Bible Study

Charlotte Mason thought that the Bible lesson should be the most important lesson of the day. We think so too.

But as my children grew older, I found it harder to apply Charlotte’s wonderful principles of direct contact with Scripture and forming your own relation with it through forms of narration.

You see, in the younger years, it was easy to simply read aloud the great accounts of the Old Testament and the Life of Christ and have the children narrate the episodes. But once we got into the older years, I wanted my children to learn how to study the entire Bible for themselves, to think about cause and effect, to learn how to analyze and synthesize and categorize in an effort to understand. But almost all the Bible studies I found used fill-in-the-blank, true-and-false, multiple choice, direct questions—all the things Charlotte told us to avoid if we wanted to encourage real learning.

So I set out to write our own Bible studies in a Charlotte Mason way. We currently have six Bible studies available. These studies get the student into direct contact with Scripture, give him the tools he needs to observe carefully, and encourage him to form his own relations with what he has read.

We are often asked about the differences between our Bible study books so here is a quick summary along with links to more details and a free sample download of each one. Be sure to read through to the end and we’ll tell you how you could win a free copy of one of our Bible study books.

SCM Bible Studies

GOAL Bible Study Journal

GOAL Bible Study Journal—Read through the New Testament epistles one chapter at a time and focus on being a doer of the Word. As you read each chapter, you and your children look for and record promises, commands, sins, and principles. Then throughout the week, you review your findings and remind yourselves to Grasp this promise, Obey this command, Avoid this sin, and Live this principle. Designed for the whole family.

Life in the Word--Learn to Study the Bible Accurately and Effectively

Life in the Word—A how-to sampler of several types of foundational Bible study methods. As your student walks through the steps outlined, he learns how to perform important Bible study skills, such as word studies, Bible book studies, character studies, inductive studies, and more. He can then take those same steps and apply them to any other passage that he wants to study. Recommended for grades 7–12.

Foundations in Romans Bible Study

Foundations in Romans—Walks your student through doing an inductive study of this foundational book of the Bible. Your student works his way through Romans, reading and narrating each paragraph, looking for key words and finding their meanings in their original language using Strong’s Concordance, outlining the chapters, and more. Designed to get students into direct contact with the Word and encourage them to draw their own conclusions. Recommended for grades 7–12.

Wisdom for Life: A Proverbs Bible Study

Wisdom for Life—Gets your student into the book of Proverbs every day. Eight life-related topics are given, such as speech, money, and friends. Each month the student selects one of the topics, then reads a chapter of Proverbs each day and records any verses that speak about that topic. At the end of the month, he summarizes his findings in a written narration. Then he selects a different topic for the next month and reads through Proverbs again. Recommended for grades 7–12.

Jashub's Journal: An Old Testament Law Story and Bible Study

Jashub’s Journal—Makes God’s law come alive! In this combination living story and Bible study, your student will join Jashub, newly settled in the Promised Land, as he seeks to counsel his fellow Israelite townspeople to follow God’s good law. The situations of the townspeople will unfold in the story. At crucial points, the story will stop and the student will be directed to the Old Testament passage where he can read what God’s law says about the situation. He will then return to the story to read what Jashub counseled his fellow townspeople to do. Recommended for grades 7–12.

Discovering Doctrine

Discovering Doctrine—A personal journal in which your student can record and organize doctrinal truths as he reads them in Scripture. Designed to go with any Bible reading plan, this long-term project helps your student develop the habit of watching for truths about the ten main doctrines any time he is reading the Bible—whether for schoolwork, personal devotions, sermons, or other settings. After he has read the entire Bible and recorded the doctrinal truths he has found, he can narrate each doctrine’s findings, thus writing his own personal doctrinal statement. Recommended for grades 7–12.

All of our Bible study books encourage you to explore the Bible for yourself. We don’t tell you what to think, but simply help you learn what the Bible has to say. You can use any translation you prefer to complete the studies.

It is our hope that these Bible studies will help you keep the Bible lesson the most important lesson of the day.


  1. I would love a copy of life in the word!! We are using the middle ages handbook and I have a 7 th grader who could get so from this resource!! We love SCM and look forward to using your handbooks through the years!! Thank you!!

  2. I would love to have the GOAL Bible Study Journal for my family. It would be beautiful to go through the New Testament as a family, recording the promises, commands, principles, and sins; to focus on being doers of God’s Word.

  3. Wow…every one of these look great. I would probably choose the GOAL Bible Study Journal to begin with because of its clear cut outline of Biblical Obedience. Though, I do have to say that Jashub’s Journal looks like a fun way to get Biblical obedience into actual situations. Obedience is ALWAYS something we are working on in our family 🙂

  4. I love it that you are promoting Bible study as part of our Charlotte Mason education. They all look so good but I have been wanting the Proverbs one for quite a while now so I think I’ll choose that. It would fit in really well with the Character quality studies we are doing. Keep up the good work!

  5. I have been looking for a long time to find a bible study that would suit our family’s needs. I would love to have the GOAL Bible study!
    Thanks for this wonderful opportunity!

  6. I am really excited about the GOAL Bible study journal! I have been looking for a guide that would allow us to read the Word and learn how to apply it to our lives. I like the idea that we would be reading the Bible, not the words of someone else, and drawing our own conclusions, not the conclusions of someone else. It will allow us to make the connections personally. Thank you for providing such a guide!
    Faith 🙂

  7. I would personally love to have “Life in the Word”. I like the idea of learning different Bible study methods. I know God’s Word has all of the answers, I just don’t know how to find them. My children are all younger, so they would benefit the most from “GOAL Bible Study Journal”. It would be a great way to get them started in the habit of Bible study (so they won’t face my dilemma when they are older).

  8. Aaaahh! Torn between the GOAL Bible study and Jashub’s Journals!! I’m going to say Jashub’s Journal. I absolutely love the idea and built-in aspect of intertextualization here. So many times I find myself lost in a study or a time frame because lack either the bigger picture or the cross reference!! Thank you so much for your time and work on these!! They are all great!

    Soli Deo Gloria!!

  9. I would like to win the GOAL bible study journal because it would really help me systematically apply what we’re reading!

  10. I would LOVE, LOVE, LOVE to win your Wisdom For Life Bible Study! I have 5 children ages 14 and under, and one more on the way! My older children read through Proverbs regularly, and I know that this would be put to wonderful use in our home! Thanks for the opportunity! <3

  11. I would really appreciate getting a copy of Life in the Word or Wisdom for life. I have been wanting help in teaching bible lessons to my children. It would be a real blessing to recieve a copy of one of these books.

