Days Go By


Days Go By


A wonderful, wholesome reader that our children used to practice their reading during the elementary years. Timeless treasure! See full description

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The Pathway Readers were cherished companions for our children as they learned to read. Originally created for use in Amish schools, the books contain wholesome stories that reinforce good character traits and family relationships.

Our children were eager to read these stories aloud because the books follow the same family of children through their everyday experiences of growing up on a farm and valuable life lessons they learn along the way. We found that our students formed a relation with Peter, Rachel, and Andrew and wanted to find out what would happen next.

Our copies are still in great shape thanks to the sturdy, durable hardback covers. The stories feature minimal black-and-white illustrations and increase in difficulty and length as the student progresses through the series.

Have your student read aloud a story from this reader every day or two. It takes just a few minutes, but he will gain confidence and fluency through the short, constant practice.

Days Go By features sweet childhood adventures with Peter, Rachel, and Andrew, and their friends, Susan and Levi, are introduced. Among other things, the children learn about playing nicely and the adjustments that a new dog can require.

Note: Some stories mention spanking.

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Grade 1

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Individual Studies, Grade 1


1 review for Days Go By

  1. Melanie Petzold

    Both of my children loved reading this book when they were each in 1st grade. The stories were short and engaging. So thankful for this resource!

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