Charlotte Mason's Living Math book and video bundle
Mathematics Book and Video Bundle

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Mathematics Book and Video Bundle

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Original price was: $30.90 – $36.90.Current price is: $27.82 – $33.22.

Get the Mathematics: An Instrument for Living Teaching handbook and the Charlotte Mason's Living Math: A Guided Journey video demonstrations for a special bundle price! See full description

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Product Description

Learn effective techniques to help your child enjoy a solid understanding of math!

Get the Mathematics: An Instrument for Living Teaching handbook and the Charlotte Mason's Living Math: A Guided Journey video demonstrations for a special bundle price!

  • Discover how Charlotte Mason infused math lessons with living ideas.
  • Read the book to get all the details on how Charlotte taught math in a practical and life-related way from first grade through twelfth, from beginning numbers through algebra and geometry.
  • Watch the videos to see step by step hands-on demonstrations of Charlotte Mason’s methods for teaching early arithmetic, from beginning numbers through fractions.
  • Use both as your guide to teach elementary arithmetic without an expensive curriculum, or simply gather ideas to supplement your curriculum of choice.

Both helpful resources will give you confidence to guide your student in steady math progress at his own pace.

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12 reviews for Mathematics Book and Video Bundle

  1. LaToya

    I have been looking for some guidance in teaching math the Charlotte Mason way for some time. I have really enjoyed implement her methods for other subjects and was so excited when I found the book in this bundle. It was the first math book based on Charlotte Mason that I found.

    I loved how Richele broke everything down and the scope and sequence was an amazing help for me to see the order to teach different concepts and skills. The one thing that I was missing was some hands-on examples of the different steps and techniques. Well with the DVD I am missing nothing.

    We both of these materials I feel confident and equipped to guide my children through learning elementary math. Thanks so much!

  2. Tasha

    Hi there,

    Can you tell me what age group this math bundle would be best for?

    Thank you,


    • Jordan Smith

      Both the resources in this bundle are written to you, the teacher, to help you understand the way Charlotte Mason taught math. The Mathematics: An Instrument for Living Teaching book gives you details on how Charlotte approached math studies all the way through grade 12. The Charlotte Mason’s Living Math DVD demonstrates the methods that were used to teach elementary arithmetic.

  3. Tasha

    Hi Jordan,

    Thank you. So, it is more of a teaching guide, rather than a curriculum per se?

    • Jordan Smith

      Yes, in a way. Both the book and the DVD are designed to teach you the methods Charlotte Mason used, but they are not a step-by-step teaching guide. You can take the methods you learn with these resources and apply them to the math curriculum of your choice.

  4. Francesca

    Would you consider offering the DVD as a download for purchase instead? I would love to see it but international shipping mAkes the cost impossible. Thank you so much .

    • Doug Smith

      We are working on internet streaming for all of our video products but we don’t have a date yet for when that will be available.

  5. happykratzers

    This is a great resource for teaching math to the lower grades! Because of it, my son is a math whiz. I’m so grateful for math that makes sense, instead of the confusing lessons I grew up on. Any chance that there will be a DVD on teaching higher math?

    • Sonya Shafer

      I’m so glad these resources have been helpful! We do plan to continue to produce more CM math resources and have discussed a higher math video. In the meantime, Richele did two interviews about higher math on the Delectable Education podcasts that should be of help to you: Middle and High School Math, part 1 and part 2.

  6. Michele

    This is phenomenal! Truly Charlotte Mason Math. The why. The how. My only regret is not starting sooner…

  7. Allison

    This is such a wonderful resource. And watching Richele and Sonya DO math lessons on the DVD really show how simple yet effective this approach is! Thank you for this excellent guide!

  8. Min

    If I were to give a gift to a homeschooling mama, without hesitation, I would want to give her this math bundle (along with CM`s original 6 volumes of course^^). I cannot thank Richele enough for sharing her extensive, thorough research. This resource not only provides the how-to, it also, more importantly, serves as a key into a new paradigm – one that is invigorating and glorious! (These are words I never thought I would use to describe mathematics!) CM`s approach to mathematics as a living subject is vastly unlike the way I was taught so it did take some time for me to get away completely from needing something that is scripted like other math curricula (and I have tried too many). But I am beyond happy that I took the step of faith (and I know my children are too!^^) For the first time, I am no longer a slave to a math program as I was with past programs, but rather, what CM – through Richele`s resource – has taught me was to see my child and follow the leading of the Holy Spirit throughout the lesson. Such freedom!!! There is no other resource that teaches CM`s approach to mathematics out there like this one. Thank you so much, Richele and SCM, for providing this for us! The Lord bless you for being a channel of such blessing to so many families.

  9. Jenny

    After listening to Richele Baburina’s 2-part interview about math on A Delectable Education Podcast, I felt hope again for math and was eager to purchase her book & DVD bundle. I am so thankful I did. I have fallen in love with the Charlotte Mason method from the start, but I hadn’t applied her method to math until finding this resource. It has been a game changer for my kids and me, and math has become a subject we actually look forward to! I would never have dreamed it! This math resource took me deeper into CM philosophy and method, not just for math, but definitely including it. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

  10. Kim

    I have a child with Autism who has struggled with math for SO long. This was my last ditch effort to try something that may work – and work it has. The progression from concrete to the abstract is absolutely perfect for my child (and is often done in his therapies to demonstrate concepts such as feelings, forgiveness, and the like). Just being able to do Math with him without him ending up in tears or worse, feeling like he’s “too dumb to do Math” has made this bundle more than worth the money spent on it. It truly is a Godsend and I am so grateful that it is available to us.

  11. Sami Brandon

    I can’t speak highly enough of these math resources. Richele explains the principles of CM math in such a way that I actually understand CM’s principles better! This has made me a better teacher. As to math, my students are learning to reason on their own power, and the beauty of math–and thus, the Creator–is open to them. I’m so excited about what our future math studies!

  12. Bridgett

    Math was my last hold out. I had trusted Charlotte Mason ALL other areas, but I wasn’t ready to plunge into doing math the CM way because of fear…how often is that the case for us homeschool moms?

    The handbook and DVD are so incredibly helpful, and I would refer back to them both OFTEN! I’ve ordered Book One of the CM Elementary Arithmetic Series to use with my almost 7 yr old and can’t wait for it to come in, but we were already doing CM Math with just the bundle and DVD as my guide. The research that was put into it is second to none! It’s been a delight to see my daughter’s little wheels turning as we’ve worked through Numbers this year.

    I really had to battle fear and doubt with teaching CM math to my 10 yr old. We went ALL the way back to the beginning (Numbers) and worked through that quickly at her pace. Because I had switched math curricula around so much I knew there had to be gaps in her learning, and I didn’t want her math foundation to be shaky. So in order to work on the foundation, we went back to the beginning, and I had to give myself permission to be ok with having a 4th grader who is just now starting multiplication. I had to remind myself to meet her where she is at…not try to push her to where she “should” be (that “should” being determined by outside influences). I had to remind myself that her confidence in math would be in that foundation, and that foundation would serve her tremendously in the future whether or not she’s doing the same thing as her peers.

    Not everyone’s journey will look like mine, but we all have Someone who leads our journey if we will let Him!

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