  12. I think I would enjoy the GOAL Bible Study Journal. It looks like the one that would fit our family best right now. Thanks for all the advice and direction. I have really benefitted from the information on your site.

  13. This all look great! Since our children are still young, I would love for us to do the GOAL Bible Study Journal as a family.

  14. I think all of the studies sound great, but if I had to choose one, I would say that Life in the Word would be a great place to start. Learning different ways to study the Bible is invaluable. Understanding that there are so many different ways to look at the same portions on scripture helps one realize that reading the Word is a life long process and you can never run out of ways to study it.

  15. This is a product that we are definitely interested in although our children are a bit younger than the recommended ages at the moment but have already started to outgrow just reading and listening to bible stories. They are already asking quite deep questions. Can we ask you to write one too for 7 – 11year olds please!

  16. I would like to enter SCM Bible Study giveaway! Thank you so much! The study we would like is: Foundations in Romans. The book of Romans is so important to understand because its message about salvation and our faith in Christ. “The Romans Road” is key to believeing what we read in our Bible. I would like this study guide to help us both learn more about the book of Romans that Paul wrote to the church. If we understand how to live like Christ, I feel our faith stays just as strong as Paul’s and guides us justly to witness to others.

  17. Wonderful! It certainly would be hard to choose 1 from all of these, but my long-term desire has been to impress the Proverbs on the hearts of my children. Such wisdom for real life is just priceless. SO- my choice would be Wisdom for Life.

    Thanks for describing all of these. I am looking forward to doing several with my children!

  18. Would LOVE to win the Proverbs Study book.
    It looks wonderful for my 8th grade son.
    Thanks for all you do!

  19. I would love to have a copy of Wisdom for Life. My son, who is 3, is already learning many of the Proverbs as we read one chapter each night at dinner. I know he is many years away from using this book himself, I would love to learn to do it myself and be able to learn more to be able to teach more!

  20. They all look great. I would enjoy seeing the format of Foundations in Romans inductive study. Again they all look wonderful. Thank you for adding these!

  21. I would love to have Jashub’s Journal – we are going through the OT/Ancient Egypt right now. We have also had some personal experience lately with people misusing God’s law to prove a point – I would enjoy something for myself personally to grown in that knowledge.

  22. I would like a copy of the GOAL Bible study. I have a 12yo and a 10 yo that I like to keep together as much as possible. And this also seems to be just a great idea before launching into one of your other studies.

  23. Thank-you for this article. I have a teen and need something more than workbooks from another site (even though the maps are helpful). Since we will be doing Proverbs this year, the Wisdom for Life sounds like it would be more practical especially for a senior.

  24. These books sound wonderful. I know how hard it is to find Bible study materials that aren’t just fact regurgitation (fill-in-the blank, etc.), but truly teach you how to study and think about the depth of God’s Word.

  25. We have Wisdom for Life and Discovering Doctrine. I love them! I plan to do them, too!!

  26. What a choice to make! I think the jashub’s journal would be the best fit for My boys…sounds kind of treasure hunt-ish. *blessings*

  27. All of these studies sound wonderful! Just what we’ve been looking for! It is difficult to choose, but, I think the Life in the Word study would be a great place to start. Thank you so much for this opportunity!

  28. Discovering doctrine is just what my older son needs. We live in a muslim country and he is not surrounded by a lot of Christian friends. His Dad & I want him to be grounded in his faith and studying this book would be a big boost to his faith journey.

  29. I would LOVE to have the WISDOM FOR LIFE one and have been looking at it for a while now. It’s a wonderful way for the older kids to study proverbs. By the way I have recommended this beautiful website to my friends, and they just love your gentle way of writing about the important things! Thanks very much.

  30. Since my children are young, I think the GOAL Bible study would be perfect to start out with. They are all great studies! Thanks for this information!

  31. We would like to have to Bible Study Journal. I think our four children and I would benifit from it this year as they are all in the Awana’s progrtam at church and I believe this would help to apply the truths they are learning to their everyday lives…not to mention my own!! Thank You for being such a blessing in our home 🙂

  32. These will be great for my children when they reach that age-range (my oldest is 10). However, I would really like to have the G.O.A.L. book now to start writing those things down with my children as we read through the bible together. What an awesome way for the whole family to be able to really digest the bible together. Thank you for all your hard work!!!

  33. We would enjoy the GOAL study. I have three primary age children, 2 of whom are new Christians and this study would be awesome for them. I think it would be a good foundation to understanding the NT and I know as the mom, I would enjoy it too.
    Lori Gwilt

  34. Jashub’s Journal sounds so interesting to me.I think it would be an interest for my son’s as well, as it seems to invite some imagination and creativity.

  35. I think the GOAL Bible study Journal would be wonderful for our girls. I would like to know from what theological perspective these are taught. Are these coming from a dispensational or covenant/reformed view? (For example, most Baptists and non-denominational or Bible church goers are dispensational and most Lutherans and Presbyterians are reformed/covenant Christians.)


    • @Susan, Regarding coming from a dispensational or reformed view, we point you to the Bible and give some instructions on how to study and organize your findings. But we let the Bible speak for itself. If you take a look at the free sample downloads they should give you a pretty good feel for how we approach it.

  36. My 2 teen boys used Foundations in Romans bible study last year. What an ease it was for me, to have this available to guide them through independent study. Previously as a family of 4 children, we had worked our way through Greenleaf’s Guide to Old Testament, but then I seriously needed direction and a plan for a disciplined studying of the New Testament. SCM’s Foundations in Romans study worked excellent for us, correlating right along as the boys studied Ancient History that year. On my wish list is Discovering Doctrine. 🙂 Thanks so much for all you do.

  37. This is great! Thanks Sonya. It is hard to narrow it down to just one choice. But I think I would prefer to have the Wisdom for Life study. It would be a great addition for my 2 daughters in 12th and 9th grades and not to mention myself too.

  38. We’re looking for something exactly like the GOAL Bible Study Journal — something that helps us read and *apply* the Word to our lives. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. 🙂

  39. I would like the GOAL book, being a new
    Christian, I get over whelmed on what I
    need to teach my children when I know
    nothing about the Bible. It would be fun to
    learn as a family.

  40. We would benefit from the GOAL Bible Study Journal for the whole family. I love that it is in chronological order & focuses on attitudes and actions. Nicely done!

  41. Wow it’s a toss up between the Life in the Word study and the Wisdom for Life! I think if I won I would take the Life in Word. My oldest is 14 and should learn these different types of Bible study methods.

    Mrs. H

  42. I would love to have the GOAL bible study. I just spoke with my children about reading Romans and also about the letters as a great place to get a very practical and doable foundation. The GOAL study would be great for the whole family to do together. What a blessing.

