Charlotte Mason Math Book 1 Bundle
The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series, Book 1 Bundle


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The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series, Book 1 Bundle

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Everything you need for an enjoyable year of Grade 1 math lessons in a Charlotte Mason way.

Add one 3/4″ gridded notebook for each additional student. See full description

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Product Description

The Book 1 Bundle includes everything you need for an enjoyable year of Grade 1 math: The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series, Book 1, the Book 1 Kit with objects and dry erase board, and a Gridded Math Notebook.

  • The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series, Book 1—These short, multi-sensory lessons will help your child gain a solid understanding of numbers through 100, including addition and subtraction of double digits, and lay a sure foundation for success in thinking mathematically. Day-by-day lesson plans and straightforward instructions in a beautiful hard-cover book cover these arithmetic concepts:
    • Counting 1 through 100
    • Investigation and analysis of 1 through 100
    • Numerals 0 through 9
    • Symbols +, –, and =
    • Place value through 100
    • Numeration and notation through 100
    • Money through $1 (penny, nickel, dime, quarter, dollar)
    • Addition through double digits
    • Subtraction through double digits
    • Skip counting
    • Review and oral work
    • Mental math
  • The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series, Book 1 Kit—Your student will enjoy exploring numbers with this convenient collection of objects designed to go with the hands-on lessons in The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series, Book 1. Kit contains
    • 1 Double-sided dry erase board, with blank and grid sides (8″ x 11″)
    • 1 Long-lasting dry erase marker (black)
    • 125 Buttons
    • 125 Beads
    • 110 Craft sticks
    • 110 Mini pencils
    • 25 Chenille stems
    • 25 Elastic bands
    • 11 Metal rings
    • 3 Sets of number cards
    • 1 Felt sheet, 9″ x 12″
    • 1 Lacing cord, 36″

    Some counts are approximate, as smaller items are packaged by weight. Colors may vary.
    WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD! Small parts. Not for children under 3 years old.

  • Gridded Math Notebook (3/4″ Grid Size)—Using a gridded notebook for written work during math lessons keeps numerals neat and legible and encourages a habit of precision and accuracy.

    The printed notebook

    • Contains 50 pages of grid paper, so you have plenty to work with but they don’t look overwhelming;
    • Lies flat for easy use whether your student is left-handed or right-handed.

1 review for The Charlotte Mason Elementary Arithmetic Series, Book 1 Bundle

  1. Julia

    While this review is premature, I absolutely love this program! I purchased this along with Math for a Living Education workbook. The plan was using the workbook for the main lessons and SCM’s book for Math Drills. Everything was going along swimmingly until we hit place values. It was at that point she had a deer-in-the-heads light reaction. No amount of *practice* with the workbook’s suggestions worked. It turned to frustration. I was perplexed as she was getting everything correct and needed little help up until this point. Even doing the Place village she would get correct but could not explain The Why/How. Then I remembered I had the Math DVD set from SCM and I decided to watch the first DVD. When Richele said her son was “a good arithmetician” but was lacking the connects, it struck a cord. Continuing to listen, I was both convicted and affirmed in my suspicions about the workbook being overly “sweetened”. That day, I packed up the workbook and rewatched the DVD with paper and pencil in hand. The following week we started over with the first lesson in Elementary Arithmetic.

    For 2 weeks now we have been doing review and have made it to number 8. There have been moments that we were able to move ahead quickly and times when we’ve had to slow down. Even after today’s lesson, I will be reviewing #s 7-8 again before we move onto 9. Having her count forward and back, grouping, especially getting to the signs of +, -, and = has been so beneficial! She was very much stuck on how to take a written number sentence with subtraction and the #7 today and translate that onto the white board. It took her several minutes to make that connection; even while looking at previous work in the notebook on how to write the equation properly. But she did finally make the connection! She remarked to me a couple of days ago that she was glad she homeschools, “…because she would have not been aloud the time to figure the problem out if she went to school”. I thought the profound for her young age! And so true! She can do this at her pace, not someone else’s.

    She’s not only being given the opportunity to discover the numbers and signs, but how to work with them from a multitude of angles. She’s learning the concepts and making connections, not just filling in the blanks or drawing shapes. Sonya’s comments in the DVD to not get in the way of our children’s learning and help prod them along, also sicks in my mind every time she gives me a blank look or questions her answers. I want her to make the connection. And she does. She’s even learning how to work the written equations backward to check her work or to verify/explain her answers. Today she caught her own error without my interruptions. All because I simply sit still and wait! She’s getting so much out of this review and the book thus far, it excites me! I look forward to presenting her with money and learning place value from SCM’s resources as I have confidence that she will finally understand what’s going on and WHY. This is an invaluable resource and well worth the investment. The kit has been wonderful, she enjoys grouping the beads and buttons by shape and color on her free time and playing school with the math she has learned on the whiteboard. It’s all very straight forward and quite simply to execute once you get into the groove. My younger child has a very different learning style than my eldest but even she enjoys following along with the math drills/abstract portions! She’s pretty good, too! I know she’ll be successful once her 1st grade year rolls along, as well. Once you consider that we will be using these resources for at least 3 children, the cost per child is an incredible value! Just new notebooks and eventually a marker.

    I look forward to completing these lessons this year and moving along into Book 2. Thanks for a wonderful resource and for helping my child to become more than just a Great Arithmetician!

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