Manuscript Copywork
Manuscript Copywork


Manuscript Copywork

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A free download of eighteen copywork selections for beginning writers. Includes classic poetry, Scripture, and more. See full description

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Product Description

We’re happy to provide these copywork selections for beginning writers. We’ve found that it’s hard enough for beginning writers to concentrate on how each letter is shaped without having to use one hand to keep a book open to the correct page, keep a finger on the correct sentence on that page, and remember that type-written lower-case a‘s are different from manuscript hand-written a‘s. So each of the eighteen poems, Bible passages, and hymns included is in a manuscript “handwritten” font on one-inch lined paper with a blank line directly below each typed line for ease of copying.

We’ve also included a lined page without any writing on it for you to use as you see fit.

Want more Charlotte Mason copywork? Take a look at our Child’s Copybook Reader series.

To make your own copywork sheets, try this free copywork generator.

5 reviews for Manuscript Copywork

  1. bethanyhayward

    These are excellent. We really appreciate and enjoy them. I’m giving them 4 stars instead of 5 because of having to download the whole packet. I seem to remember printing some from this site a few weeks ago and it was wonderful and super easy. I remember it differently, however, that I could directly click on links of individual pages from the website. I wish it were still like that. I downloaded this packet (which seems like a nice idea), but it froze my computer and I’m not sure if I’m going to try it again. I wonder if you might consider switching back to the previous format???

  2. bethanyhayward

    Ok, I tried again today and this downloaded very smoothly. What a wonderful resource! Thank you!

  3. Bethany

    Thank you so much for this resource! The copy work that I started my daughter with was way too advanced and this format has been perfect for her to start getting into the habit of copy work without frustration. Can you tell me how this is different from the copybook readers and what might be a reason to purchase them?

    • Sonya Shafer

      I’m so glad the copywork was helpful to you, Bethany. There are a few differences that I can think of.

      • The free manuscript copywork is available only in the one font. The Child’s Copybook Readers are available in both the official licensed Zaner Bloser font and D’Nealian font. We offer both so you can use your preference.
      • The passage that the students copy is presented in paragraph form or complete poem form, so the child can practice his reading skills too. They read and copy the passage in small portions first, then read the entire passage at the end of that section.
      • The three books are designed to gently and gradually transition the child away from the three-line format to writing on just a baseline by the time he gets to Book 3.
  4. Bethany

    Thank you so much Sonya! We will definitely try them.

  5. Ariana

    What a blessing these pages are! Absolutely amazing resource and free, wow! Thank you SCM!

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