  43. I would love to get the family version! We are relocating and had been doing the family ones that our church prints to continue with the week’s lessons but now need something else to do together. the GOAL study sounds perfect!

  44. Thank you, SCM, for this opportunity.

    I just downloaded the sample of your GOAL Bible Study last week and found myself (pleasantly) stretched to utterly seek the Lord. Sign me up for the GOAL study.

  45. I am going to be trying the Charlotte Mason style of teaching with my son this year. I was just wondering yesterday what I would be doing with him for Bible that would fit into this style. Then I received your email this morning about the different Bible study books you offer. Because he is only going to be in 5th grade, I think the GOAL Bible Study would suit him best. I would love to be able to try this out.

  46. I would love to have either the GOAL Bible study journal or the Life in the Word. The GOAL would be great because we are reading the New Testament this year as we study the early years of the church, and we could work through it as a family. Three of my four children are in 8th-12th grade, so Life in the Word could help them to study the Bible on their own. If I won, I would choose the GOAL Bible Study Journal, and then buy Life in the Word! Thank you for the blessing you are to Charlotte Mason homeschooling families! May God continue to bless you to minister in this way!

  47. This is a tough decision ~ they all look so good! I think that right now my family would be most blessed with the GOAL Bible Study. This is a study we could all do together and would reinforce all of those discipline issues that we continually talk about. Honestly, all of your Bible Studies look fantastic!

  48. I’d love to have the GOAL book. It helps you to retain what you’ve read by writing down exactly what God wants you to do or not do. It forces the child to think for themselves rather than them being spoon-fed someone else’s already-formed opinion.

    I’d like a copy for myself as well, not just my kids!

  49. I think the Proverbs – Wisdom for Life would be the most beneficial at this stage in our family. We have teenagers all the way down to toddlers (5 in all). We’ve always enjoyed the Proverbs and have learned much from Proverbs for Parenting – this would be another great tool for gaining wisdom. Hope to win the study :o) Bless your day!

  50. Our family would be greatly intrigued by Jashub’s Journal. The Old Testament law is interesting, but hard to grasp sometimes. I think this book would greatly enhance our understanding of the importance of Moses’ writings. Thank you for your efforts!

  51. I am going to buy Life in the Word right now because I have needed something like this so badly. I would love to also have Discovering Doctrine. Thank you so much, Sonya, for your heart to make these wonderful products available to us. You’ve opened up so much wisdom to me!

  52. My family needs to study the proverbs. I especially need more time delving into the word and studying it the Charlotte Mason way so I can be a better example for my children and better helpmeet for my husband.
    Thank you for blessing us with such wonderful material to help us do things the charlotte mason way.

  53. Our family would LOVE GOAL!!! What an exciting way to live God’s word.
    I find that so important. How we forget to do that when we read the word
    and we are hurrying through the word. We appreciate you doing this. your efforts in coming up with the bible studies. God bless you, as you have richly blessed us with these studies. Nancyt.

  54. Thanks so much for providing materials that let our children learn more of the Bible than just the typical stories that they might normally hear! We use the GOAL Bible Study each day and it has been a great blessing to see them look for the personal application in each portion of Scripture. I would love to have Foundations in Romans since I have been studying that book in my personal Bible study and have found its message of grace to be so encouraging. It would be great for my older ones to get to experience this through your product and discover these truths for themselves. Thanks and many blessings!!

  55. The GOAL bible study would be great for my family. Wisdom for Life would also be a wonderful study for anyone wanting to know more about God’s promises! I will definitely be looking for these as soon as my daughter is ready!

  56. We’d love to have the GOAL Bible Study Journal. I’ve been looking for a Bible study to do with all five of my children at once and this looks great!

  57. I would love to have the Wisdom For Life Study! Learning about such things is often left out of school curriculum, yet more important for our children’ lives than most of what we teach.

  58. I would love a copy of Life in the Word. They all look wonderful and the fact that they are affordable makes them even better.

    I was just looking over our high school p
    an of study and thinking that I need to add in a family Bible study—then I saw this email! God is so good!

    Betty in VA

  59. We have younger kids, the oldest in 4th grade. My 4th grader is definitely ready to get more from the Bible than the basic stories. I think the GOAL Bible Study Journal would be great for us. All of the studies look wonderful.

  60. I would love a copy of Life in the Word to use with my grades 7 & 8 children so they can learn to study the bible independently:) Thank you for this opportunity to win!

  61. These sound wonderful! I would very much enjoy having my children go through the GOAL bible study. What a great resouce. Thank you!

  62. These are terrific!!! I think the GOAL study would fit our family perfectly right now!!! Looking forward to studying these in the years to come as they look wonderful!

  63. The Goal study looks great… My kids need some basic lessons in how to study your bible 🙂 thanks!

  64. Our family would greatly benefit from receiving GOAL Bible Study Journal. I have a 4th grader son and a Kindergarten son with autism. We really need a way to bring us all together and encourage us to study as a family. Thank-you for all of these amazing resources you’ve provided for others. We started using Charlotte’s method this year and so far we’re greatly enjoying it! Thanks again!

  65. The Goal Bible Study Journal is exactly what I need for my family’s Bible study time. Great way for us to learn together how to be doers of the word and not hearers only. Thanks for compiling so many wonderful options for how to study the Bible.

  66. I would be thrilled with any of these studies but since I have to limit the choice to one, I think it would be fabulous to have Foundations in Romans!

  67. My children are younger, so I think the Wisdom for Life would be great. Down the road the Doctrine Study would be wonderful as they enter the middle grades. Thank you so much for all you do!

  68. I really like all of them but if I were going to choose one it would be Discovering Doctrine. We’re having some issues at church right now over doctrines that some people don’t understand. It would be great to have my kids really understand what they believe and know which scriptures support those beliefs.

  69. We would love a Life in the Word bible study. We really want our girls to know how to study the bible on their own. We always tell them if you know the truth well you can recognize untruth quickly. This sounds like a great resource to enable them to do just that.

    Thanks for your work on these great resources.

    Maryann Lewis in Tx

  70. My family would benefit from the GOAL Bible Study Journal. How wonderful to dig through God’s Word specifically looking for promises to grasp, commands to obey, sins to avoid, and principles to live! Love it!

  71. I would love to have Jashub’s Journal. I think the combination of the story and scripture would be a great study for my 5th grade son to use as his first personal bible study.

    I feel so blessed that God has let me be introduced to SCM! What a blessing the resources have been to me and my family!

