Singing the Great Hymns
Singing the Great Hymns


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Singing the Great Hymns

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This collection of great hymns makes it easy to do hymn study, helping your whole family experience the special delight of the great hymns of the faith! Downloadable audio recordings included!

Download a free sample of the book or music tracks. See full description

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Product Description

Singing the Great Hymns will

  • nourish your children’s minds with beautiful thoughts of God.
  • teach your children sound doctrine in a simple, easy-to-remember way.
  • preserve a rich heritage of faith-filled, inspiring words from godly men and women.
  • encourage your whole family to form a delightful habit of praise!

This collection of great hymns makes it easy to do hymn study. Singing a great hymn just once or twice a week will gently introduce the lyrics and music in a memorable, meaningful way. Simply select one hymn to sing together until everyone has learned each stanza. Six hymns are included for each of twelve school years (plus a handful of patriotic classics), giving your children the treasure of more than 70 beautiful hymns in their hearts and minds.

With Singing the Great Hymns, you receive all of these helpful resources.

  • Downloadable instrumental audio tracks of every hymn, so you can hear the tune or enjoy a simple piano accompaniment to your singing.
  • Sheet music for each hymn, so you and your children can practice reading music or play along.
  • A comprehensive collection of lyrics, so you can enjoy the richness of all the stanzas or select your favorites to learn.

“The singing of hymns at home and of the hymns and canticles in church should be a special delight.”—Charlotte Mason

Experience the special delight of the great hymns of the faith!

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Grade 8, Grade 9, Grade 10, Grade 11, Grade 1, Grade 12, Grade 2, Grade 3, Grade 4, Grade 5, Grade 6, Grade 7

Lesson Plan

Enrichment Studies, Volume 1, Enrichment Studies, Volume 2


15 reviews for Singing the Great Hymns

  1. Kim

    Just a question. If ordering the PDF format, does that include MP3 audio downloads instead of the CD?

    • Jordan Smith

      Yes, the PDF download includes the audio tracks in MP3 format.

  2. Karen

    Hi, the sample download is a zip file and I don’t have a program to unzip. Any chance of individual samples files being placed on the site?

    • Jordan Smith

      The sample file is a zip for ease of download because it includes three of the audio tracks along with the PDF sample book. You can install a free unzip app called 7-Zip to open the sample if you don’t have another unzip program installed.

  3. Rhonda

    What a great resource! You’ve done the work for organizing hymn study for me – thank you! Does the CD/MP3 provide musical accompaniment for all the verses provided for each hymn in the book, or just for one verse of each hymn?

    • Jordan Smith

      The accompaniment track is for one verse. We decided to do it that way because some of the hymns in the book have a large number of verses (10 or more) and you may not want to sing all of them. You should be able to loop the audio track for as many verses as you’d like to sing.

  4. MAA

    Does the CD also have a sung version of the hymn for to help with those that are not familiar?

    • Jordan Smith

      The accompaniment track is of the tune only in a simple arrangement so that the melody is easy to hear. It’s designed so that you can sing along with it.

  5. C. Ingalls

    Do you have a list of the songs included?

    • Jordan Smith

      Yes, check page 5 of the free sample for the table of contents.

  6. Lara

    Does it include biographical sketches of the hymn writers?

    • Jordan Smith

      We wanted to make the focus on the hymns themselves so biographies aren’t included, but you can certainly add a biography of the hymn writer if you like.

  7. Kim

    I wanted to find out if the music files are piano or MIDI files, if piano what is the source of the music? Thank you.

    • Jordan Smith

      The music files were made with MIDI software, using a piano instrument created from high-quality piano recordings.

  8. Kayla

    This is definitely something I bought for the convenience of having everything together in one place and I am not disappointed. It makes hymn study easy and I love that thy include all the verses even when different churches leave some out.

  9. Renee Gould

    I have been looking all over for a list of songs in this book. Can you provide? Is there a place to find this?

    Thank you,
    Renee Gould

    • Jordan Smith

      The free sample includes the full table of contents, which is a list of every hymn included in the book.

  10. missceegee

    This is another fabulous resource. We are adopting this for our CM co-op’s use in Matins. Now, I need not spend several hours each year tracking down clear, simple sheet music and corresponding music for the group. I just ordered 21 copies! Thank you, SCM!

  11. Bethany

    Is the pdf format text & music compatible with an iPad?

    • Jordan Smith

      Yes, you can use the e-book edition on an iPad. You may have to download the files onto a computer, then transfer them to your iPad through iTunes sync. That’s because the audio files are delivered in a zip file to make it easier to download, but iPads don’t open zip files without an additional app.

  12. Sarah

    Beautiful collection, love it, the only thing i would change is to have the entire song on the cd, i would prefer not to have to keep hitting the back button on our cd player at the end of each verse. Otherwise I’m very happy with it.

  13. Christine

    If I purchase the Printed version, do I also receive the PDF version and MP3?

    • Tamara Bell

      Hi Christine. The e-book and mp3 is not bundled with the printed version but send us an email and we’ll work something out.

  14. Alicia Burns

    Can you tell me the date range for these hymns? Im looking for older hymns…

    • Tamara Bell

      Hi Alicia! Singing the Great Hymns contains hymns written by Isaac Watts (1674–1748), Charles Wesley (1707–1788), Reginald Heber (1783–1826), Frances Havergal (1836–1879), Fanny Crosby (1820–1915), and others. You can see a complete list of the hymns included on the sample download.

  15. Dori

    I love all the hymns in the book. I really wish the CD played all or most of the songs, as it’s very odd to have it looped – my CD player pauses too long. Now I usually find audio online and play that.

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