Bible Study Winners and a New Series

Thanks to everyone who posted comments on last week’s article about the various Bible study resources we offer. We’re pleased to announce that our random drawing awarded these three people each a study of her choice:

Stephanie selected Wisdom for Life

“I love the idea of the Wisdom for Life because we have already begun taking verses from Proverbs and purposing to let it sink into our hearts and change us.”

Monica selected Life in the Word

“Our family would love Life In The Word. It looks like such a great resource! Our two oldest boys are at the age where they could really benefit from learning the different approaches they can take to studying God’s word. My husband and I would go through the study with them.”

Pam selected GOAL Bible Study Journal

“They all look wonderful! I think I will buy them for my own Bible study. I would like to do GOAL with my girls. One of my goals for the year is to get them into the habit of daily Bible study apart from school time. This would be a great tool for doing that.”

Even if you weren’t awarded one of the free Bible studies this time, we hope you will make a commitment this school year to make the Bible lesson the most important lesson of the day!

New Language Arts Series

Next week we will begin a series on language arts the Charlotte Mason way. This subject, more than any other, seems to cause so much confusion and anxiety among CMers. So let’s spend the next few weeks looking at what exactly is included in language arts, how Charlotte Mason taught those various aspects and in what grades. We’ll enjoy just taking some time together to gain confidence in this seemingly elusive subject. We hope you’ll join us.