  72. Thank you so much for the C.M. website. I love all of the curriculm that it has to offer! My older daughter,who is 13 and loves history,would love to get her hands on Jashubs’ Jornal. I will enjoy reading it along with her so that we could talk about how he spread the word of God to those around him. Once again thank you for your time and knowledge on Charlotte Mason. God Bless!! Tracey

  73. How I wish someone had taught me HOW to study the Word when I was young! While I’d love to have “Foundations in Romans” to help my child understand the foundations of her faith, I think I’d choose “Wisdom for Life” so that she could really see the relevance of the Bible in our daily lives.

  74. GOAL sounds like a great study for cultivating Godly character in yourself and your children. Thank you for being such a wonderful resource for families. I am always finding encouragement at Simply Charlotte Mason…emphasis on “Simply.” Thanks for keeping it simple!

  75. These look like useful guides. I’d be interested first in Foundations in Romans and next in Discovering Doctrine. Great to have a resource to study God’s word more in depth.

  76. My family would love the ‘Life in the Word’ Bible study. My oldest child is going into 8th grade. I think this would be good for him to learn to study the Bible on his own, as well as in a family setting.

  77. Wow! They all are so enticing…I’m most interested in the GOAL Bible Study Journal since we have younger children. I would add it to our family worship time to help them build the habit of analyzing Scripture in that way. Thank you!

  78. This is what I’ve been looking for! I think our family would benefit greatly with the Life in the Word study. I am grateful that God gave you the inspiration to put these things together to share.

  79. We would love the Wisdom for Life, (proverbs study). Thanks SOOOOO much for the chance to win.

  80. We used the sample pages of “Life in the Word” and my 14 year old said he learned more from that short time in James than the entire 2 months they had been studying it in Sunday School!
    So, I would love to have the complete “Life in the Word.” Or the Romans study, or the GOAL study…. 😉

    Thank you, Sonya, for all the time and hard work you put into your products! The effort shows — the studies, guides, free samples, dvd’s — are all excellent and very helpful.

  81. My family could really use GOAL Bible Study Journal right now. My only daughter is small, but hubby and I could use this during family worship with her! 🙂


  82. Hmmm,I like them all but I think I’d choose Wisdom For Life.Have 8 children –5 in school and we love proverbs!!So this study would be a blessing.

  83. I would love the Goal Bible Study. Right now my daughter (6 yrs old) and I are starting to memorize Bible Scripture. I then try to see how she could apply this to her little life. So I think this would be a great study to slowly start helping her learn application. Thanks so much for all that you do and offer in your ministry.

  84. The G.O.A.L Bible Study Journal would be my choice for my teen sons. To start seeing on a daily basis how the Bible can be applied to life. What to avoid and what to do, and what blessing will be received.

  85. Oh it’s hard to pick just one….but if I had to it would be the GOAL Bible Study Journal. I would love to use this with my little people to help show them (and me) how to apply the WORD everyday in our lives. Sometimes I need the extra help to motivate us all in showing how GODS WORD can apply to the simplest things in our normal activities. Thank you for all the references too.

  86. I would really like the GOAL Bible study. We know the stories, now I need to teach my children how to study His Word and apply His Word to our lives. I want to dig into the Scriptures with my children and GOAL seems to be a good tool to begin doing this. Thanks!

  87. My family would be greatly blessed by the GOAL Bible Study Journal as this would very nicely accompany our weekly family meetings that my husband leads. We’ve been looking for a good family Bible study program that we could all use and this definitely fits the bill! The study on the book of Proverbs would be another exellent choice. So many lessons to be extracted and used from Proverbs for daily, wise, living.

  88. We love to use Jashub’s Journal. I plan on using flannelgraphs with my younger children to teach the Old Testament, but Jashub’s Journal would be a good living book for my eldest to use alongside the flannelgraph stories. It would make those OT books come alive for sure!

  89. I’d love the Discovering Doctrine Study as it’s the next one I would purchase from you. Our two older boys went through Wisdom for Life this past year and I purchased the GOAL Bible study journal and Life in the Word for them to use this year. Wonderful studies!

  90. I think the GOAL study sounds exciting! Something the whole family will be able to use and it would be something to keep and use your whole life as well!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  91. I am highly interested in your “Life in the Word” book! My husband and I currently use several types of foundational Bible study methods and have been pondering the best way to teach them to our children. I believe your book will help guide our students into a life-long process of studying God’s word that will make a mark in their lives that can never be erased.

    In or present time more than any it is so important to have great resources to help instill godly principles into our children to help them stand against all the plans of the enemy. Thank you, for creating all of these wonderful resources!

  92. I would love to have Life in the Word for my daughter who is entering high school this fall. I think this resource would give her great tools to take with her throughout her life! Thanks for offering this chance to win.

  93. All these sound really great…I think right now the one that would best suit our family is Wisdom for Life.

  94. I would like to have Wisdom For Life. I would love to get in depth and study Proverbs. This book helps us all with INSTRUCTION! My children and I, well, include my husband, too, wink wink! We could all use this!

  95. I, too, have gotten tired of fill in the blank type Bible studies. I would love to try the GOAL Bible Study. Thanks!

  96. I would love to win the GOAL study.
    I am homeschooling two special needs sons, and this is just what my “concrete thinkers” need. Some studies are too abstract for them to benefit from. But a study that focuses on God’s word, promises, sins to avoid ( and why), & his blessings – both boys would grow with this.

    Thanks for the great CM resources!

  97. I think the “Foundations in Romans” is the study I would want. I like that it gets you looking up words in their original language. Romans is a book that is foundational to our understanding of life in Christ, so it is one that I have always wanted to better understand. I think it would help us as parents to discuss these issues with our kids.

  98. I think the Wisdom for Life would be the best Bible study for my family to start with. We are trying o read a chapter of Proverbs every day already and this woud be a nice fit. Thank you for all of your resources!

  99. I haven’t chosen the Bible study for this year yet. I’m glad that I waited. These are just what I’ve been looking for! It’s hard to choose just one. My 3 favorite would be GOAL, Jashub’s Journal, and Wisdom for Life. If I chose one, I guess I would start with Wisdom for Life because of the repetition of reading the Proverbs each month and it sounds like it is more self directed.

  100. What a great offer! I would like to have the Jashub’s journal as we are going to study Ancient History starting from Genesis through Ancient Greece. You have blessed my family with your resources. Praise God for your work!

  101. All of these studies look wonderful and I’m liking forward to using them with my girls. I’ll be starting with GOAL for independent work and Wisdom for Life as a family study. Thanks for putting these studies together for us as I have struggled with Bible study, too.

