can listen to the Discipleship Is sample, get the CD, or download the audio file on our site.

Next week we’ll get back to our usual tips and then we’ll have a free e-book coming. Be sure you’re on the mailing list so you don’t miss hearing about it.

Delightful Reading, Second Giveaway

We are happy to announce that Shannon will be receiving a free Delightful Reading Kit. Enjoy!

Thanks to all of you who left comments and encouraged us over the past couple of weeks. It was great to hear your stories and share your enthusiasm over this new Charlotte Mason reading curriculum!

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  1. Oh my goodness I am SO excited to win the Delightful Reading program! Thank you so much for offering this. SCM has been such a help and blessing to me in our homeschool. Thank you for your website 🙂

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