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First Steps

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A wonderful, wholesome reader that our children used to practice their reading during the elementary years. Timeless treasure! See full description

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The Pathway Readers were cherished companions for our children as they learned to read. Originally created for use in Amish schools, the books contain wholesome stories that reinforce good character traits and family relationships.

Our children were eager to read these stories aloud because the books follow the same family of children through their everyday experiences of growing up on a farm and valuable life lessons they learn along the way. We found that our students formed a relation with Peter, Rachel, and Andrew and wanted to find out what would happen next.

Our copies are still in great shape thanks to the sturdy, durable hardback covers. The stories feature minimal black-and-white illustrations and increase in difficulty and length as the student progresses through the series.

Have your student read aloud a story from this reader every day or two. It takes just a few minutes, but he will gain confidence and fluency through the short, constant practice.

First Steps features simple stories with a small inventory of words to build confidence and gently ease beginners into the joy of reading books. The first five stories are designed for the parent to read a portion first to set the stage and get the story going, then the student uses just a few words to finish it. From the sixth story on, the student reads the entire short story on his own. If you are using Delightful Reading, Level 3: From Words to Books, we recommend that you add this book after your student has finished the lessons on “Rain.” Simply alternate one day doing a Delightful Reading lesson and one day practicing reading aloud from First Steps. When your student has finished First Steps, continue with Days Go By.

Note: Some stories mention spanking.

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Delightful Reading Level 3: From Words to Books, Individual Studies, Grade 1


3 reviews for First Steps

  1. Sarah

    Thank you for supplying good quality readers for children, another great book!

  2. Brittany

    I was loving this reader as were my girls, but then there is a story Rain, Rain, Rain where Rachel disobey’s her mom and they have this quote: “Dad did something. He did something to Rachel. Then he said, Go to the house, Rachel. Go in and be a good girl.” I was disappointed with the language. I understand that it was written in the 80’s. But it sounds like they are alluding to the dad spanking Rachel and then shamming her by saying she needed to be a “good girl.” This may just be our families personal parenting preferences, but also, as a social worker by trade, it is not something I was happy about reading to kiddos. I was going to buy the whole set but am concerned about what will be written in the other stories. Just thought other people should know in case.

    • Sonya Shafer

      Thanks so much for pointing out this detail. Since this is the first primer of the reader set, the publisher chose that wording because there are a limited number of words the child has learned to read at that point. “Something” is one of the words learned previously, but I can see how that wording could be troublesome, especially for a child with a potentially traumatic background. I appreciate your sharing this helpful alert and especially your heart for these precious children.

  3. Ashley

    This is an excellent book for beginning readers. I highly recommend it. My daughter looks forward to reading each story. My only complaint is with the use of the word “colt” in the story “Peter Finds a Name.” A colt is a young male horse, but this story is referring to a filly.

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