  102. Wisdom For Life. I cannot think of a better study to do with a teenager. Being that they are usually low on wisdom and high on emotions. I believe that study will be a life long tool for my dd, whom I have yet to nail down a specific study for this coming year. And since Proverbs is one of my favorite books of the Bible, I too would like to glean some extra insight to it.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    Sheri Hagemann

  103. I have been on a search for how to study the bible for myself as well as my 12 year old for so long. There are so many different methods, and it can be so confusing. I have researched and researched online for hours. I picked some bible studies, but then they ended up not working for us. I would LOVE to have Life in the Word. I pray that it would help us learn to study and love God’s Word. Thank you and God Bless you for the wonderful information you are providing!

  104. My 9th grader is currently using the Doctrine notebook and loves it. It gives purpose and understanding to her Bible study. I would love the GOAL to do with my other 4 children. If it is as well done as the Doctrine, I know we will love it.

  105. I would love a copy of the GOAL Bible study…such a great concept and I know that my 4 youngins and I would get so much out of it. : )

  106. Wow! It would be so hard to choose because all have essential principles which we need to learn. I really would like the book “Life in the Word” for my family because it would be a great asset to our homeschooling. We incorporate bible study and character building. What better way than to have a book to guide us in how to study God’s Word.

  107. Winner!

    I love the idea of the Wisdom for Life because we have already begun taking verses from Proverbs and purposing to let it sink into our hearts and change us.

  108. I would love to have the book Goal Bible Study Journal. That is the first one I looked at and it seems Simply what we would love to use and apply to our daily lives. The format is what we should be doing everytime we read the Bible and I believe my children would love to read and use it. Thanks for all the tips, they truly help us as homeschool moms.

  109. These all look fabulous. My oldest of six children is only entering 6th grade so at this point I think the GOAL book would be of most use, although I definitely forsee using all the books both for myself and my children! Thank you for another great resource.

  110. Winner!

    Our family would love Life In The Word. It looks like such a great resource! Our two oldest boys are at the age where they could really benefit from learing the different approaches they can take to studying God’s word. My husband and I would go through the study with them.

  111. These studies make me wish my children were old enough to start them. My children are 8 & 6, so it seems the GOAL study would be wonderful for us to get them (& Mom & Dad, too) putting more truth into action in their lives. I’m going to recommend these studies to friends who have older children. It’s one thing to have “head” knowledge, it’s quite another to bring it to your heart and make it a living part of our everyday lives! Knowing Charlotte Mason’s approach to learning makes me long for these studies in our home! Thanks for taking the time to do these and to make them available to us!!

  112. I would love to have Jashub’s Journal for my son. We a re currently studying Ancients and it would be a great compliment to that!

  113. Although I’ve looked at this site several times before, I hadn’t ever looked through this Bible study section. I’m looking for something my daugter could use to help her relationship with Jesus grow into her own, more than being inherited from Mom & Dad. I think she would enjoy the Proverbs study and would love to have a copy of Wisdom for Life.

  114. The GOAL Bible Study Journal sounds perfect for my two daughers and me. We are working through Core 4 and reading through John. I am trying to keep narration prompts interesting and varied, but this sounds like a wonderful method for applying what we learn. Thank you for providing tools for discovering the Bible, a life-long mission!

  115. My daughter is only three (I like to think ahead), so most of those are quite a bit too advanced for her. But as a Christian that came to bible study later in life, I’d love to go through Wisdom For Life. All of the bible study books appeal to me, but that one seems to call out the loudest at this place in my life.

  116. All of your Bible studies intrigue me. My girls are not quite old enough to begin studying the Bible in this way, but I would love to learn myself. Your LIFE IN THE WORD seems to call out to me. It’s the kind of “dig deeper” study that I love.

  117. Hi! I would love the GOAL Bible Journal since I have two sons of 7 and 5 who will benefit from knowing and applying the content of the New Testament. This journal will help them to build the habit of Bible reading, studying, meditation and practice.

  118. I love this idea! We had it made when we were using pre-packaged curricula and bible study was included. Now we are using Ambleside online and I feel that I’ve been neglecting sharing a deeper understanding of the bible with my oldest. I will have to give it a try.

  119. I would love to have a copy of the GOAL Bible Journal for me! Also, it would be nice to have one for each of my students. Learning and remembering Scripture is one thing, actually DOING the Word is another; and I think this would help us to be not just hearers of the Word, but doers also.

  120. WOW! I’ve read and reread about each of the studies and they all look so good! Making a decision on the “one” I want to win was difficult as they all look so incredible! But, in the end, I am choosing Foundations in Romans. It seems to fit with some of what we will be studying in history, but even more than that, it uses a more simple study approach that my children (since new to the Charlotte Mason methods) will be able to accomplish more easily, yet learn so much as well! Thanks so much for the offer. I know even if I don’t “win” the free copy, I will be purchasing several of these studies throughout the remainder of our homeschooling years. Thanks so much for offering so many incredible resources!

  121. Each of the Bible studies looks interesting and relevant, I would probably choose the GOAL Bible journal.

    Thanks for doing a giveaway!

  122. GOAL, definitely. My husband and I were talking just the day before yesterday about finding a new Bible study for our 4th-grade daughter. The independent Bible study she did this past year was solely fill-in-the-blank and not the best use of her time. When your subject line popped into my e-box, I jumped! Thanks for this…

  123. I think I would choose the GOAL Bible Journal. It sounds like a good solid bible study for the family. I never thought about how most bible studies are filll in the blank, T/F, etc. I’ve done a few of those and can’t really remember learning much. I love SCM and I am always recommending it to new homeschoolers. Thank you for this opportunity!!

  124. I would love to win a copy of the GOAL Bible study for our family. This would be ideal for our range of ages 3-17. Reviewing through the week what we have studied in the Bible, so that we can apply it in our lives, is a valuable skill for all ages. Thank you Sonya for writing this resource.

  125. Wow! Thanks for the heads up about these resources! We would so like to make use of the Goal Bible study journal. Thank you for the opportunity to win.

  126. I would like the GOAL Bible study book. We are reading a chapter most days and this can go along with that. Thanks for the opportunity.

  127. I am so grateful to those mothers who take the time to improve the life of their children and help others at the same time. Thank you for the time and effort involved in creating these resources – your work will be richly rewarded.
    Pro 11:18 The wicked man does deceptive work, But he who sows righteousness will have a sure reward.

  128. I would love the GOAL Bible Journal. My children are young yet, ages 7 and under. But I want them to make their faith their own and not just rely on what Mom, Dad, and Pastor taught them. This study would also help me in my own walk with the Lord.

  129. I would love a copy of the Foundations in Romans Bible Study. I want my children to grow up not just knowing the scriptures, but understanding them so they can be hidden in their hearts. Romans is such a foundational book for Bible study, I can think of no better place for them (and myself!) to start.

  130. I love the idea of Jashubs Journal. What an interesting way to teach/learn scriptural principles! As an adult, I still struggle sometimes with the application of scriptural principles to life. I think how much farther ahead kids (and families) will be if they learn how to do this while they are young.

    I hope more titles in this vein are forthcoming!

  131. I would LOVE Discovering Doctrine. We have purchased most of the books we need for SCM Ancient Egypt History Module, but I forgot to put that one in my shopping cart! Thank you for the chance!

  132. My children are only in first grade but I really think they (and I) could get a lot out of Jashub’s Journal. We are in the middle of studying Egypt right now and are about to start Exodus. I think this would be a really great book to emphasize what life was like around that time.
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  133. I like “Life in the Word” for my son-I’ve been looking for a more in-depth study that he can discover new things on his own.
    As for my devotional times w/the kids the “Goal” journal looks wonderful.
    This is something i’d hope we could all do together-

  134. All of these books look wonderful! I had a really tough time deciding on just one, but I think “Wisdom for Life” would fit what we are working on as a family right now. My husband has challenged us to read a Proverb a day and pick a verse (mostly just as proof that we read it) to share at dinner every day. This book will add the next step. =) Thanks for creating these!

  135. I have been looking for a usable Bible study program for a very long time, I didn’t think that it exsisted. I would love to use the goal journal with my whole family and actually, practice what we preach! This is definitly a must have and I am very excited to use it.

  136. I have been wanting to purchase Jashub’s Journal for several years now. I really think it will make this seemingly difficult part of the bible come alive to my 5 boys.

    Honestly, though, any of these studies would be great (except for the high schooler- mine are in elem. and middle school grades). We have decided as a family to read through some books of the bible this year, and really take them chapter by chapter and discuss. I am very excited about it, and would love your studies to help us with our pursuit.

  137. I think the Goal journal looks wonderful for my older boys and I to work through. I want all of us to be “doers of the word.”

  138. Love the Goal Idea, it would make me and my boys think about the verses before we would record anything, I can see the intresting discussions that would bring on.

  139. Foundations in Romans looks awesome. The student has to really think for themselves learn how to use Bible study tools. I love the way it is organized.

  140. the goal journal and the proverbs one looks great for my three boys!
    thank you for all your work.

  141. I would love the GOAL Bible study. Reading the description, I felt like it was a study I need to do and learn from. Then when my toddlers are older I would get to do it again with them!

  142. It was a hard decision to pick just one. I have wanted to go through Proverbs with my son and this would be such a helpful tool. It’s so great the you put together material that can teach our children about God.

  143. I think the GOAL Bible study would be the best choice for my brood ages almost 13-4 months! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  144. Oh-so exciting, to truly encourage my children to study and explore the Word of God. I would love to have a copy of Goal – Bible Study Journal so that we as a family can learn and re-learn together. Thanks for the giveaway.

  145. I would love to have Wisdom for Life, the proverbs study, for my 16 year old son–proverbs is especially great for young men, and I think this study would seem doable to him with his dyslexia. Thank you!

  146. I would love the wisdom book, as I have so much to learn about the proverbs to pass on to my children! I would love to use it to study for myself, and also for my children as they get older. Thanks!

  147. All of those look like such wonderful resources – t’s hard to choose! I’d have to pick the GOAL study as the one I’d like to start off with. Thanks for the chance to have a copy!

  148. The GOAL Bible Study Journal looks like it would be great for our teens as well as the entire family.

  149. I have a couple of older kids and am interested in Discovering Doctrine so they can explain why they believe.

  150. Gosh! These are just what I’ve been looking for. There are several that I would absolutely LOVE like Life in the Word, Foundations in Romans, and
    Wisdom for Life. It’s so hard to pick. This year we are focusing on character development, so I guess I’d have to pick Wisdom for Life. Thanks so much for providing these!!

  151. I would love the Goal, Life in the Word and Discovering Doctrine. My oldest is only 7 yrs so it’s going to be a while before I need these, but I’m tempted to get them for myself. Looks like excellent products!

  152. Winner!

    They all look wonderful! I think I will buy them for my own Bible study. I would like to do GOAL with my girls. One of my goals for the year is to get them into the habit of daily Bible study apart from school time. This would be a great tool for doing that.

  153. Anything that delves deeper into the Word of God to impact our lives we look out for and the GOAL Bible Study Journal sounds like something we could put to good use. It sounds very practical, useful and spiritually beneficial. The Wisdom for Life also sounds like a good study for my daughters to increase their ability to search the Word for truth. Thank you for this great opportunity and God bless you all!

  154. Wow these all sound wonderful especially Jashub’s Journal and the proverbs study. Thanks for all you do for us.

  155. Foundations in Romans would be our pick…largely because I think the book of Romans provides us with the basis for our faith. I’d love for my family to know WHY they believe what they believe, and I know that Romans will be able to provide that solid foundation. Thanks so much for offering this and for creating these great studies!!!! 🙂

  156. Wow, we would love to have the GOAL Bible Study Journal for our family. I really appreciate how simply it would help us to break things down in God’s Word and make them applicable to our lives!

  157. I would love a copy of Life in the Word. What a great tool to teach our children how to study the Word.

    Thanks for the contest!

  158. I would love the Wisdom for Life book. The proverbs are such a rich source of advice for daily living. Thanks.

  159. The book best suited for our family presently would be your GOAL Bible Study book! My desire is for my girls to read the Word and to learn how to feed themselves the Bread of Life. Of course, from the description, the GOAL method sounds like something I would enjoy doing together with them!

  160. But, but… I want all of them… !! However, since I already own GOAL, Life in the Word, and Foundations in Romans (although more copies would be nice as I do have seven children), for the purposes of this giveaway I will choose JASHUB’S JOURNAL because I think my 13-year-old son might enjoy it. Thank you so much!

  161. I’d love to win a copy of Discovering Doctrine. I just ordered a copy for my son and I would love to do it with him. Having a clear understanding of what I believe and why has been a struggle of mine since coming to faith in Christ and I think this study might actually help me figure some of that out.

  162. Teaching my sons to live intentional lives for Jesus, I would love to win the Discovering Doctrine Bible study because I already have it planned for next year and I haven’t purchased it yet.

  163. I have been praying for a “good” bible study curriculum for some time! The The Goal Bible Study Journal sounds like just what I have been praying for. Please, oh please, let me win! Thanks!

  164. The GOAL Bible Study would be perfect for our wide range family…5 kids age 17 to 2!! It’s not always easy to find a Bible study to accomodate this large of an age range: what a blessing this would be to our family!!

  165. I have been looking for a way to get my 9 year old to get the most out of reading the Bible. He loves reading the Bible but reading only the ‘stories’ have become less challenging. I would love for him to delve deeper into Gods Word. Discovering Doctrine and Romans appeal to me.

  166. I would choose the Wisdom for Life study…I think it would get a lot of use around here. Proverbs is an amazing book. Thanks for the chance to win!

  167. I have been looking for a way to teach the Bible to my children in a way that helps them to grasp that it is not just a story, but the very words God gave us. Words that teach us of his promises and His precepts that we are too learn in order to live a holy life He desires. I love how the GOAL bible study breaks it down, It brings hope when we see the promises He has for us and equips us , and enables us to be doers of the word. Thank you for offering this offer to all of us. it is a blessing to all of us.

  168. I would love to get Life in the Word. Our desire is to be “Jesus with skin on”…thank you for the chance to win!

  169. I’m not sure how we could possible choose. We have been looking, as a family, for a study that was not a fill in the blank, forget what you have learnt type study. Any of these would be more than ideal for what we are looking for. I think we would start with The Goal…and work our way through.

  170. Our family would love Goal Bible Study Journal. It seems most applicable to my childrens ages and we love to study scripture as a family. Thanks!

  171. Life in the Word would be a great addition to our family Bible time. I like to give my kids options in how to use their “swords”!

  172. Thank you Sonya for these resources! I am super excited about the GOAL Bible Study Journal. I think this would be an excellent resource for our family bible study. The next one right at the top of my list is Life in the Word, but not just for my children, for me as well. Thanks again!

  173. I have been looking for a way to be more consistant in our Bible lessons and I think the GOAL Bible Study Journal would be perfect since my kids are still young. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

  174. I would love very much to win the Goal Bible Study. We have 12 kids of many different ages and this would be a great tool for our family since we could adapt it to so many ages. Thanks so much for this opportunity.

  175. I bought one copy of Joshub’s Journal to look over for this year’s studies. I am very impressed with it, and so is my 16 yo dd. She had been looking at a couple of other Bible Studies in other catalogs, unbeknownst to me. However, when I showed her Joshub’s Journal, she quickly decided that this was really more along the lines of what she had wanted anyway. I need another for my 8th grade student to use as well, and am quite interested in using the other studies you have written. Thank you for a quality CM-style product.

  176. I think the Wisdom for Life study would be just the thing for my 13yr. old daughter! I appreciate the many options for future studies as well.

  177. I would love Wisdom for Life! The book of Proverbs is so full of principles we all need to understand and utilize. Love your books!

  178. I have young children and am looking for a Bible program to do with them, so I’d love to have the GOAL Bible Study Journal.

  179. I would love Foundations in Romans! I’ve been wanting to study Romans for sometime now. This way I could study such a great book of the Bible and then have it for my children as well. I really enjoy all ya’lls books that you have printed.

    Right now we’re going thru 106 Days of Creation and my kids ages 7-3 are loving it! Yes even the 3yo! Thanks for all you guys do

  180. I would love to have the GOAL Bible Study Journal as a way for our entire family to work together on Bible study principles. I have a 7th grader this year, but I also have younger siblings, 5th grade and 2nd grade. We would be able to read together and introduce them to deeper study and application of God’s Word! 🙂 Thanks for your ministry! You are a blessing to me.

  181. Wow!! These look great. If I were to win one, I think I’d like the one about doctrine, the Goal study, and life in the word. I think I will also be placing an order soon.

  182. Just when I was going to email you and ask what you would recommend for Bible Study–this series arrives! They look excellent. Because of the age of our children, I think I would use the Goal study first but I am interested in the others as well. Would you recommend any of them for grade 5 or lower grades? Maybe one day Canada will join the US and we can have books shipped to us!!! Thanks for the quality resources you provide. Much appreciation sent your way.

  183. I can not think of any other subject that is more important than God’s Word. Thank you for taking the time and making the effort to write and make these Bible studies available. Because they are not the typical “fill in the blank” or “this is what the text says” thinking for you, they encourage the student to get into the Word and get the Word into him. We would love to “get into” Proverbs with Wisdom for Life! Thank you.

  184. Wisdom for Life. I have a 16yr. old that is facing alot of challenges. We have always homeschooled. I think this may be a God sent for her to discover on her own, not what we teach or what may be preached, in her growth in God and the value of not giving into pressures of this world. Wisdom does pay off and there are rewards for not giving up. ( I looked at the down load and I even like what I saw)

  185. I would love the Life in the Word study. I want my teenage boys to know how to study the Bible for themselves and I think this would be a great tool to help us do that.

  186. I would really like Wisdom for Life. I have a Proverbs study for my younger daughter and have realized that my son needs something a little deeper since he is entering 7th grade. I wish I had packed away so many of the Proverbs in my heart when I was their ages.

  187. They all look wonderful, but the one that stood out to me the most was Jashub’s Journal. I really like the sound of that one for my almost 14 year old. 😉 Thanks!

  188. I would really like the GOAL Bible Study Journal, because we are currently learning more ways to apply what we’re learning from God’s Word, and I’d like our younger 3 children, from age 10 – 16, to become more consistent in being enthusiastic, loving “doers of The Word.”

    It seems to help so much to have something “in hand” to use to get us going, in applying what we’re learning in God’s Word, and I think the GOAL Bible Study Journal would be a great help to us. Sounds like a good tool to use!

    Thank you!

  189. This is wonderful. It’s exactly what I need/want. Lately our Bible study has been reading, prayer & discussion. My kids are 15 & 13. My top pick would be GOAL Bible Study Journal. I encourage my kids to keep a prayer journal, so when their prayers are answered they can look back & see the miraculous ways in which God answers our prayers. This can go hand in hand with prayer journals. Thank you so much

  190. I would love the Goal Bible Study Journal for our whole family. We need to do more than just read.

  191. If I have to choose just one, I would really like the GOAL Bible study Journal, it would fit in perfectly with what we are currently doing – reading through the entire New Testament. Our boys are really enjoying reading out loud each morning and adding some more structured study to this reading time would be of great benefit.
    Later on I know they boys would love the Jashub’s Journal.. and I then I would like to go through… I really would like them all for our library

  192. I would like to recieve the Romans study, as we will be beginning the Matthew-Acts/ Rome unit in the spring. We have so enjoyed Sonya’s study guides!

    Thank you!

  193. Because my sons are too young for the other studies (which we look forward to using in the future), we’d like the GOAL Bible Journey for our family. It will be great to study together–keeping each of us accountable. Thanks!

  194. I think the GOAL Bible Study Journal would be the greatest blessing to us. The structure would help us on our journey to being “doers of the word”.

  195. The GOAL Bible Study Journal would be a two-fold blessing to our family. One, I have been contemplating how to take our five children through the epistles and keep it interesting for them. And second, my husband has desired to be a greater part of our devotion time but is struggling with how to do it. This would be a great guide for him. Thanks for the opportunity.

  196. I would so love to use the GOAL Bible Study Journal for our family Bible study! I love that it looks at what we really need to know: how to live, what to do, what to avoid, etc. And I love that it can be used by the whole family–it would be just as beneficial to my husband and me as to our son. I want something to help us remember the Bible is not just a book that we read, but a revelation of the life we may live in relationship with the Almighty.

  197. We will be using Middle Ages next year so I would like GOAL! It’s focus sounds like my goals for my children 🙂
    Thanx for your hard work Sonya!

  198. All of them look great! Thank you for this opportunity and promoting the studying of God’s word. The GOAL study would be a fit for our family devotion time.

  199. What a blessing you are, and what a difficult decision for me to make! I think, though, that Life in the Word looks to be at the top of my wish list. 🙂 Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  200. Thank you for the opportunity to win. They all look so great. It’s hard to choose between them all. I guess it would be the Wisdom For Life for our family if we are fortunate enough to win. 🙂

  201. I would love the GOAL Bible study journal. I think this book would be a wonderful tool to help my children truly learn how to hide God’s word
    in their hearts. Keep up the good work!!

  202. I would be interested in the GOAL study as my children are young and I’m wanting to just get us started with Bible Study.

  203. Like Charlotte Mason, we also believe and treat the Bible as the most important lesson in our homeschooling. In fact, it is the basis of everything we do; Bible subject sets our day and prepares our hearts for whatever God allows to unfold within the day. I’m so glad that SCM prioritizes this too. Thank you for the opening an opportunity to win an ebook for free! I would probably choose the “Foundations in Romans” because of its inductive approach to one of the most foundational books of the Bible. I have the seen the sample of it & even tried it out already, ever so slowly, with my son. It’s both a blessing & encouragement as it helps us mine the Bible & equips us through the kind of Bible study method the book uses. I’ve been seriously and prayerfully considering buying it. I hope we could win it instead 🙂


  204. When I read about the SCM method, I was simply drawn to it and wanted to find out more about how to homeschool my kids and get them and myself closer to God. In addition, the GOAL Bible Study Journal would be a fantastic guide as we seek to read and apply what we have learnt. But be ye doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving your own selves. James 1:22

  205. I would like for my boys to read the Wisdom for Life study! I think they would get a great deal of Biblical wisdom from going through Proverbs.

  206. I would love to win the Wisdom for Life study. As a parent of a teenager, I realize how soon it will be when he is on his own and facing many important decisions. The book of proverbs addresses so many (or maybe all) of the many choices we are faced with in life and the rewards and/or consequences of the choices we make.

    I like the idea of a study where the student gets to dig into God’s word for themselves and dig for the treasures He has buried there.

  207. Hi- I’m new to CM although I have been homeschooling for a few years now. I find myself not being so overwhelmed with the CM studies & I love it! I would either choose ‘Wisdom for Life’ or ‘ Bible Study Journal’. I would be happy with either one. Thanks so much & have a Blessed Day.

  208. While all of the CM-style bible studies listed would be wonderful resources, I think the “Life in the Word” study would be an especially helpful introduction for anyone looking for help with personal Bible study. Thank you for the opportunity to enter to win this or another book. Even if I don’t win, I am seriously considering the purchase of this book and/or others.

  209. I would love to have GOAL- it sounds like a great plan to help teach children how to live the Bible.

  210. Jashub’s Journal would be right up my boy’s alley. Having the Bible come alive to young boys is awesome and thank you for providing that!

  211. All these bible study courses look appealing. I think the GOAL Bible Study Journal—would be our best starting one since my children are young and it sounds like it would be the perfect next step for this year in our daily bible study time together.

  212. I am interested in all of these but GOAL would be best since ,my children and young. Thanks for this oppurtunity.

  213. The GOAL study would be the one for us – our girls are 3rd and 5th and we really need a great guide to follow for Bible study. I was happy to find something that wasn’t SO guided (with fill-in-the-blanks and true false questions). This sounds perfect for our family.

  214. Sounds like we need to dig deeper into the Bible for our devotion time with Jashub’s Journal! Thanks.

  215. I think my son would benefit most from Life in the Word. He’s thirteen and I’d like for him to start studying the Bible on his own. I think Life in the Word would give him a good start.


  216. Would love to win one of these studies – they sound like exactly what I have been looking for. I am especially interested in the Life in the Word and Foundations in Romans since I want my children to learn ways to study the Bible and learn doctrine. Thanks

  217. We would love the GOAL Bible Study Journal around here! We have Discovering Doctrine and it looks great. We’re just starting 3rd grade here but can still use it this year as we like inductive Bible study.


  218. I think the GOAL Bible Study would be wonderful. We are always telling our children not to be just hearers of the Word but doers of the Word.

  219. Honestly, they all look so useful, but I think with our older children, who need to dig in more than they have in the past, the Romans study, or the Life in the Word study would be most helpful these days. What a great idea to hold this draw! I like it!

    Thanks in advance, for all you do.


  220. I so appreciate all of your materials. I wish I could just buy it all up right now! I think the Goal Bible Study Journal is the perfect place to start. I want to use it as a daily family devotional. Thanks for all you do. You’re awesome!


  221. Wow, what an opportunity! They all sound great and I would love to have them all, but right now the choice would be either GOAL or Wisdom for Life. One of my teen-aged sons just said last week that Proverbs was his favorite book of the bible, so I would probably want that for him for sure, but GOAL would help with family devotion time..keeping minds in the right place while the Word is being read. Thanks for making these available.


  222. This last year was my first year of homeschooling, and i am a pastor’s wife, so i opted to rely on our WOL quiet time and occasional reading from NT because our sunday school has been taking the children through the OT, book by book. Yet, i found that i wanted teach the Bible more to our children 3, 5, 7, 8. I like the GOAL study because i can keep it simple for the young children. We utilze the GOAL concept when it comes to parenting and teaching the children prinicples from scripture for everyday living, so i don’t think it would be difficult for them to grasp.

    I am enjoying this site and sure am blessed to have found the help for this year!

  223. As my first year to formally “teach/study” the bible as part of our family study time with our 5 and 6 year olds, it would be such an honor and a blessing to win the GOAL Bible Study Journal. ~ Marilyn

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